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Survival: Dead City 1.0
You have been banished to the wasteland to prove your innocence.Your trial By survival has begun. How will you survive? You need todefeat a BIG MONSTER!Survival: Dead City is a post-apocalyptic, ina infested world long after civilization has collapsed. Navigatethrough lush destructible environments to find what you need tosurvive. Scavenge ammunition and supplies from other characters.Watch out radiation, demons and big monster and other players tosave your life! Build and level weapons to confront the inevitabledanger that lurks after every turn. Every game is a unique storythat writes itself and will keep you on the edge of yourseat.Download this pocket survival horror game on your androiddevice and play all day long!
Highway Russian Police 2.0
Highway Russian Police - a simulator of traffic cops and policetraffic. You will take the role of the police employee and DPS andstop traffic violators. At work in the traffic police can happen todifferent events. You'll catch drivers who exceeded the speed ofmotion or stopped at red lights. This application is a simulatoraccurately show the work of the traffic police. Download for freeand enjoy the game!Your responsibilities include:1. prescribepenalties.2. To go to the chase (if the driver did not stop).3.Monitor the traffic on the highway.4. Check the drivers right.
Russian Train Simulator 1.0
Russian Train Simulator game fun for both adults and children whohave a passion for trains, locomotives, steam engines, rail and allthings railroad. There are even passengers waiting in stations asyou drive your train along the track. Use your skill to drivehistorical or modern trains perfectly recreated in 3D.If you lovetrains - This game is for you! **FEATURES**- brill and realistic 3Dgraphics- Speed ride on the train- Pick up and drop of passengers-Closed and open barriers
COP Lada Vaz Chase 1.0
Have you ever wanted to chase a police car? Well now you can!Comeburn up the streets in your police car and imprison allviolators!Simple controls; Use easy taps to boost your car speedand catch them all!Download this game now for insane COP Simulator!COP Lada Vaz Chase!
4x4 Offroad SUV 3D 1.0
4x4 Offroad SUV 3D is a physics engine game.If you like SimulatorGames with open world map try it!This is a new jeep adventure game,You will enjoy this game most in a 3d environment. A new offroadgame!Players hop in most popular sport utility vehicles and headaround the world for off-road driving in 4x4: jeep. Vehicle iscompletely tunable, so gamers can alter their vehicle's gearratios, navigation system, towing capacity, and tire pressure toadjust to variations in terrain.
Amazing X-Ray 5.0
Get amazing X-Ray vision & look throughclothes, skin & bone! X-Ray scan your body using just yourtotally for FREE!You control the X-Ray scanning in real-time. Unlock* and beamazed as you X-Ray vision your skull, chest, PELVIS, HANDS, KNEES& even FEET in full HD. Even use the light on your iPhone toX-Ray!Be blown away by what you and your friends never thoughtpossible... Prank!!!
Hologram Projector Man 2.0
This app is intended for entertainmentpurposes only and does not provide true hologram.Hologram Projector ManHologram Projector Man - a simulation game where you can play onyour phone like a 3D hologram Man. The game uses the camera for amore realistic effect!Make fun and play your friends and loved ones!Thank you for playing our games! Leave us feedback and we try tomake our games even better for you!
4x4 Offroad Blocky Truck 1.0
For all extreme car driving game lovers and daredevils: theultimate hill speed driving test has just arrived on your mobiledevice. Get to drive all kind of big cargo vehicles through the offroad hills. Be the best fast car hill driver the world had everseen. Are you able to steer these big cargo vehicles through theoff road hills and do some though precision driving with each oneof these big cargo vehicles? Show us your fast car hill driverskills while precision driving big vehicles in this offroadsimulator 4x4 challenge. Hill speed driving has never been thismuch fun.In this offroad simulator 4x4 sim, you can choose frommany different big cargo vehicles before starting a new offroadsimulator 4x4 challenge. You can be a fast car hill driver whilebeing behind the wheel of a 4x4 suv, do some precision driving witha cargo truck or do some extreme car driving in a farm tractor!!AWESOME right!Playing this hill climb racing game gives you manyhours of nonstop gaming fun! Each game level has its own offroadsimulator 4x4 challenge. Playing hill speed driving games havenever been this much fun. We promise..Once you are in your 4x4 suv,cargo truck or in one of the farm tractor your level mission is todeliver the cargo towards your destination. As a hill climber youget towards your destination by following the directions on your ingame screen and by simply following the hill climb roads. Finishingthe awesome in game levels require a unique combination ofprecision driving and hill speed driving. Are you ready for theultimate offroad simulator 4x4 challenge? Face the off road hillsand be ready for some hill speed driving as a daredevil car hilldriver.
Police car Racing Master PRO 1.0
For professional car drivers traffic police inurban areas who are not afraid to arrange an incredible race.Realistic physics implemented in a beautiful 3D-environment.This is a realistic racing game DPS masters PRO will check yourreflexes, timing and accuracy as to improve their skills to get themost speed.The more wins you get under your belt, more coins you have tospend.- The system of new cars DPS, so you can go faster!- Use the new tracks to test your skills!- Use the Nitro to improve and beat your opponentFeatures- Addictive gameplay- Clever physics and smooth gameplay- Brilliant graphics- Easy to learn, a challenge to master
Bus Driver 3D PRO 1.0
Bus Driver 3D PRO is one of the bestsimulation game that will offer you the chance to become a real busdriver!Realistic maps, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will makeyou feel like driving a real bus! Its time to get on board anddrive the bus to ride all the routes!Next-gen graphics including animations, powerfull bus will makethis bus game the best on the market!Download Bus Driver 3D PRO right now!
4x4 Kamaz SUV 1.0
Powerful SUV Kamaz sent an expedition to Russia! Choose realRussian off-road truck and conquer! Try a new simulator - 4x4 KamazSUV!Explore off-road driving Kamaz truck! Realistic 3D graphicswill make believe you're at the wheel of the Russian SUV!- Easymanagement of Russian Kamaz SUV- 3D graphics- Real roads- Realisticphysics truck- Addictive gameplay
3D Electroshock taser 1.0
3D Electroshock taser - a joke game, the mostrealistic simulator Taser in your device. The game uses a camerafor a more realistic effect. You can pretend that you are using aweapon tayzer and it will not harm your health!Joke of friends and family safely.
Night Vision Camera HD Lite 3.0
This app is intended for entertainmentpurposes only and does not provide true night vision functionality.Do you want to see when dark?Try the new inight Vision HD App that uses state of the artpixels recognition and advanced re-interpretation of pixels toprovide a dark using the camera.Highlight features:* Night digital camera.* Regular digital camera with constant flow of light.* State of the art pixel re-interpretation to give a lighter viewwhere you are pointing your device.* You can use the flash light of the device for non-secretmissions.Your friends and family will love this camera!Available today!Download and enjoy!
Extreme Skater 3D Simulator 2.0
Do you want to skate extreme skateparks? Jump over crazy high ramps& perform insane tricks? Race against opponents? Jump & flydown ski-ramps with your skateboard? Then get this mind-blowingskater-game to do this without leaving the house and gettinginjured.Full Version Features ...* 42 Levels to unlock and morelevels to follow in free updates.* 365 Levels as "Level of the day"(Every day a new level, one year long!)* Fully calculated physicsworld, skater-guy as well (no static bitmaps)* Extreme & insanehigh ramps, jumps & tricks.* Different level-goals to reach andtrophies to win.* Different level-modes (trick mode, stars mode,race against opponents, ski-jump with the skateboard)* Obstacleslike sand, rails, trash-bins, stairs, ...* Hard crashes (fun towatch with ragdoll-physics)* Local highscores per level.* OnlineOpenFeint leaderboard.* Full Retina support graphics.* Smoothanimation, also on old devices.
Lada Russia Drift 2.0
GARAGE OVERHAULED:- Step inside the completely new, bigger andbetter garage. Lada Russia Drift has completely overhauled UI forthe game, with new items added to the garage.DRIFTING CLUB:- Whatsmore epic than fighting alone? Two words, Drifting Clubs. Gang upand fight with other clubs. Own a club and create your club ofunbeaten drifters. And that's not it, practice drifting with yourclub members. Get rewarded for being the best club, owner getspremium rewards. SOCIAL:- Discuss your latest strategy with yourclub members. Don't just stop there, chat with rest of the world inthe global chat as well. MOGA CONTROLLER:- Get the console qualityfeel to your hand-helds with MOGA controller. dubai drift 2supports MOGA controllers. IN CAR CAMERA:-Now you can see theinterior of the cars. Play as you would in the real life. AWESOMEFX AND MASKS:- Make every cone collection into a show stoppingspecial effect, with explosions, shatters etc. Now, you will neverhave to look generic anymore.Wear crazy masks to make the driftingmore personal. Let everyone know who they are drifting against.MORE FREE STUFF:- Get Free cars and Free NOSNUMBER PLATES: - AddedTurkey, Korea, Jordan, Thailand, California, New York, Texas,Florida,Alberta,British Columbia,Quebec,Ontario,OutbackAustralia,Western Australia,Victoria,QueenslandCLASH ONLINETake thethrill online by challenging your friends over the internet.Non-stop online action without ever having to wait for players tojoin you. Upto 4 cars in the arena. CROSS PLATFORMNow your friendscan't make any excuses for not having the game in the sameplatform. Clash and smash cross platform!
Russian Police Blocky Racing 1.0
You play for the Russian DPS in a cubic worldon his DPS machine. Around criminals to cubic machines and you ontheir block car traffic police have to catch them. Crashed into theroad users, because they have to give way to traffic police. Catchcriminals and then you become a police colonel.Features:1. Steep block schedule.2. The Russian block ADR vehicle.3. Realistic physics.4. Pile of various criminals.
Racing: Need For Racing Sim 2.0
Racing: Need For racing simulator –uncompromising rally action on 27 ambitious and detailed tracks insunshine, rain and snow!GAMEPLAYRace in amateur, professional and expert rallies on 27 ambitiousand varied tracks, in any weather, with tough conditions, at topspeed. Experience how the driving behaviour changes based on theroad surface, weather and condition of your vehicle and always payattention to your co-pilot and his announcements. Only if you knowwhat the road ahead looks like you will be able to drift smoothlythrough the curves and make it under the strict time limits. Keepan eye on the damage model of your car and use the repair optionbetween the races to get your vehicle fixed for the next race oryou won’t get far. Study your last race in the interactive replaywith numerous vehicle and TV cameras to memorize each curve andperfect your driving style or even race against your own ghost.FEATURES•Full Retina High Resolution Graphics•Game modes: Career, Time Trail and Adrenaline•27 varied tracks with different road conditions•Optional 3D damage model with repair mini games•Weather simulation•Touch and tilt controls with individual settings•Ghost Racing•Front Cam
Telepathy 2.0
* Discover the secret of the app buyingtheVirtual telepathy Full. *The ancient secret of Mental Reading was passed from generationtogeneration since the beginning, but with the arrival of theendtimes a part of this knowledge was been lost and somehow therestpart should be passed.Combining mathematical processes and a ironic telepathywasdeveloped Virtual telepathy App, come try it!
One man not a soldier 2.0
The new "One man not a soldier" is ahurricanemix of a fascinating gameplay, super vivid graphics andrealisticsound effects.... For two thousand years goes this war. As usually – withoutanyparticular reason ... You are a soldier of the free Republic.Sofar the free. Your task - to stop invasion of the army ofHitlerand inch by inch to clear the land of the enemy.The enemy is on the watch. It has planes, tanks – from classicstothe newest superweapon. But you also have not a slingshot: atyourdisposal are the bunker equipped with a turret and themostpowerful arsenal. For protection of borders you have machinegunsand cannons, rocket launchers and laser systems. Are you readytostart the battle to the last drop of your blood? Clearforaction!Key game features:- Game modes: Campaign and Survival- 3 difficulty levels- 28 stages in Survival mode- 10 types of weapons- 6 types of fire support- 12 kinds of ammo modifiers- elaborate system of purchases and improvements for weapons- settings of image quality
Create your own warship!In "BATTLE WARSHIP", you create your own warship with 3D andphysics simulation, and have your warship in an open water oceanwarfare competing against others via Game Center. Build thestrongest warship in the world - Check out the Leader Board!* Realistic Physics EngineYour warship's performance in buoyancy, speed, durability againstattacks, all depends on the parts you use. Performance isrealistically simulated.* Realtime Multi-PlayIn "Battle" mode, compete against other Warships via Game Center.You will be competing against Warships from around the world.
Laser Pointer Simulator 3D 2.0
Laser compatible phone. With thisapplicationyou can use your phone like a laser device.With this application you'll have so much fun so far,reflectingdotted color.It is recommended to everyone.good fun.
Death Race Moto 3D 1.0
The Grim Reaper is hot on your trail! It'sarace against time as you jump the trails of many otherfallenracers who have died before you. How many diamonds can yougrab onthis hill racing run?!? Don't let greed get the best of youthough,if you waste too much time you'll spend the rest of yourdayspushin' up daisies with the Reaper.This game has hours of challenging racing fun with 25 levelsand10 different dirt bike upgrades. If you get stuck, grab somerocketboost power-ups to fly your motorcycle through the skies!GameCenter for high scores - see how fast you can race thesehills.Get your dirt bike race on for FREE now!
Fire Truck: Simulator 2.0
Firefighter truck is in your command!You must hurry to take undercontrol the fires in the city. Citizens of this beautiful cityneeds your firefighting man skills.A realistic car drivingsimulation will help you to experience this. Steering wheel, gasand brake pedals and gear options will guide you through this firefighter truck experience.When a fire starts, be aware and ready forthe warning. Then haste and get to the fire area. Use your drivingskills and command the firefighter truck and help people. Mayortrusts you!