Zhakaas Games LLP Apps

Snake v/s U 0.0.116
One of its kind unique snake game where players has to find hiswaycarefully through a pool of villain snakes. Unique Feature-Power-ups to help progress Different backgrounds andscenariosSimple Tap mechanism to progress
Collect the Ballz 0.0.117
Collect the Ballz It is an Innovative Merge of atraditionalarkanoid game and a pinball game. What you Collectthrough thefunnel is what you Score. Game gets over when you dropthe BigBall. Fun and Easy to play while hard to master. Over aDozenPower-ups to make it Interesting for you. Top Score wins thebattleagainst friends.
Candy Cutter! 0.0.116
Cut through the world of Candy, Ice Cream, Desserts, Fast Food etcin this super addictive game.
Tap Crypto 0.0.114
The Game starts from Stone Age where Humans simply cared aboutsurvival. With early adaptation of Crypto Currencies, Humansfastened the speed of change exponentially. From Stone Age theHumans move to the Village where they understand the importance ofCrypto Currencies even more and hence upgrade to a Town evenfaster. With the awareness going viral the Humans upgrade to aModern City and travel across the world buying into the realluxuries of life. Once the Humans are happy enough on planet earth,the start colonising Space.
Urban Cross 0.0.119
Urban Cross is a metro casual game where player needs tousejudgement skills to estimate the correct length of the stickheelongates to cross the buildings. Enjoy most popularworldlandmarks in the background indicating the player is crossingfromone building to another and one city to another. For yourvisualpleasure we reward you with firework when you get it in thegood orperfect area on the building. Enjoy different seasons whichgive ita realistic feel to your experience on crossing thebuildings.
Glow Gunner 0.0.115
Glow Gunner As the name suggests, flaunt your shooting skills andtake maximum headshots with Glowing Guns and Bullets until you beatall the bosses.
Gun Gunner 0.0.113
Have great fun in this super casual shooting game withmultipletargets and main boss levels. Also upgrade your guns fromthe storeusing in game currency.
Snake Roller 0.0.113
Try this Fantastic time-killer casual game which helps youimproveyour shooting skills. Take up the challenge is this Free andEasycasual game on Snakes. Help the snake-head attach again to itsbodyby shooting in various body balls.