FTP Server 2.1.6
Simple FTP Server which you can run your devices and access yourmemory card on any Computer/ PC.This application helps you managing your files, folders, photos,movies, documents etc on you PC, you do not need any wire. Simplyconnect with your local WIFI network, start FTP server on yourdevice and access files on browser or FTP Client.No AdvertisementsFeatures1. Read/Write files/folders of memory card from PC2. Simple, light weight and fast3. No Setup required. Simply start FTP Server and GO.4. Customize Home Directory5. Support for FTPS(Explicit and Implicit) added in the latestVersion.6. Enable Launch at Android Startup from Settings
TimeZone Converter 3.1.7
Simply Convert Date & Time from one Time Zone to Other TimeZone.Supports several time zones around the world.One ScreenApplication makes it very easy to use.Choose your Date and time andselect the Source and destination Time Zones and simply click toconvert, it will show you the converted time for the destinationtime zone.Set Reminder for Destination Zone.*Update 1.2.0*Move toSDCARD supported for android 2.2 and aboveFollowing Time ZonesaddedPacific/GuamPacific/Honolulu*Update 1.3.0*Now applicationmaintain the destination time zone that user have selected and notreset after user leave application.Following Time ZonesaddedEurope/BratislavaPacific/Galapagos*Update 1.3.2*Added OptionsMenu from where UTC/GMT Time can be Switched on/off in theresult.*Update 1.3.3*Input Time Format is now configurable withthis update.Following Time Zones addedAmerica/Bogota*Update1.3.6*Add/Remove timezone functionality Time Zone is now availablein this release*Update 1.4.0*Fixed Bug:Rotate clears time.AddedIndia(IST) Utc +5:30 Timezone.*Update 1.4.4*Added fast searchfeature.Just press search key and start searching timezones.Updateswith Latest timezones data.
My Sudoku 2.3.1
My Sudoku is very simple and super fast Sudoku game.Play Unlimitednumber of Sudoku puzzles.FeaturesResume Existing Game.Simple UIEasyand Lightning fastReset GameThis application is based on OpenSudokuand licensed GNU GPL v3
KitKat SDCard Fix 1.0.5
*REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS*Android 4.4, "KitKat", Google has modified the default permissionsfor the external SD Card.this application requires root access to modify/system/etc/permissions/platform.xml.This Application restore backthe Ability to write on your SD Card. Now You can continue usingyour favorite Third party applications after this application fixesthe writing ability on External SD Card.This application is useful only on Device which has External SDCard. No need to install on devices which not support external SDCard example Google Nexus 4 etc.*WARNING*-This Application requires Root Access and Modifies the Systemfile.No Warranty.-You must aware what its means to root access and system file andyou need to take all the risk yourself.SD Card Manager is a free tool which helps you to manage filesand folders in SD Card. Please have a try.Check following links to know about the backgroundInformation.KitKat and SD cards — what's fixed, what's broken and what'smisunderstood: (http://www.androidcentral.com/kitkat-sdcard-changes)
Bluetooth File Share
Use Bluetooth File Share application to SharePhotos, Videos, Music, Documents, Apps with your Friends and Familyover Bluetooth. A Very Decent UI and High Performance ApplicationWhich makes Sharing content very easy. File Explorer is alsoinclude so that you can manage files and folders stored in yourdevice.Enjoy.Share Files and folders stored on Clouds Storage viaBluetooth.Features1) High Performance2) Switch On Bluetooth from application3) Admin Bluetooth Connections4) Filters Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Zip Files andApps.5) Share via Bluetooth6) Share via Social Media Applications e.g Gmail, Facebooketc7) Back up Application and Share Apk via Bluetooth8) Support Google Drive, Dropbox.9) Share Contacts10) In Built Image Browser
SD Card Manager (File Manager) 8.5.8
SD Card manager (File Manager) is a free tool which helps you toeasily manage files and folder in SD card.Access system files andfolders. Full root access for copy, delete, move and rename. SDCard manager also supports Google Drive and Dropbox. Features: *High Performance. * Browse files and folders * Cut,copy and pastefiles and folders * Create,rename and delete files * Free space andused space information * Install .apk application from sdcard *Sorting of files and folders in list view.bl * Compress and Extract* Upload File to FTP Server. * Run FTP Server on you android phoneaccess Files/folders on PC, Browser and FTP Clients * upload photosto FACEBOOK * Share Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Apps withyour Friends and Family over Bluetooth * Back up Application andShare Apk via Bluetooth * Browse system folders and files. * SearchFiles and Folders. * Install Folders short cuts on Home screen. *Supports Both List View as well Grid View and configuration fromSettings. * List Installed Applications * Back UpApplications(.apk) in the SD Card. * Cloud Storage Support - GoogleDrive and Dropbox * Explore and manage system files and folders.Full root access for copy, delete, move and rename. * Root Explorerrequires Rooted Phone. This feature will not root yourphone/tablet. If you do not have root access, then this feature isuseless. Enable/Disable this feature from Settings. Its CompletelyFree Feature. Language Support: English German Spanish RussianDUTCH Italian Japanese KOREAN Hindi Goal is to make easy, lightweight and free tool which easily manage files SD Card.Simple Filemanager for all types of users(Root and Normal). Comments andsuggestions for this application are welcome. Google PlusCommunity:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105521765486959658078 ★★★★★✓ If you're having trouble with the app, PLEASE contact thedeveloper via email or fan page. NEGATIVE COMMENTS can't help thedeveloper solve the problems! *Update 1.4.6* FTPS Support(Explicitover TLS/SSL). *Update 1.4.0* users can now compress multiple filesand folders together in one zip/tar from options menu *Update1.2.7* Send File using FTP.User can now upload files to FTP Server*Update 1.2.0* Search Files and Folders. *Update 1.1.9* Browsesystem folders and files. *Update 1.1.8* Fixed minor bug.
FTP Client 1.1.2
Simple and Easy to Use FTP Client Application for your Device.Feature1) High Performance2) Manage Multiple FTP Profiles3) Supports FTP, FTPS(Explicit FTP over TLS/SSL and Implicit FTPOver TLs/SSL)4) Download Files and folders from FTP server5) Delete Files6) Browse Files stored on Device Storage
NFC File Transfer 152
Send Photos, Music, Videos, Files Via Android Beam™. You only needNFC Enabled devices.Super Easy And simple Application to managefiles and Share with your Friends and Family via NFC.No AdvertisementsFeatures:Super Easy to useHigh PerformanceSend Photos, Music, Videos, Documents, AppsSwitch On Android Beam™ from applicationShare via Social Media Applications e.g Gmail, Facebook etcFile Manager is also included
Wifi File Transfer
Wifi File Transfer helps you to Explore Files/Folder Right fromyour Computer's Browser over a wifi connection. Features. HighPerformance. Easy To User Web Interface Fast and Simple. Delete,rename, copy, zip or unzip files remotly using Web Interface. NoLimitations - Upload/Download any size files.There is norestrictions