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GlowGrid 1.6.2
GlowGrid is a hypnotic, retro puzzle game. • Deep, open-ended,strategic gameplay • Gorgeous neon retro pixel graphics • Arelaxing, dreamy 80's synth soundtrack • Multiple game modes Placean endless series of shapes on the glowing, neon grid. Match groupsof four or more tiles of similar colors to remove them, opening upspace for further play. Fill up the power bar to clear each level.Match bigger groups, or combos of multiple groups at once, to gethuge scores! As you progress through the levels you'll have tothink more and more carefully to avoid running out of space. Butyou'll also unlock new tiles, power-ups and bonus pieces to helpyou master the Glow Grid! Play for free; remove ads via a singlein-app purchase. Find us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/zutgamesFind us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/zutgames
I Love Hue 1.2.3
The original colour grid puzzle game! I Love Hue is a gentlejourney into colour and perception. Reorder mosaics of colouredtiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. Lovingly made for playerswho enjoy beautifully crafted puzzle games - or anyone who needs afew moments of visual tranquility. "Colourful, calm, and curious" -Pocket Gamer "Lovely to look at" - Kotaku UK COLOUR - move eachtile to its perfect place within the spectrum HARMONY - createorder out of chromatic chaos PERCEPTION - learn to see the smallestdifference between similar colours SERENITY - lose yourself in atranquil world of colour and light FEATURES: * Mesmerisingcolour-based gameplay - a puzzle of perception, not logic * Aminimal, modernist aesthetic - a playable work of art * A soothingsynth soundtrack * Share your accomplishments… and moments ofbeauty * Multiple play modes - lose yourself in THE VISION orchallenge yourself in THE QUEST! * Over 900 levels to solve *Compare your performance to the world average, and unlockachievements by beating it
GlowGrid 2 1.0.2
From the award-winning independent studio behind I Love Hue comesanentirely new take on the classic tile-matching game, with neonpixelart and a synth soundtrack. Place neon-coloured tiles on ontheboard. Match groups of four tiles to clear them, or matchlargergroups to multiply your score. Consecutive matches amplifyyourscoring power! As you progress through the levels you'll havetothink more and more carefully to avoid running out of space.Butyou'll also unlock new tiles, power-ups and bonus pieces tohelpyou master the GlowGrid! IMMERSIVE With no timer andfeaturingbeautiful arcade-influenced artwork and an originalsynthsoundtrack, lose yourself in the soft neon glow of thegame.STRATEGIC Plan your moves carefully to build up massivescoringcombos! INFINITE The game lasts as long as you can keepspacesavailable on the board. And with an automatic save function,youcan drop in and out of game play as you wish! FEATURES: * Aretroaesthetic influenced by iconic 80s arcade games * An originalsynthsoundscape inspired by the classic Yamaha DX7 synthesizer*Beautiful pixel art with a rich neon palette * A clever twistonthe tile-matching genre which encourages long-term gameplayandstrategic thinking * A global scoreboard - compare your topscoresto players from all over the world * Infinite gameplay withnotimer - the game will last as long as you can!
Klick Klack 2.0.3
Klick Klack is a deviously simple maze game. Tap the tiles torotatethem and create a path through the labyrinth. Collect yellowpillsto score points, but don’t run into a dead end or fall offtheboard! Score enough points on each level to unlock bigger,fasterand trickier mazes. * 5 levels of increasing difficulty! *Stylishand smooth graphics! * Global leaderboards! * Tiny downloadsize!
I Love Hue Too 1.1.0
From the makers of the beloved colour puzzle game I LOVE HUE comesILOVE HUE TOO - a psychedelic journey into colour, light andshape. *HARMONY - create order out of chromatic chaos * GEOMETRY -move eachtile to its perfect place within beautiful mosaicpatterns *PERCEPTION - learn to see the smallest differencebetween similarcolours * SKILL - push yourself with three dailychallenges * MAGIC- divine the future with an all-new fortunetelling system As in thefirst game, players arrange colouredmosaic tiles to createperfectly ordered spectrums. However, I LOVEHUE TOO includes overthirty brand new geometric tiling patterns tocreate mind-bendingchallenges that test the player's colourperception and logic evenfurther. FEATURES: * Psychedeliccolour-based gameplay - a puzzle ofperception and logic * Amystical, minimalist aesthetic - a playablework of art * Over 900levels to solve * Multiple play modes - loseyourself in THE DREAMor test your skills in THE DAILY DIVINATION *Six new ambient synthsoundtracks - now available during gameplay!