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Privacy Box(Pictures,Videos) 5.3
Features of Privacy box - Picture & Video & File Encrypt& App Lock & Fake Space ☆Picture & Video & File :Encrypt fastly and look over picture at once ☆App Lock: Protectyour apps,must enter password when launch app ☆ Fake Space: Setfake password,Display unreal picture,video,files ☆App Camouflage:Make it as fake app,change name and icon ☆Prevent Uninstall:protectyour app,can't be uninstalled ☆Folder Manager:Classifyfiles,manager your files more easy Highlights of Privacy box: ☆CanEncrypt the files from SD card ☆Can Backup and restore privacyfiles ☆Find password by answer problem Language:English,SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese
Notebook (note notepad) 2.6
Features of Notepad - Record Picture & Add alarm &Hidenotes ☆ You can add picture and text,search notes you need andviewpictures ☆ Notes can be classified , define yourfavoriteclassification name ☆ You can set pattern,if open app,mustdrawpattern ☆ Set the font size of the note, define your favoritesize☆ Backup and Restore note,data more safer ☆ Set themestyle,morenice Language:English,Simplified Chinese, TraditionalChineseConnect us : QQ 2108945895