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celeryadventure(android版) 1.2
ジャンプを駆使してステージを攻略するゲームです。青いメイド服の女の子が恐怖の大王にさらわれた姫を助けに冒険します。さまざまな個性を持った敵キャラや危険な仕掛けが行く手を阻みます危険がいっぱいの宝島で敵を蹴散らし、コインを集めながら進んでください。・矢印マークをタッチし続けている間は移動します。・矢印が2つあるマークはダッシュで速く移動できます。・Aマークをタッチでジャンプします。・パワーアップした時にBマークをタッチで魔法弾を放てます。・HELPをタッチでいつでも説明を見られます。・行き詰ったらSUICIDEをタッチしてください。celeryadventureがandroidアプリで登場。PC版のものとは仕様やステージ構成が若干異なります。Bymaking full use of jump is a game that capture the stage.Youadventure to help a blue princess maid of girl was kidnapped in theGreat fear.Enemies and dangerous gimmick that has a variety ofpersonality will thwart the wayKick Sprinkle the enemy danger is infull of Treasure Island, please proceed while collecting coins.-While continuing to touch the arrow mark will be moved.· Arrow aretwo certain mark I can move fast with a dash.· A I will jump intouch mark.• The power-up B mark when that we release the magicbullet in touch.· HELP I seen the description at any time touch.-Please Touch SUICIDE Once stuck.celeryadventure appeared in theandroid app.From that of the PC version of configurationspecifications and stage is slightly different.
HangCelery 1.1
"1 PLAYER GAME"-Basic rules-Tap the character to guess thecharacters that are used in English words.If the character that youtap is used in English word it will be with the "O".Please put tothe Tap "O" the trout at the top.If not used it will be priced "X"enemy.Where do the put the "X" will vary depending on the enemy."O"You can attack the three lined and enemy. "X" If you are lined upthree it will be attacked by the enemy.Three side-by-side mark willdisappear.If you ask to complete the English words it will be withthe "O" in addition.Being attacked by the enemy if the trout arefilled, it will disappear all mark.If the enemy of life to 0 iswins. You lose if your life becomes 0.-Enemy of specialabilities-We may have a special ability by the enemy.Combatant ofthe red skirt you have painted the paint to the hero and lined with"X" in the vertical. Some of the trout will no longer be seen andpainted the paint.Ghost of silver will be exchanged attacks and notside-by-side "O" diagonally. However, magic attack willhit.-item-If you defeat the enemy you may drop the item.Heart: Life1 recovery. (Maximum 10)Tomatoes: Reduce the fire damage, and thenhorizontally to attack with flame magic When arranging the"O".Radish: Reduce the cold damage, and then vertically to attackwith ice magic When arranging the "O".Containing water bottles:dirty to clean, so you can see all of the trout."2 PLAYERS GAME"Twopeople alternately to continue to enter the characters, it will bemarked as long as it is a correct answer.Those who filled the lastof the characters will be marked with added.When the mark is linedgiven the damage to the other party.If your opponent's life to 0 itwins.
CeleryAdventure2English 1.1
In order to rescue the the great shaman that was kidnapped in badguy "Celery" and "Jun" it is adventure.We have introduced a newsystem, stage selection screen (field map) and item purchase ofusing the coins.Main character of the action and enemy characters,such as the gimmick stage has powered up.- Move the character inthe arrow panel.- Z panel to enter the stage, to use the item, usesto jump.- X panel will dash by continuing to tap simultaneouslywith the arrow panel. It also throw a magical bombs as long as itpowers up. In the field map can be used to select an item.- Makethe Ground pound Tap down when you are jumping.- PAUSE panel is atemporary stop.- Please tap the SUICIDE panel in case you getstuck.- "Celery" will can use the special moves When power up.-"Jun" it throw a lot of magical bombs on the screen, But enduranceis low.
CeleryAdventure2 1.2
偉大なる巫女がさらわれたので「セロリ」と「じゅん」が救出に出かけるゲームです。フィールドマップでステージ選択やコインを使ってのアイテム購入など新たなシステムを取り入れました。主人公のアクションや敵キャラ、ステージの仕掛けなどがパワーアップしています。・矢印キーでキャラを移動させます。・Zキーは主にジャンプやステージに入るときに使います。・Xキーをタップしながら矢印キーでダッシュができます。 また、パワーアップしていれば魔法弾を放てます。・PAUSEキーは一時停止です。・SUICIDEキーは地形にはまる等どうにもならないときにタップしてください。PC版CeleryAdventure2 great shaman has been kidnapped and is a game that the "celery""pure" go out to the rescue.We have introduced a new system, suchas item purchase using the stage selection and coins in the fieldmap.Hero of the action and enemy characters, such as the gimmickstage has powered up.· It will move the character with the arrowkeys.· Z key is used primarily when entering the jumps and stage.·X while tapping the key you can dash the arrow keys.It alsoreleases a magic bullet as long as it powers up.· PAUSE key is atemporary stop.· SUICIDE key please tap when it is not any wayround like the terrain.PC versionCeleryAdventure2
Fluffy Parasol VaseCartan 1.1
"Vase-tan" and "Caltan" are the protagonist action games. They areMoe anthropomorphism characters born on 2channel (now 5channel).Let's blow the wind from the fan by tapping and collect petals anddefeat the enemy. By tapping the screen you can move the windblowing towards the player. Multi tap or "Close Parasol" button canquickly drop. Promptly guide, collect petals, and defeat the enemy.Vase-tan and Caltan have different performances. Choose the onethat suits yourself or fit it to the stage and use them separately.You can change costumes by purchasing costumes and configs usingyellow petals, play in a different mood, or adjust the difficultylevel. - About save - Save is done when you move to the titlescreen.