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com.zenplanner.memberapp 2.4.17
With Zen Planner's app, stay connected with your gym from anywhere!Use the Zen Planner app to: - View your gym, school or studio'scalendar - Reserve your spot in class or join a waitlist - Viewclass details and instructor bios - See who else is coming to yourfavorite class - Add and manage your saved credit cards - Viewdetails about your membership access - Update your profile anddisplay options - View and manage your upcoming reservations - Goto multiple gyms? Log in to all of your Zen Planner accounts, inone place - Workout Tracking: View a workout, log results, viewyour gym's leaderboard, like or comment on others' results - Useyour “account balance” to pay for items (you can now hold money onyour account to use later) Note: your gym, school or studio mustuse Zen Planner, and you must login with your valid membercredentials. Need help with our app? Contact support@zenplanner.comYour gym doesn't use Zen Planner? Tell your business owner to checkit out.
Zen Planner Staff App 3.3.16
With Zen Planner's Staff App, stay connected with your fitnessbusiness from anywhere! Use the Zen Planner Staff App to: - Checkthe full schedule for your business - current, past and future -Filter the schedule to see only the sessions that apply to you -Preview class capacity info and plan your day around expectedattendance - Check customers into classes, appointments, and events- Schedule appointments from your mobile device - View class alertsand resolve alerts for customers - Collect payment for unpaid bills- Let customers sign documents like waivers and contracts - Updatecustomer profile information and photos - Coaching at multiplebusinesses? Log in to all of your Zen Planner accounts, in oneplace Note: your business must use Zen Planner, and you must loginwith your valid staff credentials. Your fitness business doesn'tuse Zen Planner? Check it out at www.zenplanner.com. Need help withour app? Contact support@zenplanner.com This app is also availablein the Apple iTunes App Store.