21 days 1.0
App 21 days is tracker habits. Helps keep track of your desiredhabits or to create new goals and to celebrate their fulfillment.You can specify any deadline goals. The app will notify you at theright time. Intuitive design will help you easily work with theapplication. Each time you run you can leave any comment which isthen displayed in the statistics of goals or habits. App 21 dayscan show detailed stats on the created goal or habit. In theAppendix there are several themes for a more enjoyable experience.
ru.appdevelopers.mealreminder 1.0
Meal reminder application will help you to follow the diet you havechosen, reminding you about eating at the right time. Theapplication will create several reminders and help you track thetime of food intake by days, show the days of reception in thecalendar. In the settings you can choose the type of notificationthat suits you best, simple notifications or an alarm window withplayback of the installed ringtone. App meal reminder for peoplewho follow a diet or want to start eating several times a day. ****The application does not work? Notifications may not work forAndroid related reasons. The system can automatically turn offnotifications or shift the notification time to save battery powerregardless of whether power saving is enabled or disabled. Thisissue applies to all versions of this application. Unfortunately,the developer cannot influence this process, in some cases theapplication will not work correctly or after some time will stopnotifying. In some cases, this may help: - reinstalling theapplication. - shutting down an energy-saving system. - restrictionof the use of various applications optimizing the operation of thedevice, including cleaning applications.
Counter 1.0
The counter is a simple number counter.Allows you to create anunlimited number of counters with different names. Pressing thebutton increases the counter by + 1 or decreases by - 1.In theapplication there is a statistics of clicks.A simple interfacemakes it easy to work with the application.In the application thereare several themes for more pleasant work with the application.
Reminder of vitamins 1.0
A simple application to remind you of taking vitamins. We tried tomake an application with a very simple interface. The applicationat the right time reminds of the taking of tablets (vitamins) andshows statistics of taking vitamins.
Difficult task - logical puzzle 1.0
A difficult task is a simple game for your brain that uses all yourintelligence, logic and attention.Despite the simplicity of thepuzzle, the game presents a set of levels with differentcomplexity, the solution of which will require a sufficient amountof timeFor the game you need all your attention and logic.The levelof complexity is gradually increasing.At the last levels, you willhave to think about the correct answer.Constantly playing the gameyou can improve your intelligenceThe basis of the puzzle was a testthat determines the level of human intelligence.Rules of game:It isnecessary to choose one of the shown fragments, which best fitsinto the free space of the picture.To choose the right solution itis necessary to understand, based on logical reasoning, by what lawthe image in the rectangle is skipped, and to select the correctfragmentThe game will make your brain work 100%. Don't you believeme? Try it now!
Theme Xperia Fitness 1.0.0
Download the theme for your Sony Xperia fitness phone with a clock
Halloween Theme 1.0.0
Change the design of your Xperia mobile device using theHalloweentheme.
Purple theme for Xperia 1.0.0
Customize your smartphone using the purple camouflage themeSonyXperia. The theme will make your Sony Xperia unique. Installtocheck.
Theme USA 1.0.0
Theme for smartphones Xperia USA is created for real patriots oftheUSA and is dedicated to the great country and its great people.
ru.appdevelopers.exercisesforneck 1.0
This is a simple application that at the right time reminds you todo exercises to reduce pain in the neck. To relieve pain, you mustconstantly perform gymnastics for the neck. The applicationincludes several simple exercises that will help relieve pain.Select the desired time of notification throughout the day andfollow the recommendations. Constant use will help to get rid ofneck and shoulder pain!
Smashbox 1.0
Do you want to relax? Break all the cubes! Swipe left or rightandcontrol the ball by breaking obstacles. Dodge red obstaclesandcollect more bonuses. Collect bonuses and you willgetinvulnerability which gives you the opportunity to break alltheobstacles in your path. Get more pleasure fromdestruction.Breaking the blue cubes you move to a new level. Witheach newlevel, more and more time for destruction. With each newlevel,more and more pleasure!