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mickey subway mouse run adventure 1.0
Mickey adventure run is an award winning 3Drunner that takes place in a cool trains subway From the creatorsof the best 3D Running Games.Help the Mickey & Minnie Mouse complete all level quests andunlock the mysterious secrets! Be careful on the subway and don'tforget to collect all the coins .Download Mickey Minnie run adventure game now & start having ablast! Have fun in this new top rated and amazing pig for FREE!This game features addictive game play, intense Minnie Mouse rhythmand miraculous graphics. Challenge your friends and family to seewho has the highest score.So many threats are waiting for minnie and mouse ; You will havethe most amazing and exciting moments when playing this mouseadventure on mickey game. As a partner of banana jungle bendy boy,you guys will face with a lot of dangers and challenges.Jump, run or use weapon, The cup on head boy can do anything tokill monster. On the way to kill the enemies, dont forget tocollect more weapon to become powerful!*Features:+Nice 3D graphics and sounds+Easy to controls+More fun with mouse many powerup: Jump shoe,pogo,magic mouserotation,jetpack*How to play:+Drag left,right to move left, right.+Drag up to jump.+double click to kill enemies
banana temple rush : minion run 1.0
This is a 3D game with high quality graphicsand performance. Smooth to run and dash along the road to pick upmore and more coins for upgrading. The surfer will rush through theexciting music and scenes: temple, castle and subway.Welcome to the banana temple rush : minion run game. In this miniongame for free game, you should earn coins and help yellow minion toavoid obstacles, eat bananas, fall off, minon rush.For the first time playing, you will get in the training session toimprove the direction control skill. The surfer must jump acrossthe rail or the other obstacles to continue the session and slidingdown to evade the wall clash and tap once to shoot the rivals.Important! You will find many special items. They are free! Don’tmiss!Keep in mind to avoid any clash, if not the game will stop and youmay lose your coins in purse!Extreme Minion Banana Rush in 3d is running in subway to eatbananas, have full control of your minions!Physics, speed, despicable run adventure , me and you!Enjoy playing Banana subway runner rush 3d on this subway junglewith minion and be careful with subway. No need to jetpack indespicable run adventure me and you !How To Play:Run as fast as you canTurn left, right or jump to avoid dangerEndless run minon of templeUse diamonds to revive and continue minons to runReact rapidly to escape from trapsAre you ready?
Vampirina adventure : subway runner 3d vampire 1.0
subway vampirina adventures 2018 is a gamedesigned on 2D platform classic subway vampirina adventures 2018game designed specifically for your Kids and your children and forNew vampirina adventures 2018 fans , New tips 2018 contains adifferent platforms and enemies in all kinds of levels.The Vampire babe girl Vee got Lost in the night terrors of a darkscary world . he magic vampirina adventure is an amusement withlovely vampirina, are you prepared to help her and have some goodtimes together ?? So you should be persuaded and prepare for theadventure.super vampirina magic is the best gameVampirina Scary Halloween subway run game takes you to spookyworlds to explore! It is also a Very Easy to Play,here’s how.Run fast and collect more and more Skull coins and get points inorder to complete Missions, Slide under haunted house walls andjump over ghosts and skulls, Fly high over multiple creepyobstacles by double-clicking on the jump button, once you collectenough skulls, you’ll unlock another scary adventure. Can youescape Halloween terror nights !Features:- the scariest worlds, Creepy Ghosts and surprising Skulls.- Goosebumps Sounds that takes Thrill to the max.- Horror themes but suitable for kids of all ages.- Obstacles in different positions to your surprise .- Suitable for all ages and especially for little girls.
super boy bros craft runner 1.0
Ash, it's time for his biggest adventure in avery crazy world!Run, jump and slide to be the best in the world ranking!Buy new skins in game, run with your favorite hero!The classic style endless running game that always gives you a bigfantastic fun. The classic style endless running game that alwaysgives you a big fantastic fun. Run Super M Craft Hero through along town to collect rows of golden coins, number of special itemssuch as Hoveboard along your running lane. Beware! Do not crash anycraft obstacles unless the game will stop. through a long town tocollect rows of golden coins, number of special items such asHoveboard along your running lane. Beware! Do not crash anyobstacles unless the game will stop.Run, Roll, Jump!★ Amazing graphics!★ 5 diffrent biomes★ 6 diffrent characters★ 10 diffrent skins★ 4 powerups★ 5 itemand more!