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Mobile Mirror 1.0
The most beautiful mirror app in android forfree.You go somewhere and you have a no any type of mirror and youwant to comb your hair, make up your face or more thing.You must want a mirror. So Mobile Mirror application through youget a mirror you wear the different style any time like on meeting,on vehicle, or brake in your office.This is the Perfect application for your routine life to makeyourself sophisticated.Enjoy Mobile As Mirror
Touch Block 1.0
A new and stunning idea which can block yourphone touch with Touch Block and fun with your friends and laugh onyour friends. Even your can secure your phone from children to notcreate mess with your phone.Touch Block is a good idea to secure your phone from yourgirlfriend and even your wife too. :pWith Touch Block you can secure your phone from anonymouspersons.Fun with your friends and make anger on your friends and laughon your friends with this application.You just need to active the application with the defining timeand give it to your friends or anyone.After the setting of the time the touch will be disable and youhave a good reason to make shout on your friends and after sometime you can laugh on your friend.More updates will come soon. like user defining time,Touch Block from time to time.Don't forget to rate and make suggestions to improve for abetter use experience.
Halloween Zipper Screen Lock 1.1
Halloween Zipper Lock Screen HD beautiful andawesome Halloween Background.Halloween Zipper Lock Screen application is a screen lockapplication that could help you to lock and unlock your phonescreen by zip.Pull dawn the Halloween icon to unlock screen with amazingunzip.Halloween Zipper Screen Lock includes cutest high-definitiongraphics with user friendly interface.This zipper lock app does not require any password or pin numbercode to unlock your mobile phone.♦♦♦♦Features♦♦♦♦► Beautiful HD Graphics.► Option to Enable/Disable Halloween Zipper Lock Screen.► Best font style on clock.► Beautiful and heart touching Zipper Lock.► Current date at locked page.► Current time.► FREE for everyone.Enjoy Halloween Zipper Screen Lock
Broken Screen Prank 2016 1.0
Welcome to broken screen. A superior splitbroken screen impact for breaking your cellular telephone screenand fool your friends. Display glass or lcd with a straightforwardbroken split on top of your phone or a wallpaper or your lockscreen with this broken screen trick application.Highlights:* Crack Screen: Just active the Screen!* Full screen impact.The most effective method to utilize:Trick:* Fool your Friends and Family with 'Broken Screen'!* Shock your Friends and Family with sensible looking screenwounds and nerve destroying splitting sounds.* take your telephone screenshot and offer it on your facebookor twitter, you will got numerous replay, do it!This application offers you the most reasonable looking picturesof Glass broken screens and shows.It incorporates reasonable glass split impacts and sounds!Caution:This is a trick application for the sake of entertainment,appreciate it with your closest Friends and Family members.It won't break the screen truly.makes amusing jokes and humorous circumstances make this androidapplication.alarm your Friends into trusting that your screen is harmed orbrokeMost practical screen break impact application on AndroidMarket!
Butterfly Zipper Screen Locker 1.1
Butterflies are wonderful flying bugs of theworld. Numerous individuals uncommonly kids and young ladies wantto touch and hold them. Butterfly is a pleasant bright creepycrawly. Presently we are displaying excellent new beautifulButterfly Zipper Screen Lock. It is a free zip locker applicationfor Smartphone screen. Simple and basic locker made for individualswho aren't generally worried with screen lock security orpasswords. On the off chance that you are a Butterfly significantother then you most likely need to enhance your home screen withButterfly Zipper Screen Lock screen application. Kids, young ladiesand folks will truly like it.A truly delightful Butterfly appears on your screen while it isLocked.What's more, you need to unfasten the zipper to open yourSmartphone.It gives accommodation to the client when they're opening theirtelephone client simply need to drag it down wards to unfasten theButterfly and your telephone will be opened.It is fast, straightforward and simple approach to open yourtelephone.This zipper lock application doesn't require any watchword orpin code to open your cell phone.This application is an adorable treat for Butterfly significantothers..► Beautiful HD Graphics.► Enable Mobile Network► Current date at bolted page.► Current time and AM or PM.► Free ap
Red Rose Zipper Screen Locker 1.1
A truly beautiful Red Roses appears on yourscreen while it is locked.What's more, you need to unlock the zipper to open your Smartphone.It gives comfort to the user when they're opening theirSmartPhone User simply need to drag it down wards to Unlock the RedRoses and your telephone will be opened.Red Roses Zipper Lock Screen is an adapted lock screenapplication. An entertaining photograph shows on your lock screenwhile your telephone is Lock and you can Unlock the picture to openyour telephone. It accompanies charming HD wallpapers and lovelyfoundations.It is fast, basic and simple approach to open your telephone.Red Roses Zipper Lock Screen with astounding HD excellent, greatand magnificent foundation.Delightful red rose Zipper Lock Screen application is aremarkable screen lock application that will offer you to secureyour android some assistance with phoning.This application is a simple and straightforward lock screen yetoffers additional security to your telephone. It likewise offers awonderful however straightforward approach to open your telephoneby simply zipping the zipper downwards with stunning unfastenimpact. Pin code lock screen highlight is incorporated.Red Roses zipper screen lock is a cool and lovely applicationwith HD illustrations, beautiful and magnificent bloomsfoundations.This zipper lock application doesn't require any watchword or pincode to open your cell phone.This application is a charming treat for Rose mates.Features:► Beautiful HD Graphics.► Option to Enable/Disable red rose Zipper Lock Screen.► Current date at bolted page.► Current time and AM or PM.► Free application.This lock screen reflect wonderful roses..
Christmas Zipper Lock Screen 1.1
Lets Celebrate this Christmas with Love ablestyle in Form of Zipper Screen Lock in yourCell Phone.While using Christmas Zipper Screen Lock you gonna have fun atthe same time you our high quality Christmas image will give you anelegant look to your device.Christmas Zipper Screen Lock have highly quality user friendlyinterface. This application do not required any password or pin tounlock your device.Christmas Zip Lock Screen application on Play Store willrecollect that you have happy and charming gatherings on Christmasof 2016.Along these lines, introduce Christmas Zip Lock Screenapplication and have a ton of fun on this Christmas.Simply drag zipper descending to open your Smart Phone.Highlights:1-Lovely and brain inspiring Christmas representation2-Best and Understandable UI3-Almost genuine sound of Zipper4-Its free for all5-Simple and easy to use6- User may enable and disable this screen lock from givensettings7- Digital Time and date demonstrating on lock screen8- Teddy Bear Zipper Screen Lock works together with Androidmobiles and tablets9- You might have an option to enable and also disable the ziplock10- HD graphics of Christmas Keep Zipper Lock Screen11- Sweet and Lovely Christmas Images.12- You will love this app in a way that you will not resist you toultimately tell your friends regarding this app.Don't forget to Rate and Review your comments it tell us to makeit perfect.
Diamond Zipper Screen Lock 1.1
A cute Diamond Zipper Screen Lock. ThisDiamond in the title alludes to a lovely stud installed withprecious stones. Precious stone Zipper Screen lock is really aZipper screen bolt and is made for the general population who arevery little worried with the high bolt security for their telephoneas it is exceptionally easy to utilize and does not require passcode to open. You simply need to drag down the Diamond. Youngsterswould particularly adore the clear and wonderful Diamond foundationand would love utilizing this Zipper Diamond lock Screen.An exceptionally rich approach to open screen which gives dateand time data. You can empower and incapacitate the Diamond zipperscreen lock from settings. You can even empower and cripple soundfrom the settings alternative. Diamond Zipper Screen Lock isabsolutely free of expense. Precious stone Zipper Screen Lock givesbest and top quality picture qualities. Precious stone ZipperScreen Lock is perfect with each android gadget. Its additionallytried on different android devices i.e android tablets and androidbased mobiles telephones. Every one of the activities can beperformed effortlessly with no perplexity. Dependability is ensuredof Diamond Zipper Screen Lock. Precious stone Zipper Screen Lock isuncommonly composed in a way that it will work with every newgadget and android forms as well.keep in mind to rate us and give your input of your experienceto utilize Diamond Zipper Screen Lock or if there should be anoccurrence of an issue please compose an email. We would love todetermine out your issue and we will attempt our level best toimprove it and more easy to use application. Your input will beexceptionally valued. Much obliged to you.Rate Diamond Zipper Screen Lock!
Beautiful Flower Zip Unlock 1.1
Flowers are utilized to express feeling withtheir Loved one. In our every day life Flowers assume a crucialpart. Blossom Zipper Lock is a free zip application for Smartphonescreen lock for all darlings with delightful word to express yourfelling of affection" I Love u" and Happiness . Simple andstraightforward locker made for individuals who aren't generallyworried with screen lock security or passwords. On the off chancethat you are a genuine mate of somebody then you unquestionablyneed to beautify your home screen with Flower Zipper Lock withextraordinary White Flower.This application is really a Zipper screen bolt and is made forthe general population who are very little worried with the highbolt security for their telephone as it is exceptionally easy toutilize and does not require pass code to openYou simply need to drag down the Zip. Youngsters wouldparticularly adore the distinctive and delightful Rose foundationand would love utilizing this exceptional Rose wallpaper.A truly wonderful Rose appears on your screen while it isbolted.What's more, you need to Unlock the zipper to open yourSmartphone.
Wallpaper HD Valentine 1.0
This app is specially designed for wallpaperlovers. Using this Wallpaper app you can enhance your mobile screenby giving loving touch. Wallpaper app contain high resolution HDwallpaper dedicated to valentine event.Valentine Day that also called Rose Day. Using Wallpaper HDValentine is the best application for valentine's week. You canpropose your Loved ones using this app by displaying the awesomewallpaper on your mobile screen. Also you can wish your friends andfamily using this app.This app Contain Following Features.★ HD Quality for your viewing pleasure!★ Best selection of Wallpapers!★ Full Screen Mode! Optimized for your Android!★ No internet connection needed.★ Easy to use.★ All wallpapers in HD quality★ 100% free app
FireWorks 2016 1.1
Are you a fireworks fan? A fun fireworksfestival for you and your baby. Launch fireworks and see thefireworks on all over the screen!Fascinating fireworks effects and real fireworks in you phonewith Fireworks phone screen effect.When you bore with the boring screen of your phone you just needto active the fireworks and give a stunning look to youphone.FireWorks 2016 is a fun-filled app for all ages, and a showcaseapp Fireworks.You just need to active the FireWorks 2016 then seethe fireworks on your mobile phone where ever you go the fireworksstill enable.*** Features ***You just need to download the application Fireworks phone screeneffect and activate it and then see the real fireworkson your phone.This application can give a good look to your phone and you canshow to your friends that you have a advance look of yourphone. you just need to active the fireworks and you don't need tostay in the application because it will on the top of thescreen and it shows on every screen where ever you go.Don't forget to rate us and your valuable feedback can make thisapplication perfect.We love to your from you..Enjoy FireWorks 2016.
valentine zipper screen lock 1.0
Valentine Zipper Lock Screen is a freezipperlock screen app with romantic Valentine wallpapers shown asabackground of your android smartphone or tablet lockscreens.This stylish Love Hearth Valentine Zipper Lock Screen will makeyourphone look more lovely, beautiful and interesting than everbefore.Love and romance is the part of this beautiful world andithappens naturally. Here we have amazing Valentines Zipper lockwithbeautiful hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day love feelingswithyour loved ones. It is a free zipper lock app for yourqualityandroid device. If you love someone then you surely wanttodecorate your home screen with Valentines Zipper Lock Screen.Girlsand guys will really like it.How to use:- Download and install the actual Valentine zipper Screen lockonyour device.- Run the application form zipper lock screen lock-- Check the enable zipper secure screen lock- Pull the heart in downward direction to unzip the actualscreenlock.Features:- Simple and easy to use- User may enable and disable this screen lock fromgivensettings-- Digital Time and date demonstrating on lock screen- Valentine zipper Screen Lock works together with Androidmobilesand tablets- You might have an option to enable and also disable theziplock-- HD graphics of Valentine Keep Zipper Lock Screen- Sweet and Lovely Valentine zipper image.- You will love this app in a way that you will not resist youtoultimately tell your friends regarding this app.The application is designed for nearly every smartphone.Download this app to help your house be screen more beautifulwithcutest Valentine and use your mobile.
Jeans Zipper Screen Locker 1.1
Jeans Zipper Lock Screen is a zipper screenlock application. Wonderful Jeans zipper shows on your lock screenwhile your telephone is Locked and you can Unzip the Zipper to openyour android cell phone. Pants zipper lock screen is a thoroughlyfree application for your cell phone. In the event that you are aJeans sweetheart then you most likely wanna embellish your screenwith this lovely Jeans Zipper lock. Jeans zipper lock screen is asimple and basic locker made for individuals who aren't generallyworried with screen lock security or passwords. Extremely helpfulapproach to open your telephone, simply drag the zipper downwardsand done. Pants zipper screen lock thinks of exquisite top notchillustrations. Users can likewise empower/impair the locker fromsettings menu. This application is perfect with each android cellphone. So make the most of your most loved Jeans zipper lock screenand keep in mind to rate us and give your feedback.
Fire Screen Burning 1.1
Fire Screen burning displays veryrealisticflame animation on the screen of your phone. Thisapplication useadvanced graphic particle system, thanks to whichbehaviour,movement and appearance of the fire is very natural.Touch the screen of your phone or tablet to make it burn.Blowinto the mic and the big flame will get stoked up. Move yourfingeraround the screen and new fires will pop up.Your friends and children will think you have the fire poweroncethey see the hd fire effects. The app is like a dynamicfirewallpaper where your breath and touch rule the fire. Be thesuperflame fire hero, the power is in your mobile device: phoneortablet. Use this fire prank app for getting fun!Main features of the "Fire Screen burning":- very realistic animation of the fire.- flame always goes up.- transparent background mode
Perfect Selfie Cam 1.1.0
Make every pic and selfie this occasionpitchflawless with the best excellence photograph application!Yourphotograph studio to make all your vacation andChristmasphotographs far superior!Prefect selfie camera is the best camera retouching faceandcontouring face in picLet's Take a Selfie.With Prefect Selfie Camera's decorating channels andnoiselessmode, You can take excellent selfies anyplace and at anytime withPrefect Selfie Cam!This application is intended to improve the procedure ofshootingselfies and applying incredible photograph filters.Theapplicationis anything but difficult to utilize and does notrequire extrasettings, Android gadget will deal with that to makethe mostastounding quality picture.Prefect Selfie cam is designed for selfies. you can capturetheimage and apply filters on it also you can pick the photo formyourdevice. A wide range of filters are there. you can save indeviceand later you can share on social media Like Facebook twitterwhatsapp and Many others.Highlights:• Easy to utilize• Beautiful photograph impacts• Photos are spared to the most extremeaccessibledetermination• After sparing photographs you can alter them utilizingoutsiderapplications• An assorted scope of channels, planned particularly forDon't forget to give us your reviews to make us a prefectselfiecam application.
Love Zipper Screen Locker 1.1
Love Zipper lock screen with sweet Lovers!Lovelock screen is a fun and free application for diversionpurposes.You can utilize the application to unzip your telephonescreen. Lovelock screen is anything but difficult to utilize. Allyou need to:drag the zip down and the telephone screen is opened.Within theapplication you will discover wonderful foundations withhearts.Affection is the piece of our life and it is normally. LoveZipperLock is a free zip application for Smartphone screen lockfor allLovers with excellent word to express your felling ofadoration" Ilove u" .Simple and straightforward locker made for individuals whoaren'tgenerally worried with screen lock security or passwords. Onthe offchance that you are a genuine significant other of somebodythen youwithout a doubt need to brighten your home screen withLove ZipperLockFeaturesAccess all that you need on your lock screen- Battery Status- Call Alert- SMS Alert- Date and Time- Simple and easy to open your telephone- HD Graphics6. Empower/Disable the locker from setting menu.7. Format of Zipper lock is perfect with eachSmartphonescreenDrag the zipper To Unlock your deviceTouch and hold the Zipper down until the zipper is openedIt would be ideal if you RATE THIS APPLICATION TO SHOWYOURSUPPORT!!
Christmas Wallpaper HD 1.0
It's the most magnificent time! Get intheChristmas soul with these bubbly and fun occasion wallpapers!Praise the delight and warmth of the season with lovelyChristmaswallpapers that will warm your heart and convey a grin toyour face.Let this Christmas season be brimming with enchantment -impartingminutes to family and companions, beautifying theChristmas tree,making hand crafted adornments, singing ditties,putting treats outfor Santa, and the sky is the limit from there!We may petition Godfor daylight throughout the entire year,however the minute theChristmas season arrives, everybody wishesfor a white Christmas.There's just nothing superior to anythingsitting by the flame withfriends and family, getting a charge outof a mug of hot chocolateand a confection stick, red and greenwrapped presents under thetree, snowflakes falling delicatelyoutside…Discover euphoria and joy in this blessed night! You canevenspread the Christmas soul by imparting these merry wallpaperstocompanions!Happiness was on Christ,Adoration was on mas,so let the greater part of this discovered you anyplace youarethis flawless season.Joyful Christmas and Happy new year!!!Appreciate the best amazing Christmas wallpapers/pictures.Anaccumulation of the HD Christmas wallpaperFeatures :* Share Christmas wallpapers with friends & familymembersusing Messaging, Whatsapp, Mail, Facebook, etc...* Save to sdcard* Set as mobile wallpaperLots of perfect Wallpapers For FREE!* Application works offline. No need to download wallpapers.* Collection of Christmas Photo is easy to view and easy to setaswallpapers.* Easy to save every wallpaper to your SD card.* You can browse photos in icon or full mode.Note:This application contains advertising.
Zombie in Mobile 1.0
Zombie in Mobile is funny Zombie Applicationonyour phone to give a funny look with a nice Walking Zombie.Zombies are fictional creatures, typically depicted asmindless,reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh,regularlyencountered in horror and fantasy themed works.I am Presenting a Good Funny Cartoon Zombie Character whichcanchange your phone into a funny zombie walkingin your phone.You can Prank your friends with this. Even you can get ridfromthe children not to use your mobile by activating the ZombieinMobile.Features:There type of Character are there in Zombie in Mobile.1-Front Walk Zombie2-Left Side Walk Zombie3-Right Side Walk ZombieYou can choose whatever you want in you mobile. And theMainFunction of this Character is this can be on screen all thetimewhere ever you go.Don't forget to rate it and give review to make it better.Your Comments are appreciatedEnjoy Zombie in Mobile.
Frontline Sniper Elite Killer 1.2
ONE Fighter. ONE Battle. YOU ARE THEFRONTLINESniper.As the sole surviving Commando of a maverick assault againstamerciless tyrant, you are stranded on the cutting edge andnevergoing to budge on payback. You should utilize the greater partofyour particular aptitudes to survive the assault of theadversarycompels and retaliate for your fallen troopers.Give the slugs a chance to fly in the spin-off of the wellknownexpert rifleman shooter, Frontline Sniper Elite Killer!Weapons lovers will be cheerful to see a hugemunititionsstockpile of various firearms and explosives to use inmissions inFrontline Sniper Elite Killer.Enroll and prepare fighters and lead a definitive war grouptothe front line!Forefront Sniper Elite Killer is Battlefield expertsharpshooterand Assult shooter that is allowed to-play, yet you canpay virtualcash for some additional things, which will charge yourgold andmoney you acquire.Disregard those moronic, dreary shooting diversions. HereisFrontline Sniper Elite Killer diversion and your obligationwillincorporate hustling against time,and many bleeding headshotsinmoderate movement.Point and Shoot is the subject of Frontline Sniper EliteKiller!Desert no squad mate in this activity situated firstindividualexpert marksman shooter amusement! Bleeding edge SniperEliteKiller is the #1 practical 3D FPS amusement accessibleonAppstore.You are an all around prepared tip top individualfromexceptional weapons and strategies groups. Outfittedwithsub-assault rifles, expert marksman rifles and, you willexploremystery missions over the globe to kill the detestable armedforcethat hinders a serene world. The time has come to stack outyourguns and get your 5 star FPS fix! Give the slugs a chance tofly atthis point!
Frontline Sniper Ghost War 1.0
Frontline Sniper Ghost War is anAmazingshooting Game for Warriors. On the other Hand you have totakeaction against Top Military Enemy Force. Go and Adopt yourspecialTraining Skill of Modern Warcraft and lead the mission asfrontlinesniper soldier, Adopt the best strategy and snipe yourenemies.Game PlaySelect your Sniper gun get into first level use thetelescopebutton the find the enemy.Aim your enemy and press fire button to take down. Use Zoombuttonto focus more to look closely. Use move button to move thescope indifferent directions. Aim your Enemy and press shoot buttonto killenemy.Game Features:Full action FPS shooting game.Best 3D environment, enemy characters and animations.Best modern sniper gun with zoom for accuracy.Quality graphics and thrilling sounds.Modern war weapons.Amazing Fire effectsChallenging and unique levelsAddictive And optimized game playLatest weapons.Cool animations.No connectivity required while playing.Tune your armor and stand tough against enemies
Off-Road Tourist Bus Simulator 1.0
Let's Play Amazing off-road Bus Simulatorgame.Off-road bus simulator is and adventure and full of thrillpick anddrop passenger game to their destination.Pick and drop thetouristfrom different adventure points. Run your Travel businessin thisgame. Get the feeling the extreme hill bus driver andfulfill yourduty.Be careful while driving you have to pick anddrop yourpassenger safely on the mountain top destination. Be afurious busdriver in your transportation duty. Adventurous andcraziest offroad bus driving with real-time physics, hill topdriving, twistedturns and breathtaking gameplay scenes.The gameplay revolves inside the mountains, hill tops, water,rocksand beautiful nature scenes. Drive buss carefully. Drive buson theedge of hill top steep paths picking up tourist and drop themtotheir location. Experience off-road Driving. Enhance your skillindriving bus on off-road hill top with passengers.Show offyourdriving skill by drifting the heavy vehicle bus. Enjoy themultiplemission and non-top driving with off-road bussimulator.FEATURESFeatures:Full of Adventure & Thrill Bus DrivingEye Catching Environment, Hills, MountainsExtreme Bus Driving with drifting TurnsAmazing environment to explore3 different pick and drop tourist bus
Teddy Bear Zipper Screen Lock 1.4
Teddy Bear Zipper Screen Lock Try our appandtaste new influence on your phone.While using teddy bear zipper screen lock you gonna have funatthe same time you our high quality teddy bear image will giveyouan elegant look to your device.To use this application you just have to zip down heart tounlockyour device.Teddy Bear Zipper Lock Screen is definitely an app whichprovidesa lock for your mobile screen with a Teddy image on thelockscreen.Teddy Bear Zipper Screen Lock have highly quality userfriendlyinterface. This application do not required any password orpin tounlock your device.How to use:- Download and install the actual teddy bear zipper Screen lockonyour device.- Run the application form zipper lock screen lock-- Check the enable zipper secure screen lock- Pull the heart in downward direction to unzip the actualscreenlock.Features:- Simple and easy to use- User may enable and disable this screen lock fromgivensettings-- Digital Time and date demonstrating on lock screen- Teddy Bear Zipper Screen Lock works together with Androidmobilesand tablets- You might have an option to enable and also disable theziplock-- HD graphics of Teddy Keep Zipper Lock Screen- Sweet and Lovely teddy bear.- You will love this app in a way that you will not resist youtoultimately tell your friends regarding this app.- Home Button disable in lock screen- Enjoy new teddy bear zipper screen lock rather thanotherfingerprint lock, pattern secure, zip, transparent and keypadcurlyhair.The application is designed for nearly every smartphone.Download this app to help your house be screen more beautifulwithcutest Teddy Bear and use your mobile.
Face Changer Change Me 1.3
Face Changer change me application permitstheclient to alter pictures by includingdiverse impacts of Mustache , Beard, Hair Styles.It gives clever, hirallious and comic drama impacts byutilizingthis face changer change me application.User can adjust looks by his own particular decision. Simplyplaywith the impacts of application gavefurthermore, get an astounding results.Instructions to utilize:- User can take photographs from camera.- One can choose photographs from display.- Select hair from hair menu.- Mustache from mustache display.- You can likewise change hair and mustache shading.Keep in mind to rate us and give your feedback of yourexperienceto utilize Face Changer change me.alternately if there should develop an occasion of anissueplease make an email.We would love to entertain your issue and we will try ourlevelbest to upgrade itand all the more easy to use application. Your data willbeunfathomably animating.Much appreciation to you.
New Year Lock Screen 2016 1.2
New Year is coming, and we present to youNewYear 2016 zipper lock. Praise the New year's eve byintroducingthis wonderful and lovable New Year 2016 Zipper Lock.New Year 2015Zipper Lock is a thoroughly free android application.A delightfulHappy New Year 2015 welcome card appears on the screenof yourandroid cell phone. Clients simply need to unfasten thiscelebrantzipper lock to open their telephone. It gives comfort tothe clientwhen they're opening their telephone. A straightforwardzipper, yousimply need to drag it downwards to unfasten the zipperand yourtelephone will be opened. Its a fast, straightforward andsimpleapproach to open your telephone. New Year 2016 ZipperLockincorporates top quality design with easy to understandinterface.This zipper lock application doesn't require any secretkey orstick code to open your cell phone. This application isanotheryear blessing to our clients and excellent application isgood witheach android cell phone.So praise the New Year 2016 with this zipper lock applicationandintroduce this application as quickly as time permits. Remembertorate and give us your Reviews and Ratings.Glad New Year! :)
Switch Color Twist Bubble Ball 1.9
Switch Color Twist Bubble BallTap the ball precisely through every obstacle and your ball willswitch shading with some power ups and match the color of the ballwith barriers to cross them carefully. You should be careful of theshading design on every obstacle to cross it! Like circles andother obstacle on the way. On every crossing the color of the ballwill be switch to other color. Just follow the color pattern of theball and shade. Be careful so as not to go through the wrongshading, or you'll need to begin once more.Take after shading example to cross multi-hued obstacle in thispaced activity diversion! Switch color twist is additive game is agood time for all ages. Switch color twist is entirelystraightforward; you have to take the color ball from obstacles andpass through it. Notwithstanding, it can't be that simple, and itisn't. In the middle of begin and end focuses, there are a widerange of sorts of obstacles that the ball needs to go through.These obstacles having color, which implies the ball, can just gothrough.Switch color twist having a virtual shop for changing the ball intodifferent shapes. Collect stars on each level. These stars can beused to purchase new shapes for your color ball, such as a star, asquare or even a smiley face. Collect as many shapes as you can andshow them off.Features of- Features Switch Color Twist Bubble Ball:★ Switch Color has HD graphics★ Impressive color patterns.★ Easy to play, hard to master★ Switch Color is a game free for all ages.GOOD LUCK!Don’t forget to give rating and review to Switch Color twist. Ithelps to make game more users friendly.
Virus Cleaner Antivirus Prank 1.8
You may be asking yourself, imagine ascenariowhere I have a Virus in my phone what is it in any case.You know you keep a great deal of valuable, importantinformationon your telephone,what's more, when you hear in the news that portable dangersareon the ascent,it's anything but difficult to dismiss the connection behindthenumbers and stress that you've gotten a feared celltelephoneinfection that is going to take your own data and eatyourbenefits.**Android VirusA “virus” is a program that replicates itself by attachingtoanother program.Programmers regularly utilized this technique to spreadtheirnotorious work, and infection turned into a well known termtoallude to a wide range of pernicious programming (malware) onPCsand cell phone.On account of cell phones, to date we have not seen malwarethatrecreate itself like a PC infection can, and particularlyonAndroid this does not exist, so in fact there are noAndroidinfections.On the other hand, there are numerous different sorts ofAndroidmalware.**Android MalwareMalware, short for vindictive programming, isprogrammingintended to furtively control a gadget, take privatedata or cashfrom the gadget's proprietor.Malware has been utilized to take passwords and recordnumbersfrom cell telephones, put false charges on client recordsand eventrack a client's area and movement without theirinsight.**How would I be able to ensure myself and my cell phone?**You can ensure their android cell phones by installingVirusCleaner Antivirus prank application on your cellphone.That can clear your telephone Cache and erase Junk recordsandsupport CPU of your cell phone.**Scan sites for unsafe dangers. On the off chance thatasuspicious URL is identified, you will be diverted to a"ShelteredPage"* Safe Web Surfing is relevant just to Android's defaultprogramand Chrome** Clean infection on telephone**Mobile speed supporterHighlights:An expert quality antivirus administration examines gadgetsinonly 8 seconds, 500% speedier than other paidantivirusapplications. Filter the framework, pre-introduced andclientintroduced applications to keep your gadget safe frominfections,trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware. Keep yoursecuritysafe by cleaning individual information from yourgadget.** It well let you know when you need to re scan your gadgetwhenrequired with notice to clear the infection and cleanyourphone.**What can this application accomplish for Protection?This is a trick or demo Virus cleaner application which letsyouknow how an antivirus for cell phone functions and respondagainstMalware.It lets you know the best approach to secure your framework.We are chipping away at the application which give acompletesecurity against malware and infection or trashes andaccelerateyour phone........Download it and appreciate free securitydemoappllication.......Notice: This application not get any permission from you andnotdo any thing with your phone it just a prank application tojokewith your friends that you have a number of virus in your phoneandyou can clean them in just one click.Don't forget to rate and review us..