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Supercar Wallpaper 1.0
The Best of the New and Old, a compilation of Ferrari's that haveexcited and pushed the limits of automotive design over theyears.Some of the exciting Ferrari in the car wallpaper collectionare:The first ever production 4 wheel drive, 4 seats model of theFerrari is the FF which also stands for Ferrari 4. The FF has a topspeed of 335 km/h and it accelerates from zero to100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.With only 499 units built and a pricetag of US $1 million, this powerful headturner is the LaFerrari. Ahybrid powerhouse of a sports car that was unveiled at the 2013Geneva Auto Show. Named by car magazine Top Gear as "The topsupercar of the year 2012", the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is also areplacement to the Ferrari 599 GT series. Boasting a naturallyaspirated 6.3 litre Ferrari V12 engine, the F12 Berlinetta has wonthe International Engine of the Year Awards 2013.The Ferrari458 Italia is a mid-engined sports car that hasreplaced the Ferrari F430, and was first officially unveiled at the2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Ferrari 458 Italia now beingreplaced by the Ferrari 488 GTB, which was unveiled atthe Geneva Motor Show 2015. Whichever generation, the goodlooks and powerful engines are all evident in the car wallpapercollection. One varient of the Ferrari 458 Italia is the Ferrari458 Spider which was premiered at the 2011 Frankfurt MotorShow. This convertible variant of the 458 Italia features analuminium retractable hardtop. Another varient is the topperforming Ferrari 458 Speciale.Tap on images to save aswallpapers.
Car Wallpaper 1.0
For all car lovers, this car wallpaper app will keep you engrossedwith some of the best looking super sports cars that you will findin the market.With an exciting lineup of cars capable of tremendoustyre burn, here are some of the highlights:The recently unveiledMercedes Benz GT3 AMG with a blazing 6.3-litre, naturally aspiratedV8 engine. The GT3 also employs a near perfect weight distribution.A definitely contender in the world of GT racing. Porsche 911 GT3,the stuff that legends are made of. With an established trackrecords of competitive wins, the rolling powerhouse can hit 60 mphin 3 seconds flat.The iconic and possibly the most anticipated carin the world, McLaren P1. Designed, engineered and built with thegoal of being the best driver's car in the world and a worthysuccessor to the McLaren F1. Also inclusive, the McLaren P1 GTR,built without road-car regulations, the limits are pushed to theextreme.Nissan GTR LeMans Nismo, a sport prototype racing car builtby the Motorsports division of Nissan utilization a 3.0L V6 withdual turbo chargers and direct injection. This sports prototypemade it's debut at the 2015 24hrs of Le Mans.Lamborghini AventadorLP750-4 SV. For a start, SV or "Superveloce" stands for "superfast" in Italian. At 740 horsepower, runs from 0 to 62mph in 2.8secs and going at mega bucks pricing. Definitely a worthy carwallpaper for your mobile phone!Koenigsegg Agera, built without anycomplex machinery, all handcrafted in the master's hand. This TOPGEAR 2010 Hypercar of the year is of Swedish origin and the wordAgera basically mean "to take action" Enough said. BMW i8; labeledas the most progressive sports car. The first ever sports car thathas the emission and consumption to that of a compact car, plus thelooks and the luxury to match all of it!Audi R8 LMS, developed byAudi as the perfect race car for GT racing. This mid-engine sportscar has been winning numerous championship since 2009!La Ferrari -officially revealed at the 2013 Geneva Auto show, La Ferrari (orproject F150)is a limited edition production hybrid sports cars.Only 499 units built and costing over 1 Million USD each. One ofthe best looking cars around now. Get all these car wallpaper onyour phones now!
Bible Verses of Encouragement 1.0
Download the new Promises Daily 365 app at bible verses of encouragement is an app designed to build upthe believer's spiritual life through encouraging bible quotes. Youcan use this app for daily bible verses and prayers or even fordevotions. What makes this app unique is that it is categorizedinto needs so that the believer can find bible verses for everyproblem or simply just inspirational bible quotes. The bible versesof encouragement app has the following features: 1. You an set anyof the bible verses as wallpaper for free 2. You can also share itwith popular social medial platform like Instagram, Facebook,Twitter and even messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Skype and evenEmail. Be sure to keep your spiritual life strong with bible versesof encouragement, let the word of God be the lamp unto your feetand a light to your path (Psalms 119:105)
Bible Promises for Every Need 1.0
The bible promises for every need is anappdesigned to build up the believer's spiritual lifethroughencouraging and bible quotes categorized to meet specificneeds.You can use this app for daily bible verses and prayers orevenfor devotions.What makes this app unique is that it is categorized intoneedsso that the believer can find bible verses for every problemorsimply just inspirational bible quotes.The bible verses of encouragement app has thefollowingfeatures:1. You an set any of the bible verses as wallpaper for free2. You can also share it with popular social medial platformlikeInstagram, Facebook, Twitter and even messaging platformslikeWhatsapp, Skype and even Email.Current categories includes:1. Bible promises concerning finances2. Bible promises concerning provision3. Bible promises concerning Loneliness4. Bible promises when in doubt5. Bible promises when feeling discouraged6. Bible promises when feeling angry7. Bible promises when feeling depressed8. Bible promises when feeling condemned9. Bible promises when feeling confused10. Bible promises when feeling dissatisfied11. Bible promises when feeling lonely12. Bible promises when feeling tempted13. Bible promises when feeling worried14. Bible promises when for prayer15. Bible promises for faith16. Bible promises for strength17. Bible promises when stressed18. Bible promises when waiting upon the LordBe sure to keep your spiritual life strong with biblepromisesfor every need, let the word of God be the lamp unto yourfeet anda light to your path (Psalms 119:105)Feedback:
Nature Wallpaper Free 1.0
Nature Wallpaper Free contains a large collection of photos relatedto the nature theme. The photos in the nature wallpaper app areupdated daily. Be sure to check in daily for your daily dose ofnature photos.Features in the nature wallpaper app:- Sharingfunctions including Facebook, WhatsApp and many others- Photos(live feeds) updated daily- Option to for photo to be “Set As”wallpaper, WhatsApp profile photo, home and lock screens.15categories to satify your craving for nature related photos fromthe following categories:Green Nature, Blue Sea, Northern Lights,Sunset, Sunrise, Mountain, Snow, Flowers, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Eagle,Waterfall, Rocks and Trailing Stars.More nature related photocategories would be added going forward, be sure to check back forupdates.— Internet Usage —This Application uses Internet connectionto bring you new images refreshed on every instance you open theApplication.— Disclaimer — All logos/images/names are copyright oftheir respective owners. This image is not endorsed by any of theperspective owners, and the images are used simply for aestheticpurposes. This application is an unofficial fan based application.No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to removeone of the images/logos/names will be honoured.
Bible Promises of Encouragement Promises Daily 365 1.0
Visit us at www.promisesdaily365.comWelcome to the newPromisesDaily365 App - All the same goodness (with added goodness!)from the previous app but packaged in a much much smallerapplication size to save your phone's memory : ) (4.65Mb vs 68.6Mbfrom old app! : o) - Enjoy!The bible verses of encouragement is anapp designed to build up the believer's spiritual life throughencouraging bible quotes.You can use this app for daily bibleverses and prayers or even for devotions.What makes this app uniqueis that it is categorized into needs so that the believer can findbible verses for every problem or simply just inspirational biblequotes.The bible verses of encouragement app has the followingfeatures:1. You an set any of the bible verses as wallpaper forfree2. You can also share it with popular social medial platformlike Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even messaging platforms likeWhatsapp, Skype and even Email.Be sure to keep your spiritual lifestrong with bible verses of encouragement, let the word of God bethe lamp unto your feet and a light to your path (Psalms119:105)For queries, contact