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LockScreen 3.0
Touch the shortcut to lock your device. (Quicky lock yourphone)NOTE: “This app uses the Device Administrator permission.”only for lock your phone screen task**To uninstall the app, pleasego to the setting page and click the "Remove device administrator"button**Have a bug happen on Android 6.0.1 Samsung devices. Whenyou lock and unlock, it requires password to unlock- Will find afix soon
Guess1movie 2.4.4e
Finally available! Guess the picture -Guessmovies♥♥♥ Guess1movie ♥♥♥A new challenging version of a word game. Try to rememberbestmovies nameCan you guess whats name of movie one pic? A refreshing wayofplaying word games.Try this new amazing and addicting game and guess all pics
LockNow 1.1
Turn off your screen with just one touch! Paid app to supportdeveloper**To uninstall the app, please go to the setting page andclick the "Remove device administrator" button**NOTE: “This appuses the Device Administrator permission.” only for lock your phonescreen task