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High School Crush Date 1.0.0
Lisa has a crush on Nick, quarterback ofschool football team. Could you give her fashion advice about hermakeup and outfits on each date, so she could win his heart? Thereare 6 different situations and dates. Please choose appropriatemakeup, dress and accessories for each date. She will be scored atthe end of every level. have fun!
High School Clinic 1.0.0
The high school clinic is crowded withpatients. Some of them are suffered from bruises and fracture, someof them have concussion or food poisoning. Could you work as thedoctor and use all the medical tools and medicine to cure them all?Have fun playing this fun High School Clinic game!
Raindrops Frenzy 1.2
In the dry season when all withers, one littleraindrop decides to save the forest. It summoned all its pals tohelp. But it seems their power are not enough, so they need yourhelp!1. Aim and shoot with your mouse to create groups of 3 or moreof the same color raindrops, clearing as many as possible.2. 6 different props available3. 4 fun modesCome and play this cute puzzle game!
Girls Dorm Room Decoration 1.0.2
Emily and Tina are roommates in college. Theydecided to redecorate their dorm room. You happened to be a verytalented interior designer. Could you design a cozy and comfortableroom for them? Please help them choose wallpapers, furnitures andother decorations. It's gonna be fun!You can save photos to your gallery after the decoration!
Doll House Decoration 1.0.5
You just got a cute doll house. How do youwant to decorate the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room andgarden? There are so many cute furnitures for you to decorate theserooms as you want.
Valentine Glam Dress Design 1.0.2
Julie will spend her first Valentine's Daywith her boyfriend. She wants to look flawless. But it seems shecouldn't find the perfect dress. Could you help her design aglamourous dress? We have all the machines, fabrics and tools. Useyour talent and fashion sense to create and decorate the dress.Have fun!
Valentine Braided Hairstyles 1.0.1
Have you been fully prepared for yourValentine's Day date? Besides a cute dress and perfect makeup, adelicate and elegant braided hairstyle would definitely add pointsfor your look. Play this fun Valentine Braided Hairstyles game andlearn 3 cute and flirty braied hairstyles for your valentine date!It's easy and fun!
Wedding Shopping Spree 1.0.0
Sophia is busy shopping for her big weddingday. Let's go to the wedding street and help her choose the mostbeautiful wedding gown and accessories. Go to each store likewedding gown store, jewelry shop and hair store and buy yourfavorite item. Have a wedding shopping spree!
Super Mom Pregnancy Care 1.0.0
Moms are very tired and stressful duringpregnancy. They have to endure the morning sickness, fatigue,cramps every day and go through a series of pregnancy examinations.Take really good care of our super mom to be to prepare diet, givea massage, and go to hospital for examination routines. Then findout the gender of the baby. Have fun!
Summer Besties Makeover 1.0.0
The three besties Lily, Sarah and Nina like toshare clothes and accessories. But they could always create theirown looks. Check out their cosmetics and beautiful dresses. andhelp each girl create the best summer look!
Baby Nursery Decoration 1.0.0
Princess is having a baby. Her plan today isto decorate a nursery room for her baby. Is it a room for boy orgirl? It's up to you. Choose your favorite wallpaper, carpet, criband other furnitures to decorate the room. Enjoy!
Emo Girl Facial Makeover 1.0.0
Emily loves the emo look. Today she is goingto meet some of her emo friends. Let's help her get prepared. Firstgive her an emo facial treatment. Then help her with a makeup. Lastchoose a cute and cool emo dress to complete her emo look. Havefun!
Merry Christmas Cake 1.0.0
It's holiday season! We all love Chrismtas!How wonderful it is to bake and decorate a Christmas cake for yourfamily. Play this fun Merry Christmas Cake Decoration game and useyour talent to design your own Chrismtas cake. have fun!
Sweet Candy Elf 1.0.0
Sweet candy elf Jenna is invited to a fairyparty. She has so many beautiful dresses and accessories, but shecouldn't decide which outfit looks the best. Could you help her?Play this fun dress up game and enjoy!
Monday Morning Mess 1.0.0
Caroline got up late on Monday monrning. Butshe needs to find out her cosmetics, accessories and get dressedfor work. Could you help her out? otherwise she would be late andcaught by her boss! Time is ticking! Help Caroline find outeverything in her messy room! Have fun!
Anna Birthday Cake Contest 1.0.1
Today is Anna's birthday! She needs your helpdecorate her birthday cake. There are two game modes. In FreeDecoration mode, you could decoration your cake freely. In theContest Mode, you could select decorations from the menu to make anexact same cake shown in the picture.
Monster Inspired Makeup 1.0.0
Little Jessie like monster-makeup-style verymuch. Could you help Jessie with this cutemonster inspired makeupwith all these cosmetics? After that, you could choose an outfitfor her. Play this amazing monster inspired Makeup game and havefun!
Design Fringe Boots 1.0.0
Play this fun DIY game and learn how to turnyour old boots into a new pair of fringe boots! There are manycolors and cute accessories for decoration. Have fun!
St. Patrick's Day Look 1.0.0
St. Patrick's Day is coming! Julie ispreparing for the celebration of parade. Look at all these cutegreen dresses and accessories! Could you help her choose the mostbeautiful outfit? Have fun!
Baby New Year Caring 1.0.0
It's baby Ellie's second New Year's Day. Momis busy decorating the house and cooking. Could you help mom takegood care of Ellie? First let's gently wake her up, then preparebaby formula and change diapers. After the caring part, let'schoose an adorable outfit for baby Ellie and match with some cuteaccessories. When baby Ellie is hungry, feed her with her favoritefood. Have a nice New Year's Day with baby Ellie!
Puppy Dream House 1.0.0
Help this cute puppy build its dream house.You could play the free mode to decorate the puppy house freely asyou want. You could also choose the challenge mode to decorate thehouse exactly as the picture shows. have fun!
Dragon Queen Spa Makeover 1.0.0
In her mysterious castle, the Dragon Queen ispreparing for a comfortable and magical spa. Could you help herwith the spa routines? After the spa, give her a makeup and choosethe most beautiful dress for her! Enjoy!
Egyptian Hand Spa 1.0.0
Amy brings you the most original and glamorousEgyptian nail spa! Play this fun Hand Spa game and follow the stepsto learn how to give your hands a nice treatment. Then choose frommany colors and patterns for the nails. Have fun!
Christmas Fab Nails 2014 1.0.0
Lea needs your professional advice! She comesto your nail salon and wants to have a fabulous Christmas manicure!After the nail polish steps, help her with her makeup and choosethe most cute christmas outfit for her! Have fun!
Magical Elf Cute Dressup 1.0.1
This magicall elf is the owner of the magicforest. Check out her magical wardrobe, there are so many beautifuloutfits and accessories! Choose your favorite items and dress herup. Have fun!
Spring Is Here 1.0.1
Spring is here! After a long, cold winter, thespring fairy can't wait to come out and play! She has lots offabulous clothes and accessories, could you help her choose themost beautiful items and dress her up? Let's enjoy the lovelyspring with this cute spring fairy! Have fun!
Spring Fairy Spa 1.0.0
Spring fairy is getting ready for the WelcomeSpring party. She and her fairy friends need to look flawless onthe party. Could you help her? First she needs a relaxing andcomfortable body spa. Then give her a cute makeup and choose abeautiful outfit for her. have fun!
Santa Girl Christmas Night 1.0.2
It's Christmas Eve! This santa girl is soexcited to going to the Christmas party with her boyfriend. Couldyou help her prep for the night? She has so many cute holidayoutfits and acceessories. Be her stylist and choose the mostbeautiful dress for her! Have fun!
Top Singer Style 1.0.0
Top singer Luna is preparing for her worldwide concert. Check out her world class wardrobe. Could you work asher stylist and choose an outfit for her? Enjoy this fashion dressup game!
Perfect Trailer Design 1.0.0
Sabrina finally got her own trailer! She comesto you, the best interior designer for help to design and decoratethe inner of her trailer. There are many furnitures, accessoriesand decorations to choose from. Use your talent and give Sabrina aperfect trailer! Have fun!
Color Girls Homemade Snacks 1.0.0
Popcorn, chips and cotton candy, which snackmakes your mouth watering? Color Girls Cherry, Grace and Gill hasthe best homemade snack recipes. Let's play this fun cooking gameand learn how to make yummy popcorn, chips and cotton candy. Havefun and enjoy!
Baked Rainbow Doughnuts 1.0.0
You all love doughnuts, right? We have a morehealthier and delicious recipe for you - Baked rainbow doughnuts!For each step, you have to find out the tools and ingredients, andthen follow the instructions to prepare the batter and baking. Thenyou could decorate your rainbow doughnuts as you wish. They look socolorful and tastes even more better! Let's get started!
Easter Spring Style 1.0.0
Spring is Sandra's favorite season. She ispreparing for the Easter party. Could you help her choose the mostbeautiful outfits? She has so many cute dresses, accessories andshoes in her closet. Have fun!
Easter Spring Make Up Look 1.0.0
Spring is all about flowers, sunshine andvibrant colors. Play this fun Easter Spring Make Up Look and learnhow to have this cute makeup look which is perfect for Easter.After you are done with makeup, choose your favorite outfits todress her up. Have fun!
Christmas Wreath Bread 1.0.0
Isn't it lovely to prepare Christmasbreakfestfor your family? We have a new recipe for you: ChristmasWreathBread! It looks festive and tastes so good!But first let's go shopping and buy all the ingredients forthisrecipe. Then follow the instructions in game to make thewreathbread step by step. Have fun!
Real Makeup for Prom 1.0.1
Elisa is preparing for the prom night.Couldyou help her with her makeup? She needs a elegant hairdo andafabulous dress, too! Use your fashion taste to help hertransforminto a gorgeous prom queen!
Fairy Face Painting Design 1.0.0
This beautiful flower fairy is throwingaparty. Every guest should paint their faces with flowerpatterns.Could you help her choose a flower face painting designand finishher look? After that, you could select from many cutedresses andaccessories to dress her up. Have fun!
Cover Girl Photoshoot Dressup 1.0.0
Becky is a famous actress and model. Sheisinvited to be the cover girl of a fashion magazine. Could youworkas her stylist and choose the most beautiful dress for her?Havefun!
Prom Party Haircuts 1.0.0
Carrie wants a new hairstyle for thepromparty. Could you take her to your hair salon and give heramakeover? There are many tools like scissors, curling ironsandhair dyes for your choice. After the haircut part, go aheadandgive her a makeup, then choose a gorgeous dress for the party.Havefun!
Christmas Fab Nails 1.0.1
Christmas is the time for family andfriends,and for parties, of course. When you are wearing yourfavoritedress to Christmas party, if you have the fabulousmanicure, thatwould be very eye catching. Let's start with achristmas fab nailarts and nail your christmas look. have a nicetime!You can save the photo to your gallery after decorationbyclicking the save button.
Easter Treats 1.0.0
Here are two easy and yummy Eastertreatrecipes . Let's play this fun game and learn how to preparethesesnacks. Have fun!
Fairy Princess Hair Salon 1.0.0
The fairy princess is looking for anewhairstyle. So she comes to your hair salon for a makeover. Startbywashing her hair with shampoo and hair conditioner. Then youneedto design a new hairdo for her. Do you prefer a long bobhairstylewith pastel colors, or a long hairdo with fancy curls?Make fulluse of the tools like straighter, curlers, hair dyes andscissorsto create a fabulous hairstyle. When you are happy with hernewhairdo, choose some cute accessories to make the hairstyleevencuter. She will need some advice for outfits, too! Enjoy thisFairyPrincess Hair Salon game!
Bridesmaid Makeover 1.0.0
Lily is getting married. As herbridesmaid,Linda is very nervous. Could you help her prep for theweddingceremony? Pamper her with nice and comfortable facialtreatment toget rid of facial problems. Then apply the cosmetics toher andcreate a perfect bridesmaid look. The most important part istoselect a gorgeous bridesmaid gown for Linda. Enjoy thehappinesswith Lily and Linda!
Summer Pool Party 1.0.1
Summer is almost over. Lily wants tofullyenjoy the remaining good summer days, so she decided to throwasummer pool party for girls. Let's start making preparationsforher! First she needs a glamorous makeup look. Choose boldandbright colors to create a summer party makeup look that reallypopsout in the crowd. Then for the outfits, there are plentyofchoices. Cute bikini with fringes, one piece swimsuit withcrossstrapes and floral rompers, which suits Lily the best? A pairofsunglasses and a cute wide brim sun hat are also necessary.Useyour fashion talent and help Lily select the best pool partyitems.Don't forget to bring your pool party essential - poolfloats.Pizza slice, donuts and pineapple floats...This is gonna beadelicious pool party! Have fun playing Summer Pool party!
Halloween Contest 1.0.1
Lily started an Halloween challenge onsocialmedia with her BFF Amy. They would post their Halloweenmakeuplooks and costumes and see who wins more likes. Help both oftheprincesses with their Halloween makeup and dressup. Let's seewhowill pull off the scary makeup look and who will create thecutemakeup look. Choose Halloween costumes and accessories tocompletetheir look. Have fun!
Queen Time Travel 1.0.0
One of the most magical and brilliant powersofLily is to be able to time travel to any time and any place!Thereare 6 countries in the world that Lily is eager to go:Greece,China, Japan, Egypt, India and Norway. Let's travelwithLily to each country and experience the rich culture bychanginginto beautiful local costumes. Enjoy the magical fashionexperiencewith Lily
Wedding Anime Avatar 1.0.1
Hello girls! Colorgirlgames presents a newfunmakeup and design game. In this cute game called WeddingAnimeAvatar, you could change the eyes, nose and mouth to changeherfacial expressions! There are lots of hairstyles for you tochoosefrom, you could design a perfect bridal hairdo for her! Nottometion these beautiful wedding gowns and accessories. Playthiswedding avatar game and have fun!After Design, you can save photo to your gallery!
Ice Princess Dream Wedding 1.0.0
After several months of planning, theiceprincess finally got what she dreamt of - a dream wedding!Let'streat her with a super facial spa, then help her choose agorgeouswedding dress and match with some cute accessories! Havefun!
School Day Makeover 1.0.0
This cute girl is preparing for her newschoolday. Could you help her? First give her a quick and soothingfacialincluding cleansing, scrub, mask and hair removal. Then workas herstylist to create a gorgeous makeup look and choose themostbeautiful outfits for her! Have fun!
Mother's Day Matching Dress 1.0.0
Lina is preparing for Mother'sDayget-together. She will attend the party with her daughter.Couldyou give her a great makeup first? The most important thing istochoose a matching dress and also some matching accessories forherand her lovely daughter. have fun!