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eQuake - Earthquake Alerts 3.7.4
eQuake™ is an earthquake early-warning app developed by Zizmos™. Ituses a network of seismic sensors to detect earthquakes. When anearthquake occurs, the Zizmos servers send the user anearly-warning notification that alerts the user of expected shakingin the area. The ability to detect earthquakes and provide alertsis dependent on the number of sensors in the Zizmos network.Another feature of eQuake™ is its capability to use your phone as asensor which contributes to the Zizmos earthquake warning systemimproving the coverage of seismic detection. The sensor mode onlyworks when the device is charging and connected to a Wi-Fi network.The app provides other features that give the user usefulearthquake information. Features include: - Early detection ofearthquakes and early warning of shaking expected in the area.Users in an affected area are notified that an earthquake hasoccurred, and shaking is expected, granting the user potentiallycrucial advanced warning. - A map of recent earthquakes that haveoccurred worldwide which uses USGS databases for the latestinformation. - An earthquake early-warning simulator feature.Allows the user to simulate Zizmos™ earthquake alerts on the phoneusing historical earthquakes in the vicinity of the currentlocation.