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Seeds Garden Tiles Match Game 2.59
Finally, a whole new & fresh concept forapuzzle & board game: addictive gameplay requiringsomeintuition and a bit of luck.Join Arni the beetle-cat and help him to save extinctmagicplants!Begin an amazing journey diving into a fantasy world.Each world will reveal new species of plants and flowers.Pave the plant’s route building the path between similarstonesand grow it from a tiny seed to a beautiful plant. Remember!theplants size depends only on your gaming skills! Collectoriginalbonuses and fertilisers to groom your plants, but beware oftoxins,explosions and other obstacles.Share with your friends your successes, the amazing plants yougrewand the worlds you managed to visit.You can play seeds absolutely free of charge, yet, you canbuycertain upgrades & additional goodies, turn off thepaymentfeature by disabling the in-app purchases on yourdevice.The game was built and designed by "Znavit" – anindependentyoung company, who believes that the main objective ofthe game isto have fun, and not just making purchases!Enjoy the levels we’ve prepared for you, send us yourimpression&feedback. we’ll continue developing new &amazing levelsfrequently.