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Quasar Language Translator 6.0
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Speak words, phrases, complex sentences, verbose paragraphs, oreven long-winded novellas into your android device and this(free!!) app will automatically interpret and translate your speechinto both text and speech output. The speech output relies on astate-of-the-art computational linguistics engine, so yourtranslations will be spoken with (mostly) proper pronunciation bythe loyal and benevolent robot. This app currently supportstranslation (text and speech output) to the following languages:Catalan DanishEnglish (UK) accentEnglish (Australian) accentEnglish(Canadian) accentEnglish (Indian) accentSpanish (Spain)Spanish(Mexico)FinnishFrench (Canadian)French(France)ItalianJapaneseKoreanNorwegianPolishPortugueseRussianSwedishChinese(Simplified)Chinese (Traditional