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baramundi Samsung Extension 16.1.478.0
With the baramundi Samsung Extension, you canexpand the scope of functions of the baramundi Mobile Agent toinclude additional management options, which are supported bySamsung enterprise-compatible devices. This app requires baramundiMobile Agent app from version 2014 in your environment and for youto enroll the device into the baramundi Management Suite.Proceed as follows:1. Download the baramundi Samsung extension. The app isinstalled on your device.2. Confirm the required permissions when requested.If you need support or help using the baramundi Samsungextension, please contact your company's system administrator.The expanded scope of functions includes:- Device restrictions- Security guidelines- Email client support (native)- VPN network supportThe manufacturer is baramundi software AG, an independent Germancompany from Augsburg. The German and European data protectionstandards are taken into account and met during Development.