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Zoho Creator - Business Process Automation 5.5.0
The Zoho Creator mobile app gives you the power of native apps forAndroid. Access, manage, and visualize data in your Zoho Creatorapplications. Our mobile app lets you or your field agents get morework done with access to data and insights on the move. Keyfeatures: Input image and video files, scan barcodes and QR codes,and use geo-tagging and geo-location features to fast track tasksfor your business from anywhere.   - Access and updatedata even if you are away from your desk.   - Use reportslike Kanban, Location Maps, Charts to view mission-criticaldata.   - Get insights into key business metrics andtrends with Dashboards.   - Stay informed about updatesusing the built-in push notification feature.   -Schedule and track all your events, tasks, and activities usingCalendar and Timeline reports.   - Installindustry-specific apps from a gallery of 50+ pre-builtapps.   If you don't have a Zoho Creator account, pleasevisit creator.zoho.com and sign up. Then you start by installingapps from our gallery or quickly build apps in our intuitiveinterface.
Zoho Connect
To make team work more pleasant, we've changed a few things aboutour app. With a fresh UI, and some cool new features, here's howyou can benefit from our new app: Let ideas flow freely. Startconversations with co-workers, @mention users or groups, like,comment, share, and follow posts, or start a poll and get to knowwhat your team thinks. Streamline workplace communication. Organizeteams into groups, discuss and share ideas in real-time, and worktogether. You can create groups based on departments, projects, orto discuss common topics. Instant Communication, better decisions.In this fast-paced world, decisions are extremely time-sensitive.Use Channels to create a team chat and pool perspectives to decidethe line of action faster. Centralized archive of shared knowledge.Manuals are designed to help you build a searchable knowledge basethat your team can draw from when needed. Using our app, you canaccess all your Manuals and start conversations around them.Participate in company level discussions. Access your workplaceforum discussions, and share your thoughts on them. Followcategories or posts that pique your interest and stay current onthe discussions they generate. Teamwork on the right track. Forwork that involves your entire team, or to maintain your personalto-do list, create a board—a simple tool to help your organizework. Divide your work plan into sections, and add or assign tasksunder each section. You can also assign tasks to individual membersprivately outside of a board. Carry an updated schedule. From yourpersonal appointments, to team meetings, to the office ping-pongtournament, create events in our calendar and invite your team.Stay informed, always. With real-time notifications from ZohoConnect, you will never miss anything important at your workplace.Find what you need when you need it. An old post you vaguelyremember, a manual, or group, or tasks, or a person in your networkyou are looking for—easily retrieve anything you need by using ouradvanced search options. In addition to this, you can access all ofyour custom apps and files.
Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing 3.3.29
The Zoho CRM app helps you manage your clients andbusiness while you are on the move. Turn your phoneinto a personal sales assistant to simplify your dailyactivities and focus on what matters the most. Manage yourschedule, track your sales visits, collaborate with your teamto grow your sales, and nurture client relationships with timelycustomer support.  Become a pro lead manager by following upon leads or the sales manager that everyone envieswith top-notch contact management. Locate moreleads, easily schedule meetings, and close even moredeals using the mobile CRM app.  Start your day with a clearoverview of your scheduled tasks, activities, and calls. Plan yourday better with these insights, and set reminders for youractivities so you'll never miss out. Log calls to capturethe finer details of your conversations, and mark activitiesas complete once you're done.  Be at the top of your game byreviewing notes and attachments before you head out for yourimportant meetings. Check-in to record your customer visitsand update the deal details after every single meeting. Savetime by attaching voice notes, and close deals with ease.   Stay up-to-date with real time reporting and dashboards.Gain sales insights on key metrics to make informed decisions fromanywhere. You can even access and modify information whenyou're offline. Don't worry - it gets automatically synced whenyou're back online. Connect with your colleagues instantly nomatter where you are. Notify and engage other teammembers with the '@' mention. Attach photos and files directlyto your feeds for easier access and improved businessefficiency.  With Zoho CRM's Mobile App, you can connectwith your customers on the move and manage your end-to-endsales cycle.  Features: - Visualize sales and marketing trendsto make decisions while you're away from your desk. - Scheduletasks and calls right from your app, and set reminders to stay ontrack.  - Plan more efficiently using geo-location torecognize a sales rep's position and provide a map of clients andsales opportunities in that vicinity.  - Recordcustomer visits, and add voice notes and files to Deals withease.   - Log calls and create follow-upactivities.  - Collaborate in real time with your teamwith Feeds. - Sync your data automatically across allplatforms without worrying about network connectivity. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected] .
Writer - Create Docs, Share 4.2.3
Simple, slick word processing app to write your heart out, bringyour friends in and talk it over using comments. Sync docs acrossdevices and access them wherever you go.   Writer is carefullydesigned to create a clean, blank paper-esque writing experienceacross your smartphone, tablet and computer. And it's free forever!  Collaboration. - Join discussions, even when you're awayfrom your desk. Add your thoughts to documents, reply to friends'comments, or just appreciate them by clicking "like." Work togetherin real-time, with instant sync across your devices.   Createbeautiful documents. - Format your documents. Add images, tables,and more.   Writer plays well with others. - Open and edityour Microsoft Word documents. Take stories off your world byexporting it as a Microsoft Word document, PDF, ODT, HTML, or TXT.  Work offline. - Access and edit your documents without aninternet connection. Automatic backup. - Forget clicking save, andforget backing up your documents. Your changes are saved as youmake them.   What's stopping you now? Get started. Write away!
Document Management -Zoho Docs 3.5.13
Zoho Docs for Android offers mobile access to your documentsavailable on the web at http://docs.zoho.com. Zoho Docs is anonline document management application for individuals andbusinesses. This mobile version extends access to your documents toAndroid mobiles. If you don't already have a Zoho account, you caneasily create one within the application. HIGHLIGHTS * Access yourdocuments created in online versions of Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show& Docs * View documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs andother types of documents * Edit Zoho Writer Documents in Android4.0 & above versions. * Download option to download thedocuments locally. * Offline feature for documents to view themwith no internet. * View shared documents * Upload any file fromyour mobile device directly to Zoho Docs * Search to quickly findyour documents * Share your private documents & folders toother Zoho users * Tag a document * Google Apps login * Remembersyour account info so you can avoid frequent logins For furthercomments, suggestions & questions, please email us [email protected]
Accounting App - Zoho Books 5.21.8
Zoho Books is a simple, easy-to-use accounting app that tracks themoney coming in and going out of your business. With Zoho Books,you can always stay up-to-date on your business finance and makedecisions instantly. Key Features ★ Sales - Manage Money Coming InYou can create and send estimates and invoices on the move. You canchoose invoices that match your business identity and acceptpayments from your customers online! ★ Purchases - Manage MoneyGoing Out Record expenses and bills and categorize them right fromyour Android devices. Get to know how much you owe and always payyour bills on time. When your vendor supplies goods/services to youon credit, you’re sent an invoice that details the amount of moneyyou owe him. You can record this as a bill in Zoho Books and trackit until it’s paid. ★ Banking Once you add your bank or credit cardaccount from the list of banks available in our web application,bank feeds will be automatically enabled by default. You can viewthese feeds in Zoho Books Android app. Also, you can record moneyin / out manual entries for your offline transactions for your bankor credit card accounts. These transactions can be Categorized orMatched with the Zoho Books Expense, Invoice / Vendor paymentstransactions etc., ★ Tax Exclusive / Tax Inclusive rates Mark yourline item rates as either Tax Inclusive / Tax Exclusive while youcreate bills and invoices. ★ Purchase Order Raise purchase order toyour vendor on the go using Zoho Books accounting app!. ★ InvoiceTemplates Choose your desired template from Template Gallery andsend professional Invoices to your customers. ★ Your Accountant isnever far away With the Zoho Books Android app your accountant isnever far away to advise you. You can collaborate with youremployees and accountants. Invite your trusted advisor to reviewyour numbers right from the comfort of his home or office. ★ GetBusiness Insights In Your Pocket Do you have enough cash forpayroll and paying supplier bills? How much do your customers owe?What are your top expenses? Answers to these are just a tap away. ★Track time accurately Get to track time you spend on your projectsand bill them right from the app. ★ Go Global Zoho Books supportstransactions in multiple currencies and is precision personified. ★Download and Print Reports With our Zoho Books Android app, you candownload and print Profit and Loss, Cash flow statement, Balancesheet, Sales, Customer Balances, Invoice Aging summary, Expensesand many more reports. ★ Client Portal Client portal lets yourclients stay up to date on all the transactions that are happeningbetween them and your business. You can skip the lengthy emailthreads and collaborate better with your clients using the portal.★ Accept Online Payment Use online payment gateways to receivequick payments. Zoho Books is integrated with these major onlinepayment gateways to help you receive payments for your invoicesonline. This ensures faster and hassle-free receipt of payments ★Add Attachments and Receipts Upload a picture of the receipt orshare it from your device and attach it to the correspondingexpense instantly. Add file attachments to Expenses, Invoices,Estimates and emails that you send to your customers. ★ Quickwidgets Add widget on your home screen and create Invoices,Estimates, expenses or log time sheet entries instantly. ★ TaxesYou can apply multiple taxes to your transactions. Our mobile appis a supplement to our web-based Zoho Books application (https://books.zoho.com ). This accounting app is free to download.You can sign up for a 14-day free trial. After the trial you cansubscribe to the plan that best suits your business needs.
Password Manager - Zoho Vault 3.2.9
Zoho Vault is an online password manager that makes your digitallife easier. If you are struggling with remembering numerouspasswords, Zoho Vault can keep them safe for you. The securelydesigned vault acts as a password keeper, where all your passwordsand personal information are stored with complete privacy. It isalso an absolute must for teams that need to share sensitiveinformation securely among themselves. Smart Password Management ●Password keeper - Securely store login information of web accounts,credit card and passport details, social security numbers,important files and more. ● Auto Logon - Log in to websitesdirectly from Zoho Vault app without having to type your passwords.● Flexible options - Add new login accounts and other items to ZohoVault as you create them. Modify and delete information as needed.● Chambers - Sort your passwords into chambers when you add themfor an organized view. ● Quick search - Attach tags to differentitems and include important information as secure notes. ● Passwordgenerator - Produce strong, unique passwords for sites using abuilt-in password generator. ● Offline access - Back-up yourinformation locally on the mobile device and switch to offline modewhen there is no Internet connection. Unmatched security andprivacy. 1. Zoho Vault protects your passwords with AES-256encryption. Your data remains completely private. 2. The passphrasethat you use to access Zoho Vault is the only key to yourinformation and no one knows it except you, not even Zoho. 3. Theapp automatically logs you out in case of inactivity and locksitself. Learn more about our security policy:https://www.zoho.com/vault/application-security.html Simple, fastand convenient. 1. Sign up and get started in minutes. Create aZoho Vault account with Google/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter profiles.2. Work with a simple and straightforward interface that loads inseconds. 3. Auto-fill username and password on other apps in yourdevice, by storing their credentials in Zoho Vault. 4. Create'Favorites' and quickly access your frequently used data. 5. Syncyour Zoho Vault account across your mobile devices and computers.Access from anywhere, at anytime. 6. Easily look up needed itemswith quick search options. Free forever for personal use;Affordable for businesses. 1. Subscribe to any of Zoho Vault's paideditions and unlock enterprise-grade features that appeal tobusinesses of all sizes and types. 2. Log in to Zoho Vault usingyour Active Directory credentials. 3. Approve access requests fromyour team and securely share passwords that you own in Zoho Vault.Learn more about why you need Zoho Vault:https://www.zoho.com/vault/why-zoho-vault.html Drop us yourthoughts on Zoho Vault. We would love to hear what you think aboutZoho Vault and how we can make things better for you. Connect withus at [email protected] or begin a discussion in our forum:https://forums.zoho.com/zoho-vault
Zoho Mail - Email and Calendar
With full-fledged Email, Calendar and Contacts packed into onesingle app, Zoho Mail is the suite-st email app around. TopFeatures: Multiple account support - Add and switch between yourdifferent Zoho email accounts. Or view it all in one go through theunified Inbox with push notifications. Conversation view - Easilykeep up with long email threads with related messages bunchedtogether. Optimized for Tablets - Zoho Mail is fully optimized forAndroid Tablets of various form factors. Quick swipe actions -Instantly archive or delete emails with customizable swipe actions.Advanced search - Dig into your inbox in seconds withauto-suggestions and handy filter options. Work Offline - Composeand send emails even when offline. Emails will be sent as and wheninternet connection becomes available. Integrated Calendar - View /schedule your appointments and accept invites from within youremail. Contacts on the go - Filter emails from your contacts orkeep in touch with them through Email or a Call. Streams - Whereyou can Collaborate, Socialize and Integrate. Have productiveconversations without the clutter of long emails, thus changing theway you communicate; within and between teams.
Invoice & Time Tracking - Zoho 5.21.8
Zoho Invoice is an invoicing software that helps you craftbeautiful invoices, automatically send payment reminders and getpaid faster online. Send and manage invoices from anywhere usingyour laptop / phone / tablet. Get everything you'll ever need tomanage your paperwork. Quick invoicing Create and send professionalinvoices in minutes and impress your customers.​ Easy time trackingEffortlessly track time for projects and invoice your customersaccordingly. Online payments Get paid faster and on time withonline payment gateways.​ Automated reminders Send friendly paymentreminders to your customers and get paid on time. Effortlessexpense management Record all business expenses and know how muchyou're spending. Insightful reports Run reports in real-time andgain critical insights on your business performance. Get InstantNotifications Receive notifications immediately when your customersview an invoice, make payments, accept or decline estimates.International Invoicing Send invoices to your customers in theircurrency. Zoho Invoice is also multilingual and speaks 10languages. If you have any questions, get great customer supportthrough phone, email or chat for free. We are eagerly waiting tohelp! Email [email protected] Phone +1888 900 9646Live Chat https://salesiq.zoho.com/zohocares/support/zohoinvoiceHelp page https://www.zoho.com/invoice/help/ Zoho Invoice mobileapp is a supplement of the Zoho Invoice web application (https://www.zoho.com/invoice ). Zoho Invoice is integrated withGoogle apps giving you more flexibility and convenience to invoiceexisting customers. Join thousands of freelancers and smallbusiness owners who have made their invoicing absolutelyhassle-free with Zoho Invoice. For news and updates you can followus on Blog, Twitter and Facebook * http://blogs.zoho.com/invoice *https://twitter.com/zoho * https://www.facebook.com/zoho
Zoho Cliq - Team Communication 4.2.9
Cliq is a team collaboration software designed to bring context toyour communications. Optimize your time and resources with thisall-in-one business tool that's more than just chat. Enable taskautomation through handy bots, commands and integrations. Now, youcan customize the chat experience for your business. We don't claimto be world-changing. No, we are motivated by something farsimpler: to change the way you work, one chat at a time.  WithCliq, you can use: Channels: Create channels (across yourorganization, teams, private and external) and chats from yourmobile device.  Commands: Use slash commands to perform tasksfaster and easier, right from your chat window. Bots: Subscribe tobots and automate your daily tasks. Voice and video calling: Makeaudio and video calls seamlessly.  File Sharing: Shareeverything you need, including files, location, gifs, andbirthdays. Quick Access: Pin frequently used chats orconversations for easy recall Star important messages forfuture reference Instant Messaging Redefined: Share contact detailseasily using @mentions With Android Auto, make voice calls andshare your location. Send and receive messages faster with AndroidWear support.  Personalize your chat: Customize yournotifications to control the way you receive them.  Use Emojis& GIFs to keep your conversations light and playful. BusinessProductivity made Simple: Integrate with third party applicationslike Google Drive, Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, Jira, Github, andSalesforce . If you have any questions, please reach out to us [email protected]
Mobile Forms App - Zoho Forms 2.1.6
Zoho Forms is a free online form builder that lets you createmobile-ready forms. You can create customizable mobile forms,configure email notifications, and collaborate with your team. It'san easy-to-use data collection tool that helps you gather andmanage data from anywhere, even offline. We've got all the featuresyou'll need. ➢ Build forms from scratch. ➢Build offline forms.Create forms, submit and store data offline. Once you are backonline, Zoho Forms syncs your data automatically. ➢ Form fields: -Capture Images - Capture Signatures - Scan Barcodes and QR Codes -Collect payments - Perform calculations - Assign a uniqueidentification number to every form submission - File upload -Image choices ➢ Team collaboration: - Assign each form submissionas a task to your team members. - Add them as approvers. - Leavecomments regarding decisions made. - Set access permissions. -Receive instant notifications when changes are made. ➢ EmailNotifications: - Receive instant email alerts as soon as a form issubmitted. - Send email alerts to specific team members on formsubmission. - Set conditions to trigger email notifications basedon respondent's answers. ➢ Publish: Our form builder makes itsimple for you to share data across your organization and to thepublic. You can: - Share forms privately within your organization -Use a public link - Use email campaigns to share forms to yoursubscribers - Share forms on Social media instantly ➢ Customreports. Create and share instant reports to review entries. Filterand sort your data to gain clearer insights. ➢ Templates and ThemesWe've created some ready-made templates for some of the frequentlyused forms like: - Business forms - Work Order forms - InspectionForms - Maintenance requests - Customer feedback forms - Membershipforms - Human Resource forms - Construction forms - Eventregistration and party invitation forms - Sign up and emailsubscription forms - Quizzes - Checklists ➢ Create payment forms.We've made collecting payments really simple for you. Be it anevent registration fee or a donation, you can now easily collect itthrough your form. All you need is an account in any of the popularpayment merchants: PayPal, Stripe, or 2Checkout and you're good togo. ➢ Connect your forms to all the apps you use. Google Sheet -Save all your submissions in a Google Sheet and store allattachments in Google Drive. Zoho - Connect your forms to our CRM,Desk, and Campaigns applications. Zapier: Trigger actions in 750+applications based on your customer's responses with Zapier.Salesforce: Create new leads and contacts in Salesforce from formsubmissions. Google Suite: Store your form submissions, assigntasks and manage your entire workflow right from your G Suiteaccount. Read about the mobile apps -https://www.zoho.com/forms/mobile-apps.html Zoho Forms -https://www.zoho.com/forms/ Zoho Forms Pricing -https://www.zoho.com/forms/pricing.html Zoho Support [email protected]
Zoho Projects: Tasks, Timesheets, and Bug Tracking 3.1.7
Zoho Projects for Android helps you manage your projects and keeptrack of progress even as you are on the go. Zoho Projects is amodern and flexible project management software preferred by morethan a million users worldwide. The mobile apps complement the webversion enabling you to act quickly and stay updated wherever youare. - If you are new to Zoho Projects, you can sign up right awayfrom your mobile. - Get a quick view of ongoing discussions, tasks,comment threads and much more by skimming through Feeds. - Jump inand create new tasks, milestones, post a status or a forum, uploadfiles from your mobile, or even submit a bug that needs to beswatted. - As you toil away from your desk, record all your workhours in the timesheet module. The Timesheet module gives you adaily, weekly and monthly view of hours logged by you and yourteam. - View all your project related documents at the touch ofyour finger tips. You can also upload new documents or new versionsof existing documents. You can choose to display them as lists orthumbnails. - Enjoy better viewing experience in your tablet withsplit screen design.
Expense Reporting and Approval - Zoho 2.8.21
Automate expense recording, track mileage and submit expensereports on the go! Zoho Expense automates business and travelexpense management. It dramatically reduces the time required torecord receipts, prepare expense reports and get them approved.Zoho Expense is a true perk for traveling employees, for managerswho have stacks of expense reports awaiting approval. Here's whatZoho Expense offers: * Store receipts digitally. Drop the paperreceipts. * Tracking mileage. With an in-built GPS tracker andMaps, Zoho expenses records mileage expenses for your everydaytrips. * Automate recording of expenses. Zoho Expense automaticallycreates expenses from the receipts you upload. With auto scanfeature, all major details like date, amount, etc, are captured inthe expense. * Import credit card statements. Connect your creditcard to Zoho Expense and all your daily card transactions will beimported. You can click and convert the statements into expenses. *Easy expense reporting. Tap to batch expenses together to create anexpense report and submit to your manager via email, you can alsoshare your expense reports. You can also print your expense reportsusing google cloud print. * Record expenses offline. Sync them uplater when you are online again. * Analytics. Get a quick view ofyour business expenditure anytime. Our mobile app is a extension ofour web application Zoho Expense https://www.zoho.com/expense .Download & Signup for a 14 - DAY FREE TRIAL to manage yourbusiness expense reports on the go.
Web & Server Monitor Site24x7 4.5.4
Site24x7 Android App is made for website and server monitoringon-the-go. The app provides real-time alerts on your Android devicewhen a performance problem occur on your technology stack. WithSite24x7 Android app you can: monitor availability and performanceof websites, servers, web applications, cloud, VMs and network evenwhile on the move. You can receive instant alerts via pushnotifications. You can also view Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of adowntime, track SLAs and view reports of monitors. Site24x7 Androidapp is a free supplement to the Site24x7 monitoring service. To usethe app, you need a Site24x7 account or you can signup for arisk-free 30-day trial from the app. Site24x7 Android app currentlyentails you the following: * Check website availability instantlywithin the app. * View current status (up or down) of all yourmonitors. * Get instant alerts directly to your Android device viapush notifications * Check process, services & networkstatistics of each server monitor. * Start or stop services of aservice monitor. * Quickly view the Root Cause Analysis (RCA)report when a website is down. * Mark an identified downtime asmaintenance. * View availability by configured locations. * Trackconfigured SLA. * View outage reports by time period break down. *Graphical view for monitor’s response time About Site24x7: Site24x7is an all-in-one infrastructure monitoring service that helpsDevOps and IT operations teams to gain deep visibility intoproduction full-stack performance of the websites, servers, onlineapplications, mobile apps, VMs, Cloud, network and otherInternet-facing services. Site24x7’s in-depth monitoringcapabilities enable DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshootapplications, servers and network infrastructure, including privateand public clouds. End-user experience monitoring happens from morethan 50+ locations across the world and various wireless carriers.Site24x7 is a service by Zoho Corp. (since 1996), the companybehind the products at Zoho.com and IT Management products atManageEngine.com. Site24x7 offers the following all-in-oneperformance monitoring features for your technology stacks: WEBSITEMONITORING * Website Performance Monitoring * Website AvailabilityMonitoring * Monitor Web Page Defacement * Website ApplicationMonitoring * Real Browser Monitoring (RBM) * Real User Monitoring(RUM) * Synthetic Transaction Monitoring * Web Page Analyser * MailServer Monitoring * POP3/SMTP/IMAP Monitoring * DNS Monitoring *SSL Certificate Monitoring * FTP Monitoring * Monitor InternalNetwork * Public Status Pages * REST API Monitoring * SOAPMonitoring SERVER MONITORING * Server Monitoring * WindowsMonitoring * Linux Monitoring * IIS Monitoring * SQL Monitoring *SharePoint Server Monitoring * MS Exchange Server Monitoring *Linux Syslog Monitoring * File and Directory Monitoring * Log FileMonitoring * Docker Monitoring * VMware Monitoring * Amazon CloudMonitoring * Amazon EC2 Monitoring * Amazon RDS MonitoringAPPLICATION PERFORMANCE MONITORING * Java Performance Monitoring *.NET Performance Monitoring * Ruby Performance Monitoring * AzureApplication Monitoring * AWS Application Monitoring * Real UserMonitoring (RUM) * Mobile Application Performance MonitoringNETWORK MONITORING * Switch Monitoring * Router PerformanceMonitoring Take a look at our website - https://www.site24x7.com/Need help? Please contact [email protected] or raise a ticket athttps://www.site24x7.com/contact-support.html
Site24x7 Mobile Network Poller 1.1.6
Site24x7 Mobile Network Poller turns your Android device into amonitoring location and helps you keep track of your mobilewebsites and apps via 2G / 3G / 4G service providers or Wi-Fi.Site24x7 Mobile Network Poller can monitor via any networkconnection present on the device. You can monitor availability,response time, downtime ​and more from ​the perspective of yourmobile users. You can also setup multiple devices on differentservice providers to simultaneously monitor ​your mobile websitesand apps from different networks and identify issues from aparticular provider. ★ Convert your Android device into a Site24x7monitoring location ★ Monitor your mobile websites and mobile appsfrom the cloud ★ Monitor end user experience of mobile apps bytracking the performance of REST APIs ★ Get insight into criticalmetrics like availability, response time, downtime and more
Card Scanner 3.2.3
Snap a photo of a business card using your Android camera and letCard Scanner extract all necessary information. Card Scanner is abusiness card scanning application from Zoho that extractsinformation from business cards and lets you save the extractedinformation to Zoho CRM as a Contact or a Lead. The app islocalized in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portugaland Russian. The app can extract data from business cards inmultiple languages. This includes English, English (UK), Dutch,Swedish, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese Simplified,Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Portuguese.HIGHLIGHTS * Scan Business Cards and save them to Zoho CRM asContacts & Leads * Swap parsed texts across fields to makecorrections to the contact detail. * Intelligently fills contactfields after the extract * Extracts data from business cards inmultiple languages - English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, French,German, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japaneseand Korean * Auto-detects the position of the card and extracts thedata * The scanned business card is attached to the CRM recorddirectly * Extracts the address information and includes it in amap * Helpfully highlights areas where the extraction quality isnot satisfactory To achieve best results, take photos in goodlighting conditions. If you have any questions about the app,please emails us at [email protected]
Contact Manager: Manage contacts, deals & tasks 3.2.4
When you’re a small business and don’t need all the functionalitiesof a full-blown CRM, Zoho ContactManager is the ideal tool to growyour business. You can not only organise all your contacts, butalso collaborate with your team and access all your deals and tasksright from phone.   ✩ Everything you need to know about yourbusiness contacts in one place. Feeds in Zoho ContactManager keepsyou and your team updated at all times about contacts,companies, deals, and tasks. Get better context and makesmarter decisions.    ✩ Sync phone contacts Easily addcontacts from your phone to the Zoho ContactManager app.   ✩ Efficiently manage tasks and deals With ZohoContactManager, you can track to-dos, know the status of yourtasks and see them to completion. Closely monitor and stay on topof your deals. You can also add notes about deals and tasks foreasy reference.    ✩ Being organized is easy Use Tags toeasily categorize and label contacts, deals, and otherrecords.    ✩ Find exactly what you're looking for TheZoho ContactManager app comes with advanced multi-conditionalsearch which helps you instantly find exactly what you're lookingfor. For example, find contacts in your city who have given you acertain amount of business without having to go through heaps ofdata.    ✩ Driving directions for nearby contacts Meetcontacts in person. Get driving directions for nearby contactsdirectly in the Zoho ContactManager app.
Zoho AppBox 4.1
Zoho AppBox is a container that holds all your cloud-based mobileapps built using Zoho AppCreator (appcreator.zoho.com) and presentsthe quickest and cleanest way to take your business mobile. ZohoAppCreator simplifies the effort required to create and executeworkflows, program business logic, schedule processes and enableautomation. Zoho AppCreator also allows you to receive allnotifications from your organisation and caters to all yourbusiness needs.With its in-built support for pulling cloud baseddata, you can instate a rapid mobile app development cycle andspeed up iterative application development, testing and release.Toget started, please visit zoho.com/appcreator
Zoho Desk 2.2.8
Zoho Desk is a context-aware help desk software that helpsbusinesses focus on the customer. It's convenient to use, can becustomized to fit any business, and doesn't cost a fortune. ZohoDesk comes from Zoho, the operating system for business. Keyfeatures: - Work Modes organize your tickets based on due time orcustomer type, so you know which ticket needs you first. - ZohoDesk brings in customer information from Zoho CRM, so you can put aface to each ticket. - Tickets are displayed as conversations, soagents can stay updated on ticket activity. - With the all-new TeamFeed, you can tag your team members on tickets, and collaborate toclose tickets faster. - The Notification Centre brings you updateson your tickets, so you stay on top of things wherever you are. -Perform frequent ticket actions like edit, close and move withquick swipes. - Create, view, edit and delete tickets from anydepartment. - Add and update comments and ticket fields. - Receivepush notifications on ticket updates, comments and @mentions. -Re-assign tickets to other team members and pick up unassignedtickets. - Move tickets to other departments. - Receive and viewattachments on tickets. - Save responses as drafts, access, editand send them later.
HR management app - Zoho People 6.5
Zoho People - A cloud based HRMS solution that takes care of allyour HR management needs while you take care of your employees.From Employee Management to Attendance Tracking to organizing TimeSheets, you get them all in Zoho People.   Here is what ZohoPeople offers for those who want to connect smartly with theiremployees:   Attendance tracking - Track your employees' time,attendance, absenteeism and holidays even when you are away fromthe office.    Staff management - Call, text oremail to colleagues within your organization instantly fromanywhere with the easy-to-use People-Locator tool!   Timesheetmanagement - March towards better productivity with the TimeTracker that lets you log working hours. With Zoho People, you nowhave an automatic timer option too!    Online leavemanagement - Keep an eye on your work-life balance too! OurLeave Planner lets you mark Time-off and view your company'supcoming holidays!   Approval management - The key role of anHR management software is to handle approvals effectively makingsure none gets missed.    Keep Informed - Zoho Peopletakes a step further from being a mere HRIS sofware by ensuringthat you stay connected as a team while staying on top of yourteam’s activities via Feeds.     Files and Formshandling - Zoho People also lets you share files like policies,documents, etc., across your company. Also with Zoho People you cancreate and share custom forms as easy as ABC.   SpecialHighlights of Zoho People:   - Are you at the office or away?Use the check-in and check-out option in the Zoho People to markyour presence. - Clock your working hours using the automatic timerand measure your productivity. - Reach out to your contacts withjust a swipe via email, text or phone call. - Apply time-off, viewleave balances and official holidays using our Leave Planner. - Geta firm grip on your employees' requests and allow through just theauthentic ones.  
SNMP MIB Browser 1.6
ManageEngine SNMP MIB Browser for Android enables the user tomonitor and manage the MIB data for any SNMP enabled networkdevices like desktops, routers, switches, etc., on the move. Thisapp enables the user to load any standard MIB and fetch values fromthe devices. It fetches data for scalar/tabular groups and displaysit in an intuitive user interface. It also supports SNMP SEToperation, using which the user can modify the data on a device.MibBrowser supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 versions. If Useropts SNMPv3 version for communication, he has the option to selectHMAC algorithms like MD5, SHA for authentication and DES, 3DES,AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256 for encryption. Tool has an option topoll the SNMP enabled devices at a periodic interval, which isconfigurable. Key Features : * Load any MIB from any location onthe device and fetch MIB data. * Fetch MIB data in ALL versions ofSNMP(v1, v2c, v3) from agents implemented by any vendors. * Supportfor SNMP SET Operation. * User can configure agent parameters *Perform SNMP Polling for particular ObjectID on the device. * FetchMIB data of any scalar or tabular group, just by a click * Supportfor MD5 and SHA authentication algorithms and DES, 3DES, AES-128,AES-192, AES-256 encryption for SNMPv3 packets. * Tool remembersall device details like host, port, community string so that userneed not enter these details every now and then. Prerequisite : Torun this application, WiFi connectivity is required to communicatewith the local Network/Internet. Copy the required MIBs in the mibsdirectory, which would have been created during installation in theroot path of the Memory card. The MIB files should have .mib, .my,or .txt extensions, if any, and are not case sensitive. Whileloading MIB files from a location other than the mibs directorycreated, load the dependent MIBs (if any) before loading therequired MIB.
Inbox Insight for Zoho Mail 2.4.3
Inbox Insight is an intelligent finder for your Inbox. It welcomesyou with an elegant and simple search interface. Something thatseems to tell you, “I know it all”. Once you enter your searchterms and tweak the parameters, the powerful search engine kicks inand sends you a short list of mails that matches your query. Builtfrom a mobile-first outlook, Inbox Insight addresses those needsthat other email Apps don't. We acknowledge that you launch intoMail on your mobile more often for referring to an email that youhad already read, than for actually checking if there are any newmails (we know, there will always be some!). We appreciate yourneed to be notified about new mails, but not all of them, onlythose matching specific criteria based on urgency and importance.Give Inbox Insight a spin. You wouldn't want to go back to yourtraditional view again! Special Features - Search based on subject,attachments, date, sender and more - Use smart filters, and get tothat email you need - Save your frequent searches as favourites -Get notified about new incoming emails that match your favouritesearches - Quick reply to emails and compose new ones, attachingimages where needed - Act on multiple mails at once, trash them,mark as read, with just a flick of your finger - And, give ourmulti-photo-uploader a whirl. You'll love it! So, what are youwaiting for? Stop Fetching... Start Finding!
Offline Presentation on the go - First Draft  1.9
- Inspiration rarely hits. When ideas knock your door, be sure tocatch them. Ensure to pen them down. Get them drafted. - Now, whena presentation idea pops up, what do you do? Worry not! You cancreate drafts for slides on the go, in fact, even when you're onthe fly because you don't even need to be connected to theinternet. - Create drafts for your presentations offline withprecision. - Rearrange the drafts you've created in the same orderyou want your slides you to flow. - Think it's a relevant image foryour slide? Add them to the draft, right there, while you are stilloffline.  - Guess what's cooler! Apart from just creating arough draft of your presentation, you can also add Presenter Notes(footnotes) to slides. Jot down hints and free your memory spacefor the next thing on your to-do list.  - Be it a business ora sales presentation, that goes on a PowerPoint or a Keynote, withFirst Draft, you have your idea ready made! - And sync to the ZohoCloud automatically whenever you connect and login next. There yougo! Your presentation is done! 
Taskz 1.9.3
Taskz is an easy to use Task managementapplication from Zoho.To create a task, pull the screen down, swipe a task to the rightto mark as complete and swipe to the left to delete a task. That'show easy it is to use the app.The left side section has options to manage your tasks based on duedate. If you need to complete a task by this week, go to 'ThisWeek' section on the left and create a task. This willautomatically set the due date to end of the week. Similarly, duedate is automatically chosen based on the section you are in (forToday, Tomorrow, This Week & This Month).You also have options to view all tasks, pending tasks as well ascompleted tasks. You can mark a completed task as incomplete byswiping it to the right.You'll need a Zoho account to use the application. This accountwill let you synchronize your tasks across various devices as wellas Zoho Tasks (tasks.zoho.com). If you are an existing Zoho CRMuser, your tasks from Zoho CRM will also show up in theapplication.If you have any questions/suggestions, please emails us [email protected]
ShowTime Viewer from Zoho 7.5
ShowTime Viewer transforms the way presentations are consumed byempowering audience engagement and helping listeners to startmeaningful conversations with the presenter. The audience canparticipate and provide their feedback even during a livepresentation. ShowTime Viewer further enables browsing throughcompleted/ongoing slides, adding 'like's and comments to slides,asking questions, and even lets the presenter collect rating andfeedback. - Watch presentations, as they are delivered,right onyour smartphone! - Connect and start meaningful conversations withthe Presenter - Share your "Like" for a slide with the flick of afinger! - Send questions to the speaker and get them answered inreal time - Participate in real-time Polls, share your opinion andcast your votes. - Rate presentations and provide valuable commentsand feedback - Connect with others in the audience, before, duringthe event!
Zoho Analytics 3.0
View insightful visualizations on-the-go. This mobile BI appcomplements the web/browser view offered by Zoho Analytics, theself-service BI and analytics software on the cloud. The appenables you to keep track of your key business metrics, spot trendsearly, collaborate with your colleagues, and arrive at informedbusiness decisions, all on the go. With this app, you can see allthe data, reports and dashboards that you created and have in yourZoho Analytics account. You can interact with the reports, favoritethose that you like or view very often, share them with yourcolleagues, clients and friends with fine-grained access control,and do much more. The app allows you to analyze data from a widerange of sources easily. It scales well and can crunch hundreds ofmillions of rows of data. The below features make the ZohoAnalytics app an indispensable business intelligence and reportingtool, for any business user. Key Features - Wide range ofvisualization options - geo-map, pie, donut, bar, stacked bar,line, bar-line combo, funnel, heat-map, web and a lot more charttypes; Pivot tables, summary and tabular views. - View single page,at-a-glance dashboards. - Apply filters and see filtered data. -See the underlying data, or drill-down any point in the report. -Segregate reports based on type, folders and related views. -Quickly access select reports using Favorites and Recent Items. -Export and share your reports with your colleagues and clients,with fine-grained access control. You control what the shared usercan or can't do, like create reports, view/drill-down theunderlying data, export the data/reports, etc.
Free Invoice Generator 1.3.0
Instantly create invoices on the go for free. All you need to do isfill in the invoice and select print or download it as a PDF file.You don't need to sign in or sign up.
NOTEBOOK - Take Notes, Sync 5.0.9
'Google PlayStore's Best App of 2017’ -https://play.google.com/store/apps/topic?id=campaign_editorial_apps_productivity_bestof2017Be more productive with this beautifully simple note-taking app. AMac app, an iOS app and web clippers for Chrome, Firefox andSafari are also available. You can log intohttps://notebook.zoho.com to view and take notes online. *TAKENOTES* Notebook provides different ways to take notes and captureyour thoughts. - Write notes. Start with a text, add images,checklists, and audio, all in the same text note. - Createchecklists to get stuff done with the dedicated checklist note. -Record voice notes with the audio note. - Capture moments using thededicated photo note. - Scan documents and add to Notebook. -Attach Microsoft documents, PDF, and other files. *ORGANIZE NOTES*Keep yourself and your work organized. - Organize various notesinto notebooks. - Create notecard stacks by grouping notestogether. - Reorder your notes within a notebook. - Move or copyyour notes between notebooks. - Search within a notebook or acrossnotebooks. - Securely lock your note with passwords of your choice.- Use your Touch ID to unlock notes. *SYNC ACROSS DEVICES* Accessyour work anywhere and everywhere with Notebook's abilityto sync your notes to the cloud. - Synchronize all your notesand notebooks across devices and to the cloud. - Take a noteon one device, add to it from another. Be it a device or a tabletor a computer or browsers, you name it and we have your notesthere. *NOTABLE GESTURES* Unlike the other colorful premium notepadapps, the intimate joy of Notebook comes from using the app. -Swipe your notebook or note for additional information. - Pinch togroup notes into a stack. - Flick to find the note you need. - Inlandscape view, pinch to fold group notes like an accordion.*CUSTOMIZE YOUR NOTEBOOK* Notebook provides numerous ways tocustomize your notes. - Change the color of your notes. - Choose anotebook cover or create your own. - View your notes in either gridor landscape style views. - Continue recording audio on any screenof your android device. *SHARE YOUR NOTES* Notebook providesdifferent ways to share your ideas. - Share your notes throughemail and other supporting apps. - Export notes as PDF and share itwith others. *ANDROID EXCLUSIVE* - Notebook Widget: View your last20 modified notes across notebooks and find options to quicklycreate notes from the widget. - Access any notebook or note with asingle click by creating a shortcut. - Multi Window Support formobile devices running Android 7.0 and above. - Create notes whileyou're in a meeting with Google Assistant Integration. Ask GoogleAssistant to ’Take Note’ to instantly create a note. - Print anynote using Google Cloud Print or any other preferredconfigurations. - Quickly create notes using 'Launcher Shortcuts'.A long press on the app icon will reveal note creation options.*NOTEBOOK WEB CLIPPER* - A beautiful, customizable Clean View formore focused reading while viewing articles. - Clip page links tocreate Smart Cards. - Crop photos and screenshots and savethem to Notebook. *NOTEBOOK FOR STUDENTS* - Record entirelectures using Audio Card. - Draw diagrams and take handwrittennotes during discussions with Sketch Card. - Scan your referencebooks and make them available for later.  - Clip researchcontent and web page links using Notebook Web Clipper.*NOTEBOOK IN DAY-TO-DAY LIFE* - Stay up-to-date with your dailytasks. - Sketch down your creativity without any second thought. -Effectively plan trips, weddings, and parties. - Make Notebookyour daily journal. *PRICE* Notebook is 100% FREE. No catch. Noadvertisements either. No plus, premium modal like otherleading note taking apps. Boost your productivity for free.
Live Chat Software for Website – Zoho SalesIQ 1.5.6
Join 100,000+ people already using Zoho SalesIQ to convert theirwebsite visitors into happy paying customers. Zoho SalesIQ is anunique platform with live chat, website visitor scoring andanalytics all rolled into one for growing businesses. We built itto maximize the ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords, and emailmarketing efforts. Key Features: 1) Know who's on your website andhow they are interacting with your content in realtime. 2) Improveyour sales and customer service by allowing website visitors tostart a livechat with you. 3) Win your visitors attention withproactive chat. Send automated invitations to engage prospectsbased on what content on your website they are looking at in realtime. 4) Guide visitors to your desired call to action. 5) Collectfeedback after a live chat session to enhance the quality of yourwebsite visitor interactions. 6) Engage a wider audience with realtime chat translation, available for over 25 languages. 7) Capturethe list of all your visitors even after they have left yourwebsite. 8) Use lead scoring to organize your website visitors onthe likelihood that they will make a purchase. 9) Setting up ZohoSalesIQ on your website can be done within 5 minutes. It is assimple as copying and pasting a snippet of code on your website.10) A super friendly customer support team available to answer youqueries over email, phone, livechat and social media.
Zoho Creator Portal 3.2
Access your Zoho Creator customer portal withthis app. Log in to your dedicated portals, access applicationsshared to you, submit data, and edit the records you submitted.App Features:* Access Forms and add records* All deluge events are supported* Access Reports and Pages to view records* Search, Filter, Group and Sort the records* Edit, Delete, and Bulk Edit records* Apply Custom Actions on records
Zoho Motivator 1.1.4
The Zoho Motivator app provides mobile access to your KPIs,Targets, and Contests created in Zoho Motivator. Gain insights intoyour sales performance, promote winning sales behaviors, andmotivate your sales team with engaging contests. Zoho Motivatorcombines analytics and game mechanics to boost sales, sales teamengagement, and fun. Key features - Create, edit and view KeyPerformance Indicators, or KPIs, such as Leads Created, Sales Won,or Revenue Generated. - View Scorecards to visually track progresstoward company, team, and individual goals. - View Contestleaderboards and performance charts. - View KPI performance trendsand breakdown charts. - View Motivator TV, such as latest status ofKPIs, Scorecards, and Contest. - Receive notifications regardingthe latest developments in your targets and contests. - Easilyaccess Zoho account settings from the app. NOTE: You must be a ZohoCRM and Zoho Motivator user to use this app.
Zoho Mail Admin 1.2.6
The Zoho Mail Admin App is designed with a complete understandingof System Administrators like you. A classic Black and Red designreminiscent of the powerful system shell lets you manage all youradmin tasks in just a few swipes. The App greets you with a luciddashboard, showcasing upfront the total number of users and groupsin your Mail account. Dig deeper, and you get to do all these: UserManagement: Add users, reset passwords and change user roles, allon the go Group Management: Add members to a group, remove membersfrom a group and change roles Mail Moderation: Approve/rejectemails that need moderation (for those few emails that are toourgent to wait for you to get to your computer) Storage Management:You can add extra storage for a user using the "storage" addonNote: The App is intended for Administrators of Zoho MailOrganization. You would require an active Zoho Mail administratoraccount to use this app.
ShowTime Presenter from Zoho 3.3
​Presenter for Zoho ShowTime is a unique app that works in tandemwith Zoho ShowTime to provide unprecedented wire free mobility whenyou are making that all-important presentation. Presenter forShowTime helps deliver great presentation coupled with the perfectaudience engagement tools. Instead of being tethered to thepresenting computer at one end of the stage, presenters are able tomove around freely, and control the presentation using just theirSmartphone! So, how can a presenter create an impactfulpresentation that drives continuous improvement? Well, here are afew compelling reasons! * Push the slide content to theparticipants in real-time across devices * Improve presenter impactby separating content delivery from audience engagement * Engage inmeaningful conversations that enable audience interactions *Conduct real-time polls in your presentation to make it moreexciting and lively * Know the pulse of your audience by askingquestions during a live talk * Empower the presenter to know whatworks through explicit private comments on specific content
CRM Platform 1.2
"Zoho CRM Platform” works exclusively for vertical CRM applicationspowered by Zoho. As a vertical CRM user, you can download the appto access your account and connect with customers on the go.Running your business gets a whole lot easier when you can accessyour customer information, collaborate with your team and get workdone anywhere, anytime. Losing network coverage shouldn't derailyour workday as you can work offline and automatically sync whenyou're back online. Features: -Manage your end-to-end sales cycle.-Update information on a contact you just met with. -Schedule andtrack your events, tasks, and activities. -Check in and record yourvisits at customer locations. -Use voice notes for hands freenotetaking. -Attach files directly from your mobile device. -Logincoming and outgoing calls instantly.-Collaborate with your teamin real time using Feeds by posting comments, @mentioning peers,and much more.
Remote Support and Remote Desktop - Zoho Assist 1.8.2
Zoho Assist helps you control a remote computer right from yourAndroid device. Not only that, you can provide remote support forunattended computers as well. Help customers no matter where youare. Deliver seamless remote support to your customers when theyneed it the most.    Easily invite customers to a remotesupport session   Send an invite to the remote session fromthe Zoho Assist - Technician app or share the invitation URL withcustomers. You will be instantly connected to your customer’scomputer as soon as they accept the invite or click the URL.   Access unattended remote computers   With the ZohoAssist - Technician app, you can control your customer’s unattendedremote computer no matter where you are. That means, you cantroubleshoot on remote computers without even needing the customerto be in front of it.    Multiple monitor navigation  Navigate between any number of monitors connected to theremote computer. Active monitor detection is done automatically.  Take instant screenshots    Capture screenshotsinstantly with a single tap. Use the images to go through issuesand troubleshoot later.    Involve othertechnicians    Bring in other technicians to the remotesupport session. Work together and troubleshoot issuesfaster.    File transfer   Transfer files to andfrom your android device. Send and receive files even to a remoteunattended computer.     Always secure   ZohoAssist uses advanced 128 bit and 256 bit AES encryption. All remotesupport sessions are secure and reliable.    How it works  Step 1: Open the Zoho Assist - Technician app. Enter thecustomer's email address to invite them to the remote supportsession. Alternatively, you can copy and send them the URLdirectly.    Step 2: The customer will be connected tothe session once they click the invitation URL. Now you'll be ableto see what the customers see. And also remotely control thecustomer's computer.    Step 3: Chat with the customerprovide guidance. You can also choose to invite another technicianto troubleshoot the issue together.    Please write [email protected] and tell us about your experience. Also, ifyou want to provide remote support for a customer's android device,ask your customer to download our Customer app here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoho.assist.agent
Zoho Campaigns - Email Marketing
The Zoho Campaigns app helps you manage your email campaigns fromanywhere, anytime. You can send email campaigns, view campaignreports, share reports with colleagues, and organize the entiresubscriber data. You can also work in the offline mode—updates willautomatically sync to your online account once your devicereconnects to a network. If you do not have a Zoho Campaignsaccount, create one at www.zoho.com/campaigns/ App Features: ★ Sendtargeted email campaigns to your audience ★ Analyze the performanceof campaigns using reports
 ★ View email opens based on thegeographical location
 ★ Share reports via email with yourcolleagues 
★ Create mailing lists and add subscribers to them 
★Receive push notifications when your campaigns are reviewed andready to be sent ★ Complete your work in the offline mode
Document Scanner 1.0.8
Doc Scanner is a free application fromZohothat lets you take a photo of a document and converts the fileintoPDF format.* Converts image to PDF format* Integrates with Zoho Docs and Google Drive* Option to crop the image before scanningThe app is provided with an in-app purchase of DocumentScanningEngine, which lets you take a photo of a document andextract thecontent as editable text and lets you save it to ZohoDocs in docxformat. The scanned image can also be saved to ZohoDocs or GoogleDrive as an image as well as a PDF document.The app can extract data from documents in multiplelanguages.This includes English, Chinese, French, Dutch, German,Japanese,Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.Highlights of Document Scanning Engine :* Scan documents to extract the text and save it toZohoDocs.* Converts image to editable text* Saves the document in DOCX, PNG and PDF formats* Integrates with Zoho Docs and Google Drive* Extracts data from documents in multiple languages -English,Chinese, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish,Swedishand Turkish* Option to crop the image before scanning* Helpfully highlights areas where the extraction quality isnotsatisfactoryNote: To achieve best results, take photos in goodlightingconditions. Please note that the app works best withtextdocuments. Documents with images and tables can be scannedandsaved as Images or PDF files.If you have any questions about the app, please emails [email protected]
Zoholics 2.2
The Zoholics mobile app gives attendees a digital experience toremember. Get event information and have real-time interaction withspeakers from your mobile device.  Here's what you can do withthe Zoholics mobile app: View the entire event website includingsession details Ask questions to the speaker directly from yourmobile device  Snap and upload photos instantly to captureevent memories 
Zoho Recruit 2.0.7
Zoho Recruit is a complete applicant tracking system for staffingagencies and independent recruiters. Features * Get the exactpicture of your tasks and interviews with a clutter free dashboard,so you can plan your day accordingly. * Keep track of all theactive job openings and the candidates associated. * Find out asand when a candidate progresses through various stages ofrecruitment. * Schedule an interview for a candidate anytime. *Keep track of all the scheduled interviews. * Share the keytakeaways from an interview with your team. Collaborate and makebetter decisions.
Zoho Social 3.3.9
Zoho Social is your social media marketing software for growingbusinesses. It helps you with real-time monitoring and actionableinsights to create better content and build your social mediapresence. Create, schedule and publish great content across socialmedia networks from wherever you are. Reach out to the rightaudience at the right time with pre-publishing insights and thesmart schedule feature. Not connected to the internet? Work on yourcontent offline and your drafts will automatically sync once youare online. Listen to keywords & hash-tags on social media andengage with your audience in real-time. Analyze your social mediaperformance with statistics and reports. Ready to build your socialmedia presence? Download now! If you have any questions orcomments, please write to us at [email protected]
ATM Hunt 1.1
ATM Hunt is an initiative to ease off your livelihood by providingcrowd-sourced info on cash availability & approx waiting timeof ATM/Bank, as Rs.1000/500 have been demonetized. * Its info isbeing continuously contributed by many good hearts around you, likeyou!.* You too can add info about ATMs/Banks, just tap on itslocation on map.* Get benefited and shower back the kindness byadding or updating current status of an ATM or Bank.Key Features:-*You can now get notified about cash updates for ATMs around you!*Easily share an ATM/Bank's detail, and your friends can view itright away on our Web-Map!Web version :https://maps.zoho.com/atm-huntNote :The info provided is purelycrowdsourced, it might not be 100% accurate, if you find anydiscrepancies please feel free to add/update them then and there!
Revenue Forecaster - Zoho 2.2
To maximize the growth of your subscription business, you needconcrete revenue goals and a plan for the future. You need to knowhow fast you’ll grow and how soon you’ll reach your revenuegoals.The revenue forecaster helps you do just that.Plug in yourcurrent MRR, churn rate and growth rate and predict how much yourbusiness will grow over time.Gain a perspective on how much churnimpacts your business by charting how your business performs atdifferent churn rates.If you have any questions you can contact usat [email protected] We are eagerly waiting tohelp!
Streams for Zoho Mail 2.0.4
Streams - Because we know emails haven’t quite kicked the bucket asclaimed by the media. Instead, they are becoming incresingly mobilecentric with more than 50% of views from mobile devices. Can emailsbe much more than just a channel for personal interaction? Yes!And, when they do, we call it Streams! A tool that keeps yourteam’s collaboration instant, dynamic and lively while embracingthe necessity of emails. With Streams: - Collaborate withinmultiple relevant groups effectively. - Create instant, ad-hocgroups, whenever needed. - Keep conversations smart and sleek withcomments. (You can also Comment Privately!) - Invite guests togroups whenever a discussion calls for it. - Keep things movingwith Tasks, Messages, Events, Notes and Emails.
Zoho CalSync 1.4
Zoho CalSync lets you sync your Zoho Calendars with any calendarapp on your device. This way, you can manage all your Zoho Calendarevents from within your device and stay on top of your schedule.Zoho Calsync keeps running in the background, so all you have to dois select the desired Zoho Calendars you want to sync with yourdevice and you're good to go.
Zoho Creator Portal 5.4.4
Access your Zoho Creator customer portal with this app. Log in toyour dedicated portals, access applications shared to you, submitdata, and edit the records you submitted. App Features: * AccessForms and add records * All deluge events are supported * AccessReports and Pages to view records * Search, Filter, Group and Sortthe records * Edit, Delete, and Bulk Edit records * Apply CustomActions on records
Zoho Assist - Customer 1.7
Download this app only if your trusted technician asks you to.Description: Get quality remote support for your mobile devicedirectly from a technician. The Zoho Assist - Customer app allowstechnicians to provide remote support through screen sharing, chatand remotely control your Samsung device. In case of other devices,although technicians cannot remotely control the device,screen-sharing is still possible. How to start a session: Step 1:Download and install the Zoho Assist - Customer app. Step 2.a: Thetechnician will send you an email containing an invite to theremote session. Click the link on the email and open it with theZoho Assist - Customer app to get your remote support sessionstarted. (OR) Step 2.b: Instead of sending you an invitation link,the technician can also send you the session key directly. Open theZoho Assist - Customer app and enter the session key to start theremote support session. Step 3: After your consent, the technicianwill remotely access your device to provide support. The technicianwill also be able to securely chat with you. Touch the back button(either on the top-left or the native back button) to end thesession anytime. Features: - Share your screen securely with thetechnician - In case of a Samsung device, allow the technician toremotely control your device. - Pause and resume screen sharing andaccess anytime. - Chat directly with the technician right from theapp. Disclaimer: This app uses the Devices Administrator permissionon your Samsung device in order to facilitate remote control andscreen sharing. Please contact [email protected] for furtherclarifications.
Subscriptions Management App - Zoho 1.9.3
Zoho Subscriptions is smart recurring billing tool for subscriptionbusinesses. Businesses that provide services on a recurring basislike educational institutes, magazine/newspaper publishers, Gymcenters and Web hosting providers need to manage customersubscriptions, cancellations, refunds and payments on a dailybasis. As a small business owner, these tasks eat up a lot of yourvaluable time, which you can spend on growing your business. ZohoSubscriptions Android app will be a constant companion to you andprovide you with important alerts regarding your subscriptions. Keyhighlights of Zoho Subscriptions Android app. With the ZohoSubscriptions Android app, you can : - Access the comprehensivedashboard that displays key metrics like Net Revenue, Activation,Sign ups, Active customers, MRR, ARPU, and LTV. - Get instantlynotified when a customer subscribes to a plan. - Know whencustomers cancel their subscription, so you can follow-up with themimmediately. - Get to know when a new payment method - bank/creditcard is added by your customers. - Know exactly when and why acustomer fails to subscribe for your plan, so you can reach out tothem on time. - Receive alerts whenever your customers comment inthe client portal. - Stay in the know about your customers andtheir transaction history, with the Customer Details section. - Getto know the complete information related to a particular invoice inthe Invoice Details section. - View all the information like Plandetails, Customer Card Details, etc. of a subscription in theSubscription Details section. If you need any assistance using ZohoSubscriptions Android app, please get in touch with us [email protected]
Zoho Sign - Upload, Scan and Sign Documents 2.3.1
Zoho Sign is a digital signing service that lets you executecontracts quickly without the hassles of transporting paperdocuments while ensuring security and legality. It works completelyon cloud and integrates readily with your everyday apps for acompletely seamless signing experience. Zoho Sign is perfect foranyone who needs to sign business documents but widely used for HR,legal, finance, and sales functions. - Sign documents on the go. -Send documents to multiple signers across the world. - Integratewith everyday applications: Zoho Docs, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox,Gmail and OneDrive. - Sign and send, secure and legally bindingdocuments. Documents that can be signed: - NDAs - Invoices - Salescontracts - Business proposals - Purchase orders - Lease agreements- Partnership agreements - Employment offers and more. KEYFEATURES: General - Create, send and sign documents within minutes.- Supported document types include : pdf, jpeg, doc, png and more.- Scan documents directly from within the application. - Set anorder for signing the document using the "Send in Order" feature. -Upload documents directly from daily applications: Zoho Docs, Box,Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail and OneDrive. - Import files fromother applications using the "Open with” functionality. - Sendtimely reminders to sign documents that are in progress - Addre-sizable signature, text, initials, name, company, and datefields to the document. - Initiate signing of documents directlyfrom your inbox. - Preview and make changes to the document usingthe document viewer. - Assign someone else to sign the document. -Receive real time push notifications whenever any activity isperformed on a document. Legal & Security - Certification ofCompletion: Get automatic audit trails for completed documents withtime stamps and IP addresses. - Increase security using Touch IDand Passcode to block unauthorized access. - Set security codes andshare it directly with the recipients to prevent unauthorizedaccess. - Compliant with ESIGN act and industry standard laws.Payment plans: Standard Plan: 25 docs / month Professional Plan:Unlimited document signing Standard - Monthly: monthlyauto-renewing subscription $12(USD) Standard - Yearly: yearlyauto-renewing subscription $120(USD) Professional - Monthly:monthly auto-renewing subscription $18(USD) Professional - Yearly:yearly auto-renewing subscription $180(USD) Support URL:https://www.zoho.com/contactus.html
GST Guide - Zoho 1.2
The Goods & Services Tax in India is a complete overhaul of thecurrent tax system. As a business owner, you need to know aboutGST, how it affects your business, and what you can do to prepareyour business for the transition. The GST Guide provides detailedinformation on the new tax law in the form of GST Resources(articles, webinars, infographics). Get GST HelpHave questionsabout GST registration? Worried about the impact of GST on yourbusiness? Send us your questions at [email protected] andour team of experts will help you out.
Mobile Spreadsheet - Zoho Sheet 2018.10.15
Create a new spreadsheet or import an Excel file to work on, breakdown data with your team and share your spreadsheets, with the ZohoSheet app for Android devices.  Here's how Zoho Sheet can bethe spreadsheet app for you: SPREADSHEETS ON THE GO Whatever yourdevice, Zoho Sheet never compromises on functionality. Create yourown spreadsheets, share them, and work on them acrossdevices.  WORK WITH YOUR TEAM View and make live changes inyour spreadsheet with your team, no matter how far apart youare. Stay on top of your project pipeline as you finishup expense management tasks, sales planning, timesheets, and more.BREAK DOWN THE NUMBERS With around 350 functions and formulas, wemake sure your data analysis is accurate and complete. Zoho Sheethas a Smart Bar that helps you finish up calculations in a jiffy.VISUALIZE DATA WITH CHARTS Draw charts and visualize your data,edit and make vibrant looking graphs, explore your charts in fullscreen where you can filter your series, tap on points to viewdata, set visibilities for your series, titles, legends, and muchmore. MAKE A CALL, LITERALLY Call up your clients or colleaguesfrom the Zoho Sheet app. With comment functionality coming soon,working together from far away won't be a hassle anymore.SHARE YOUR SPREADSHEETS In addition to real-time collaboration withyour friends and colleagues, you can share your spreadsheets viamessaging apps or other media as a Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx),or PDF file. COPY SHEETS UNIVERSALLY Forget about repeating mundanespreadsheet tasks. Duplicate your sheets within the samespreadsheet or copy-paste them into other spreadsheets in yourlist. Have a feature in mind that you would like to see in ZohoSheet? Write to us at [email protected]