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Tang-Tank 1.0
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Tang Tank is a free-to-play mobile MMO actiongame developed by araregames.If you are fed up with meaningless repetition of battle, you canfind some meaning in this game. Your battle result is reflected toyou team's occupation of territory. The more you expand your team'sterritory, the more rations for your team.
Quantum Journey 2.0
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Quantum Journey is very addictive andamazingtap game.Quantum Journey game for everyone. Great puzzle gameTap to Launch the spaceship. Avoid spike planets and go as farasyou can go!
aero arena 1.6
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Aero Arena is simple but exciting survivalshooting game.Just join the battle to shoot down other player's fighter.===== GAME DESCRIPTION =====* FEATURES- Simple and easy control.- Various items for more fun.* HOW TO PLAY- Use left side of the screen to control the fighter to attackenemy.- Small flag let you know enemy's position.- Skull box shows up every down's of enemy and you can use theskull box to upgrade your plane.* ITEM DESCRIPTIONS- Cluster missiles : Launch 4-6 missiles at once- Guided missiles : Once locked, follow up to the end- Gun: Short cool time, hard to shoot the target- Boost : You can speed up the plane- Break : You can speed down the plane- Repair : Repair damaged fighter(100%)* Upgrade- Upgrade plane with the skull point
Hoglet 15.0
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Do you remember the portable mini-games that you enjoyed as achild?Now with your latest smartphone, you can get wet with oldperfume ~!! Does the game look simple? Classic games are notfunny? No, thisis a cutting-edge game that has written a classicgame. Try to adaptto this game one by one. I will be able to seemyself who passed thetrain anyway ^ ^ A story about a cutehedgehog looking for a friend!Can Hedgehog find a friend?[Question] 1. Hoglet is hungry Ifhedgehog can not eat food for along time, movement becomes dull. 2.How do you feed your food? Doyou have a bag icon in the bottom leftcorner? Please press thaticon. Then FOOD comes out. At this time,if you press the food andpress EAT, you will see the pygmy eatingdelicious. 3. How doesHoglet's ability grow? Hoglet grows bydistributing 'EXP beads'obtained through EXP acquisitions to theirrespective abilities.EXP beads can be obtained by eating food,winning in battle withenemies. Health (HP) and AT (AT) areincreased by 1 for every 3 EXPballs, and Agility (DX) is increasedby 1 for every 5. However,when DX reaches 30, you can not growanymore. 4. What is the medal?How do I install it? Medal is anattribute item that helps youfight. You can get the effect onlywhen you are wearing it, notwhen you have it. Click on the bag toenter the inventory screen,then click on the medal and the UI willpop up at the bottom. Thiscan be done by double clicking the medalor by touching the EQUIPin the bottom right corner. The lockindicator in the mounting UIis cleared one by one as the hogletgrows. 5. What are the medalsand how do I use them? Medals aredivided into two types. One isdivided into the basic PASSIVE (PAS)medal and the ACTIVE (ACT)medal used directly for battle. The PASmedal can be usedimmediately after installation and does notrequire any additionalcontrol. However, ACT medals can not be usedunless they are useddirectly in combat. The ACT medal consumes acertain amount of FPevery time you use it. 6. Battle is difficult!How can you do well?When you combat, there will be an exclamationpoint {!} Button likethis. You can see that the hoglet is holdingand defending it byholding it down. At this time, the damage itreceives to the enemyis 1/2. Also, it will counteract the enemy'sdamage by about 1/10of Hoglet's damage. Depending on how muchhoglet has grown, you candefeat strong enemies. No matter how goodyou are in a weak state,it is hard to win a strong enemy with manydifferences.
Quantum Space Journey 14
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Lonely in Space Deep in the walls of my mind My reason is blindForkeeping you a secret I like to think about you You know that IdoAnd for a moment I believe, I'm In a place, far away I'm in aworldof my own, yeah Its way beyond, anything A pleasure I'veneverknown I see There's a million stars Dancing like fire Butitslonely in space It can feel so good When you're lost in desireButits lonely in space So lonely in space You got a look that IlikeYou really excite Every fiber in my body How I've imaginedyourtouch The way that you'd feel And for a moment I'll believe,I'm Ina place, far away' I'm in a world of my own, yeah Its waybeyond,anything A pleasure I've never known I see Far in space,lonely inspace Lost in desire Far in space, lonely in space - TataYoungLeap between obstacles and try to survive as long as possible.Tapto jump from circles to circles within a short time. Addedquickhop and long hop bonus (idea from Jung, Woo-Sung). Addedgravity(idea from Shim, Sung-Wha). Added explosion effect (ideafrom Kim,Jin-Jung). Added lonely astronaut (idea from Myung,Sung-Nam)