Amuse Music Distribution 3.6.0
We make music distribution free. You keep 100% of your royaltiesand rights. Getting your music out is free and easy with Amuse.Hundreds of thousands of artists across the globe use Amuse torelease their music to all major streaming services. Wherever youare, the Amuse app lets you track and upload your songs and albumsin a matter of minutes, using nothing more than your phone and yourdata connection. Key features: • Release your music for free to allmajor streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube,Deezer and many more. • Upload songs and albums from iCloud orDropbox to avoid using data on your device. • Keep 100% of yourroyalties and rights. • Collect royalties and request payouts • Nolengthy contracts. Amuse Pro includes: • Automatic royalty splits •Fast lane releases • Fast lane support • Music on TikTok andInstagram • Team members • Multiple artist profiles • Apply forYouTube Content ID Get started: Sign up with Facebook, Google oremail and set up your artist account. Then release some music! Forsupport or enquiries: Read the Amuse Pro Terms ofUse at and the Amuse Terms of Useat