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Catch A Dot 2.0
Green dot is in a hurry to escape from theboard (personal reasons :P)Your goal is to make green dot's life miserable by blocking him.Strategically place orange dots on the board to block greendot.But there is a catch, green dot is smart and will FIND A WAY toescape from the board.Do you have what it takes to stop the green dot.??FEATURES★ Beautiful graphics★ Endless fun★ No In-App purchasesBecome a fan of Catch A Dot and our games on Facebook you playing Catch A Dot!
Find A Way PRO 1.2.0
To solve the puzzle draw a path to connectallthe dots.You are given the starting colored dot, from there you mustdrawa continuous path that connects all the empty dots.But dots cannot connect with squares. Squares are mean!How many can you connect?!FEATURES★ Beautiful graphics★ 150+ levels and many on the way★ No Ads★ Unlimited magic wands★ No In-App purchasesBecome a fan of Find A Way PRO and our other gamesonFacebook you for playing Find A Way PRO
Match 22: Path To Perfection 2.6.3
Match 22 is relaxing while challenging puzzle game about matchingcolors. Improve your IQ and exercise your brain. Different discswill show up and you have to rotate them to match colors withadjacent discs. During the game flow, you will face vast levelsthat will test your IQ and make your brain work out! Match 22 wasmade to render that strange, yet universal satisfaction thatproduces order as an elegant, brain challenging and relaxing game,always handily waiting in your phone for when your little itchcraves for a little reward :) Basically, Match 22 combines the bestfrom IQ testing and brain training games to bring you a more simpleand enjoyable experience. With the relaxing minimalist graphics,you won't even notice you are working to achieve perfection! Well,maybe a little :P -------- MAIN FEATURES -------- - Tap the discsto rotate and match colors: Tap, tap, tap! - Flow free through allthe 500 levels available - Beautiful minimal design with relaxingmusic - 12 vibrant themes for a customized experience - Runssmoothly over a wide variety of devices - Use solver to completethose difficult levels - Train your brain & improve yourvisual-spatial ability while playing! #HINT: You can upgrade toMatch 22 Premium to get rid of ads and have access to all thecontent this game has to offer :D If you have a little OCD insideyou, you may enjoy playing Match 22 :) -------- MORE INFO --------My name is Abhinav and I am the creator of Match 22. I want to knowwhat you think! Love it? Please let me know. Like it not so much?Please let me know as well. I want to make Match 22 even better andyour suggestions are part of that. Email for support/suggestions Follow on Twitter! Like on Facebook: Privacy Policy: Madewith ♥ and lots of code
Quadpop 1.0
Your goal is simple: Pop all the quads ontheboardRemember Knight from chess(one that looks like Horse), itcanmove to a square that is two squares horizontally and onesquarevertically, or two squares vertically and one squarehorizontally.The complete move therefore looks like the letterL.Your quad also behaves like an Knight. Strategically moveyourway on the board and pop the board.Challenge you brain in this fun, casual but logicalpuzzlegame.How may quads can you pop?FEATURES★ Beautiful graphics★ 48l qurated levels and many on the way★ No In-App purchases★ Use solver to solve tricky levelsBecome a fan of Quadpop and our other games on Facebook you for playing Find A Way
Find a Way: Addictive Puzzle 4.2
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci FindA Way is a simple minimalist puzzle game about connecting dots andspreading happiness. This brain-stimulating puzzle game is free toplay, very simple, and enjoyable for all ages. With over 1,200+challenging & addictive levels, Find A Way is one of the bestpuzzle game that you will ever download. Main Features: UniqueConcept Sometimes the smallest ideas are the most thoughtful. FindA Way has a very simple premise, you are presented with a grid ofdots & squares and you must connect all the dots. Sounds easy?But wait! dots cannot connect with squares. Dots cannot beconnected twice. You must connect all the dots(Obviously). All thiscombines to make an addictive puzzle game that brightens yourbrain. Beautiful minimal design Enjoy flat minimalist art stylegraphics with soothing music that relaxes your brain. Helps inbrightening your mind and developing logical thinking. Levels withgradually increasing difficulty Solve over 1,200+ levels dividedbetween 640 free levels and 640 premium levels. Play the freelevels before and decide for yourself if you wish to continue thejourney. You can play this addictive puzzle game in variousdifficulty levels. Each level pack has multiple levels with anincreasing challenge. Want the real challenge? Boost your brain byplaying the ultimate difficult levels. Dot Studio Unlock Dot Studioand get access to 60+ custom dots such as cat, dog, panda, candy,pizza, cookie, Santa, football and much more. Make Find A Way atruly personalized experience. Magic wand Stuck on a level? Needhelp? Relax, use the magic wand to solve those tricky levels.Beware, magic wand are limited and you must use them as lastresort. Alternatively, you can unlock Premium to get unlimitedmagic wands. Night mode Night Mode's main goal is to reduce thebrightness of your screen so it does not strain your eyes whileplaying and you can feel relaxed. Users always come first, andnight mode is and will always remain free. User satisfaction is atthe topmost priority. Smooth performance Find A Way is a free gamewhich is very low on system resources and it supports over a widevariety of devices. A user of low-end devices will experiencesmooth gameplay without any lag or hang. Find A Way is free,supported by ads. You can upgrade to Premium and turn off the adsand unlock the full potential. Find A Way Premium features are: ★Removes ads, play uninterrupted. ★ Unlock 640 premium levels,bigger & challenging. ★ Dot Studio, get access to 64 customdots. ★ Dot Infinity, unlimited randomly generated levels ★Unlimited magic wands, just relax and use the wand to solve thosetricky levels. Follow ZeroLogicGames on social media for exclusivepromotions, events, and news about new apps • • Facebook: • Twitter: @ZeroLogicGamesPrivacy Policy: A Way is awesomely designed by Armando Gracia ( Game Designer)Email Made with ♥ and lots of code
Minimal Sudoku 2.6.1
You won’t be looking for a paper puzzle ever again! Minimal Sudokufollows the same principle of all other Zero Logic Games i.e.minimalism in puzzle games that are made with ♥. It will be themost beautiful, learn-able, and user-friendly Sudoku game you’veever played, and it’s free! With 4 difficulty levels, intuitiveinterface, and all the functions right at your fingertips, thisSudoku app is sure to be your favorite. Interrupted? Exit Sudokuand the puzzle is saved exactly as you see it! Want to know how youstack up against other Sudoku players? Check your scores on 4leader-boards and challenge you, friends or complete players,worldwide. Features: - Four perfectly balanced difficulty levelswith masterfully crafted puzzles. - Beautiful minimal design withrelaxing music. - Save your progress & continue playing. -Pencil marks (a.k.a. Notes) with automatic insertion and deletion.- (Optional) Duplicate digit and error highlighting options. -(Optional) Timer, to see how fast you are solving variousdifficulty puzzles. - (Optional) Keep your screen awake whileplaying the game. - Switch between Cell-First & Digit-Firstinput mode effortlessly. - Undo & Redo ability. - A night modeso good you'll never switch it back. - Google Play Gamesachievements and leader-boards. - Top scores and History. - Runssmoothly over a wide variety of devices. - Universal App looksgreat on both phones and tablets. #NOTE: Minimal Sudoku is free butsupported by ads. You can upgrade to Minimal Sudoku Premium to haveaccess to the higher difficulty this game has to offer and alsoremove ads :D If you have a few minutes to spare, you may enjoyplaying Minimal Sudoku :) -------- MORE INFO -------- My name isAbhinav and I am the creator of Minimal Sudoku. I want to know whatyou think! Love it? Please let me know. Like it not so much? Pleaselet me know as well. I want to make Minimal Sudoku even better andyour suggestions are part of that. Email for support/suggestions Follow on Twitter! Like on Facebook: Privacy Policy: with ♥ and lots of code