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Naru Adventure 1.3
DescriptionThis is the ultimate run game, and unlike the other free run games,this one is more traps and monster,world selection and charactersystem and super addictive.Our character is inspired from great ninja from the konohabecausewe all love that ,shinobi from hidden leaf village.In the first play, You will use basic character, After that youwill receive coin from each side to play in the world. And you canbuy new characters who are more abilitySuch neji hinata sasuke,and you can use coin to upgrade specialpower in upgrade menu.How to playTouch on your touch screen device for control your characterjump.You can jump most twice before falling to the ground and began tojump again.Main Features- High Quality Graphics- 6 worlds (36 total levels)- 6 total background sound.- More than 45 different traps and monsters.- Save point in the medium of level.- Each world has an endless runner mode (6 total endless runnerlevels)- You can run endless runner levels in Infinity Level (WorldSelection).- 5 amazing powers and effects,you can buy powers and upgrade themby coins.- 15 characters for buy from Character selection.
Subway FroZen Run 1.4
This is one of subway subway surf game and the story start when youhave endeavor to run away the black panther on the way covered withfrozen in snow road.And roadside houses close the door to escape the cold and. Andignore help you.On the road you will see the randomize item ,The Magic Shoes (Makeruns faster), rocket jets (fly),pomegranate and equipment usedsupport you.We have a special shuriken nin-jutsue for you with unlimited usageto destroy the obstacle.Running evading many obstacles and the Ice Golem as you racethrough the snow trail! upper the old subway.You have to run as fast as possible and avoid the runwaycomplex.Collect as many coins as possible to keep it more convenient to upskill of character and buy new characters.Feature:- the graphics 3D beautiful, cute.- 4 your character to play and more in the future.- variety, exciting of obstacles.- Theme the road covered with snow, interesting.- Easy to control.- Environment variety.How to play:- Drag move left right to move left and right.- Drag up to make the jump.- Drag down to rolling to dodge.- Double touch to throw the cosmos.If you the fan of subway subway surf game, this is the game foryou! if you like the endless runner. Just download and fun withplay,and don't forget rating us.+Thank you for download , hope you get happiness and makesuggestions to your friends enjoy the game.