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GST Calculator - Tool 2.2.9
Calcuate GST Tax on the go along with other mathematicalcalculations. GST Calculator Tool is simple, easy to use and thequickest way to calculate Goods and Service Tax (GST) on sales orpurchase of goods or services. GST Calculator Tool is combinationof two calculators: Simple GST Calculator Useful to calculate GSTquickly with simple interface optimised for GST calculations.Simply enter the Initial Amount of transaction and the GST Rate andget the results calculated as you type in. You can see the amountinclusive or exclusive of tax amount. Simply use "Add GST" to getthe total amount of goods or services including GST or "Remove GST"to get the net amount of goods or services exclusive of GST.Generally kept GST calculations as a center point, this calculatortool is handy and useful to calculate other percentage basedcalculations including Discount calculations, Tip calculations oreven simple percentage calculations. » Features » Add or Remove theGST from given amount with touch of a button » Set custom tax ratealong with preprovided 3%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% » Get resultscalculated as you type in » Shows IGST, CGST and SGST calculations» Copy and Share the calculation Combined GST Calculator Useful tocalculate GST calculations along with basic mathematicalcalculations which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication,division and percentage based calculations. It also contains M+,M-, MR and GT calculation functionalities. » Features » Embeded GSTcalculator with simple calculator for quicker calculations » Easyand quick to Add or Remove the GST from given amount » GSTCalculation Box appears when clicked on GST Rates. » Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication and Division along with GSTCalculations » Scrollable calculation view to keep watch on whatyou are calculating » GST Calculation Box Combined GST Calculatorin equipped with GST Calculation Box which allows to copy and sharethe GST Calculations and also show the bifurcation of the taxes asper current Indian Goods and Service Tax system in form of IGST,CGST and SGST. You can turn the box on and off from settings orfrom the handy button provided above the input board in thiscalculator. Both of this GST Tax Calculator show taxes bifurcatedas IGST (Integrated Goods and Service Tax) Calculations for InterState Supply in India, while CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax)and SGST (State Goods and Service Tax) calculations for Intra StateSupply in India. We have predefined set of GST Rates which are 3%,5%, 12%, 18% and 28% so that you can quickly carry out thecalculation. You can customize the Rates as per your need insettings. You can also share or copy your calculations with handybuttons.
Notesonly - Simple Notepad 1.0.7
Notesonly is a simple notepad for daily needs. Its quick, simpleand easy to use. Take your notes on the go using this interactivenotepad. Stay organized with Notesonly. You can color your notes toorganize them and easily find them whenever needed. You can alsoshare them with your colleague, friends and family with ease. Theuser interface of Notesonly is kept highly simple and easy in flow.You can quickly take notes using this quick notepad app. You canarchive your notes for later usage or can move them to Trash if nolonger needed. You can also restore your notes or can permanentlydelete them from the Trash. Note whats in your mind, color it toget organized and share it whenever you need it. It's that simple.Happy Note Taking :)
Notepad - Notesonly Pro 1.1.2
Notesonly Pro is simple and easy to use notepad for daily needs.Using this app you can take the notes on the go, share the notesand color them to organize them. Feature Highlights * Clean andsimple user interface * Timestamp on each note of your last edittime * Backup and Restore your notes * Color notes to organizebetter * Share with ease Distraction free User Interface NotesonlyPro does not contain Ads, hence you can concentrate on your noteswithout any distraction. On the other hand the user interface ofNotesonly Pro is kept highly simple, clean and easy in flow. Youcan quickly take notes using this quick notepad app. TimestampTimestamp are mentioned on all notes which helps you to recognizewhen you last edited the note. Backup and Restore Notes Notesonlyis equipped with backup and restore facility. So you can easilybackup your notes to cloud and restore them whenever you need it onsame device or on any other device. (Notesonly is currently usingGoogle Drive, a product from Google to backup and restore) Coloryour Notes You can easily apply color to your note from 12 eyesoothing colors. This helps in organizing your notes based onpriority or importance and easily find them whenever needed. Shareyour Notes You can also share them with your colleague, friends andfamily with ease using any third party app in text format. UsingNotesonly you can quickly takes notes, color it and share it. Youcan archive your notes for later reference or can move them toTrash if no longer needed. You can also restore your notes or canpermanently delete them from the Trash. Note whats in your mind,color it to get organized and share it whenever you need it. It'sthat simple. Happy Note Taking :)
GST Calculator Pro - Tool 1.0.5
Calculate GST(Goods and Service Tax) and Percentage basedcalculations along with other mathematical calculations using thisGST Calculator Pro Tool. Combination of Combined GST Calculatorwith General Calculator alongside an exclusive Simple GSTCalculator is a easy to use combo a quick way to calculate Goods orService Tax on purchase or sales of Goods or Services. Combined GSTCalculator Combination of GST Calculator and General PurposeCalculator, this calculator is useful to calculate GST along withgeneral mathematical calculations like adding, subtracting,multiplying and dividing. Likewise any general calculator you canalso carry custom percentage based calculations and carry outmemory based calculations using M+, M-, MR and GT. » Features »Embeded GST Calculator with General Purpose Calculator » Easily andquickly Add or Remove GST from any given amount » GST bifurcationcan be seen in GST Calculation Box when clicked on GST Rates »Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and percentagebased calculations » Upto 20 digit longer calculations » M+, M-, MRand GT functionalities » Customize tax rates as per requirement »Watch what you calculate with a scrollable calculation viewExclusive Simple GST Calculator Calculate GST on purchase or saledof goods or services quickly with simple user interface optimisedspecially for GST calculations. To calculate GST using thiscalculator tool you simply need to enter the initial amount of anytransaction, good or service and the rate of GST applicable tothat. You get the GST amount and the amount inclusive of GST (using'Add GST') or exclusive of GST (using 'Remove GST') as the result.» Features » Add or Remove GST from given amount with touch of abutton » Set custom tax rate along with preprovided 3%, 5%, 12%,18% and 28% » Get results calculated as you type in » Shows, copy,save and share IGST, CGST and SGST bifurcations » Upto 20 digitlonger calculations
Cash Calculator - Tool 0.2.0
Cash Calculator - Tool, a cash money counter andcalculatorapplication to quickly count and calculate Indiancurrencydenominations with ease. This handy money calculator isspeciallydesigned for counting Indian currency and showing theresult inform of digits and words. It also show total number ofcurrencynotes or coins in digits. It's quite a handy and usefulcashcalculation tool for bankers and cash transaction handlerslikeretail shops, cash counters, etc. in day to day business.CashCalculator Tool - Features * Custom designed Input Board forquickcash counting * Shows total amount in Digits and Words * Showtotalof all currency notes * Share and save in text format *Calculatesas you type in Happy cash counting :)