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Beach Volleyball Game 1.0
Sun and beach are the perfect setup for playing a Beach Volleyballgame against your friends. Throw the volleyball with maximum powerand win the game. Casual Beach Volleyball game for all ages.Challenge your friends to play this summer with our Mobile Games.The game features various modes and powers, choose yourfavourite country and win the beach volleyball tournament.
Paper Wings 3D 1.0
Is here the new version of the famous gamePaper planes Paper Wing, but now in 3D. Dare to play this addictivenew game 3D paper airplanes at the office, you have to go avoidingall obstacles to find between offices. Spend levels in plant flooroffice building. The first and only game in 3D paper airplanes withvery good gameplay and graphics. Your skill and intelligence willbe those that make the best paper airplane pilot, a game we allplayed at home or at school with paper airplanes really did for usbut now in mobile and 3d an adventure very real. 3D PaperWings
Rabbit Hood - Archery 1.0
The most fun game of archery, you're armedwith a bow rabbit carrots shoot to free your friend fox has lockedin a cage.Show your skill, aim accurately shooting the carrot with bow eyewith obstacles, stones, trees, wheels ........Try to hit the target as quickly as possible to get the maximumnumber of stars.Play now with Rabbit Hood frees the innocent.Over 80 levels to play.
Futsal Games 1.0
Is here! The most entertaining game offootball, participate in a global soccer tournament.Choose your country and play against your rivals to be overcomingthe playoffs and become world champion of indoor soccer.Sharpen your aim and score a lot of goals and use the power ofmagic shot to score in the opponent's goal.
Waxing and Beauty Game 1.0
The most anticipated time by all the girls in town has come: laserhair removal! If you're a fan of beautician, you like to embellishwomen and you would wish to open your own shop don't miss thisamazing depilatory application, a pastime created for thoseentrepreneurs people eager to challenge new personal challenges andprogress in the world of personal beauty, dare!If you manage tosuccessfully accomplish the mission and you manage to leave glowingyour customers you'll get to own your salon in the future, for thatyou must work hard and apply yourself every day, but don't panicbecause there will be a myriad of tools and materials available tomeet the challenge: from hot and cold wax bands, tweezers anddepilatories to ultraviolet ray machines for removing completelythe hair, aloe vera, alcohol ... and many others that will makethings easier. To start the process you must place the patient onthe table for her to relax, apply some product on the treated areaand let it dry so that the hairs remain engaged, then push verystrong until the hairs disappear completely. Be careful don't makethe girl suffer, cause if not she will leave disappointed and shewill not want to return, show your talent in aesthetic and earnmoney.You will enjoy the most real designs of the screens withwhich you will have the feeling of playing in the very reality,excellent quality graphics and an easy interface to use with whichyou will live experiences outside of the ordinary, Luck!
Violetta in concert 1.5
Do not miss the melody in this game ofVioletta, you have to take her to the next level of the dancefloor.Follow the rhythm of music with this fun game of the famousVioletta. If you like music concerts you're in luck with thisgame!Meet all your friends and start playing with funny Violetta inthis game show.
Smoothies Restaurant 1.0
You work in a setting smoothies, it is themost refreshing restaurant in town.You must serve your customers quickly on tape ordering smoothiesall they ask, in a hurry to date are very thirsty.In your restaurant much work and not have a moment to lose.Game Shakes the craziest restaurant.
Burger Restaurant 1.1
You have in your possession a Burgersrestaurant and you have some customer in a hurry.This game is fun, addictive and skill because you have to serve allcustomers very fast and think fast.When cooking the burgers you have to take into account the exactingredients the customers ask.The best game of cooking hamburgers in a restaurant.
Operate Games 1.0
Do you want to become the best surgeon in town? Thanks to thisgreat game you'll be a prominent physician and the most demanded bythe population. You have at your disposal all surgical tools neededto achieve to treat patients with difficulties of moving andwalking, you risk a try?To be the best you must have patience andconcentration, you should make big operations to cure the toughestinjuries and you'll have to be sure to leave the sick people inperfect condition. You will have a timer to complete successfullythe operation, otherwise you don't get it you'll lose the game andyou'll be forced to start over. To perform all operations you'llhave to do different actions:- Cleanse the wound and applydisinfectant- Make an incision at the tip- Open the wound withforceps- Put an iron plate and make sure it is well welded- Suturethe cutWith these guidelines you can be sure to leave your healedpatient ready to walk. Be very careful to not make fasteroperations cause you'll make them suffer. Concentrate and be thebest!
World Cup Football Games 1.3
Do you like Football? Now it's time to playfootball and win the World Cup.Chose your national team and play against your rivals, beat all theother national teams in the World Cup to get to the finals and earnthe soccer world champion title.
Running in the Subway 1.0
Are you prepared to put all your efforts into a real adventure andshow the world but especially yourself your talent to avoid beingcaught and get rid of the bad ones? If you are a fan of racing andyou're ready to withstand this challenge don't hesitate, this isthe ideal game for you and for those people without fear ofanything, go ahead!In our pastime your main task will be to helpand guide your runner friend to get free without being stopped inthe train station, for it you will have to be clever and very smartbecause there will be dark ways in which you could stagnate unableto flee. To begin you must exercise good your muscles running atfull throttle and win cardiac endurance jumping different obstaclessuch as rails, wheels, escalators, doors in operation, passengersand attention: your hooded persecutors, because if you get to bereached by one of them you'll immediately lose the game and you'llhave to start over again. Put on your best sneakers, fill yourselfwith courage and be alert to every move and passer who is in therailway, because anyone could be one of the evil beings willing toeliminate you!You will enjoy the most realistic sketches of thescreens, superb quality graphics and a really simple interface tomanage, just swipe your finger across the panel and lead yourcharacter in the decisions that you think suitable, Luck!
Badminton Games 1.0
Finally the first badminton game to play withyour device.Play in the International Badminton Tournament choosing yourcountry to play.You see surpassing qualifying order to reach the final of the WorldCup Badminton.New, unique and entertaining sport game badminton.
Depilatory Waxing Game 1.0
Ready to be a luxury beautician, become animage consultant and work on your own salon? If you're a lover ofgeneral appearance of women and you like to fix all your friends,then you can't miss this amazing depilatory game in which you mustmake the girls look pretty and shining every moment, do you dare totry?An application with excellent quality graphics, a really simpleinterface to use and the most innovative and real designs of thescreens, enter now and live an experience out of the ordinary, youwill not regret it! In our pastime you will come to own yourpersonal business, the most demanding and curious girls in theworld will come to you, for you to leave them beautiful andperfect, don't be afraid because for this you will have all thenecessary equipment to complete successfully your goal: bandspaper, hot and cold wax, tweezers, scissors, alcohol, ultravioletlight and the most beloved laser machine for the girls, because itwill remove hair permanently. To start apply the product in thedesired area, let it dry a few minutes to stick the hairs andfirmly but carefully strip the piece to remove all the hairs.Once you have finished shaving the back, legs, armpits, mustacheand eyebrows, make a shower to the girl with a little warm waterand put aloe vera to soothe and thus prevent skin redness. Showyour gift to beautify and get down to work to get it, goodLuck!
Feed and Care for Babies 1.0
Ready to become the most famous and beloved nanny in town? If youlove children, you like to take care of them and you would wish towork in a kindergarten do not hesitate for a second: this is thegame for you! Here you will spend moments of pure pleasure withouthaving to leave home and without any cost, you can also playforever with your friends and family, go for it!To become a goodnanny in the nursery you have to be constantly alert and cheerful,but the kids will get bored and will begin to mourn, so you'll haveto invent new games and make them laugh all the time. Do not panicbecause there will be a multitude of tools at your disposal: frompacifiers, bottles, cribs and swings to puzzles, stuffed animals,dolls ... and many others that will entertain youngest. Beware,because if a child gets bad you will have to go to the pediatricianand give him the medications prescribed for him, bathe him and rockhim so he rests quietly. Once the process is finished do not forgetto order the stay, change the dirty diapers and wash the dishes,this way you will surprise the parents.You will enjoy the mostinnovative designs of the screens, superb quality graphics and areally simple interface to use: just swipe your finger across thepanel and guide your character in the decisions that you thinkappropriate, Luck!
Cuidar Bebé Enfermo 1.0
Estás deseando ser una estupenda mamá y quieres ensayar para unfuturo? Con esta aplicación podrás realizar tu sueño con tan soloun click, encontrarás los gráficos más reales, una interfaz muysencilla y sin ningún coste. Si deseas pasarlo en grande junto atus amigas y practicar con los bebés más buenos del mundo,adelante, no te arrepentirás!Con este juego jugarás sin parar y teconvertirás en una de las mejores cuidadoras de la ciudad. La nuevaguardería del pueblo está buscando niñeras que cuiden de los niñosa todas horas y tu has sido elegida para participar en el proyectogracias a tu excelente reputación en tu anterior trabajo. Parallegar a ser una buena empleada en el jardín de infancia deberásser alegre y juguetona con los críos en todo momento, pues sino loschicos se aburrirán y querrán otra cuidadora más divertida, tendrásque mostrar que eres una chica responsable, trabajadora y conmuchas ganas de hacerlo bien en tu nuevo empleo, pues los padres sefiarán de tus dotes y no querrán que los decepciones. Para comenzartendrás que aplicarte día y noche, pues varios de los nenes pasaránuna jornada completa en el centro y habrá que hacer guardia en elanochecer. Darles el biberón en cuanto tengan hambre, jugar conellos si están activos y acunarlos cuando estén cansados. Siempiezan a llorar debes cantarles una nana y entregarles elsonajero para que se calmen y duerman sin pesadillas.Una vez estaparte haya finalizado será conveniente preparar la comida para lahora de comer, revisar que sus pañales permanecen limpios ycambiarlos si hace falta. Prepara un baño bien calentito y lávaloscon mucha delicadeza. Enseña al universo entero que serás la mejorinstitutriz, gana dinero y realiza tu pasión al mismo tiempo!Suerte!You are willing to be a great mom and want to rehearse forthe future? With this application you can realize your dream withjust one click, you will find the most realistic graphics, a verysimple interface and no cost. If you want to have a great time withyour friends and good practice with the babies of the world, goahead, you will not regret!With this game you will play endlesslyand become one of the best caretakers of the city. The new centerof the village is looking for nannies to care for children at alltimes and you have been chosen to participate in the projectbecause of your reputation in your previous job. To become a goodused in the kindergarten you should be happy and playful with thekids at all times; otherwise the kids will get bored and want amore fun caregiver, you must show that you are a responsible girl,hardworking and with many desire to do well in your new job, asparents will trust your skills and do not want to disappoint them.To begin you will have to apply yourself day and night, as severalof the kids spend a whole day in the center and will have to standguard at dusk. Bottle feeding as hungry, play with them if they areactive and when you are tired and rocked. If you begin to mourn andsing a lullaby to deliver the rattle to calm down and sleep withoutnightmares.Once this part is finished it will be convenient toprepare food for lunch, check that their diapers stay clean andchange them if necessary. Prepares a good warm bath and wash themwith great care. She teaches the whole universe that will be thebest governess, earn money and make your passion at the same time!Luck!
Fashion Dress Up Game 1.0
Ready to show the whole world your talent with fashion, combinedifferent types of clothes and get fame for your great gift in theimage consulting? If you are passionate about the beauty of womenand you can't resist to create new different styles don't hesitate,this is the perfect game for you! An application inventedspecifically for those snooty girls and fans of the innovative,dare!Here you must be attentive all the time of the girls who willcome to your room, cause many of them will come scruffy and with apoor appearance to you to fix them and let them with a flawlesslook, are you able to meet the challenge? If so enter now in yourown business and start the main tasks: first take the bodymeasurements of each girl and start to sew the costumes with thefabrics that are at your disposal, manufactures couture dresses,satin skirts, patterned shirts, wool caps and then apply thesupplements according with the outfit you have chosen: flowers forthe hair, oversized bags, bracelets, jewelry and shoes for theoccasion. Once you finish the procedure don't forget to make a nicehairstyle and make up the model with the cosmetics you may require,this way you'll triumph on the runways and you'll surprise theaudience.You will have superb quality graphics, the most innovativedesigns of history and a very simple interface to manage, justswipe your finger across the screen and guide your character in thedecisions that you think suitable, Luck!
Zombies: The Kill 1.0
Ready to experience the pure terrorandadrenaline at full throttle? If you love horror games,horrormovies and you would love to be in one of them don't missthisapplication, for you and the bravest men in the world. Have agreattime with your friends and family, playing alone or withothers.Enjoy excellent quality graphics and an easy interface tomanage.A catastrophe is about to happen on the planet: a huge plagueofmonsters is coming to town with the intention to invade thecapitaland extinguish the human race to be the masters of theuniverse.The crowd will be in your hands to save them of thisimminentdanger, they trust your skills as a warrior and want you tofightand face these monstrosities. If you are ready to confrontthischallenge and become a hero you must prepare very hard martialartssuch as boxing, karate and wrestling; train your pulse hit withthegun shots and exercise your muscles to gain muscle strength.Youhave the best weapons at your disposal to eliminate thebugs:knives, cutters, explosive bombs... and many others that willbeuseful. Once you go beheading completely the deformed, you'llearncoins and so buy more weapons for the mission.Be quick and agile, achieved to mislead your opponents withyourmoves, dodge their attacks and assault rapidly trying thattheydon't escape. Show your gift to kill and be careful to notbereached because you'll lose immediately the game and you'll havetostart again. Everything is in your ability to execute, so startnowand return peace to the land, luck!
Escape Game Drop of Water 1.3
Great escape style game of skill with a drop of water, is moreclassic games, entertaining game of skill with endless levels toplay.In the game you play a drop of water that has to go up intothe sky to the clouds and to meet with the water.Exceeds differentdifficulty levels, you see by tapping the screen to jump to thewater drop and go bouncing up the walls, but look carefully withthorny flowers explode if you touch the drop and have to startover.Addictive game where you demonstrate your skills and speed toget to heaven, one of the exhaust water games more good in theworld.Compete with your friends to see who is faster in the junglesraindrops up to heaven.
Waxing and SPA Girls 1.0
Are you passionate about feminine beautyandyou like to be always perfect? If so, here's your chance to letthegirls beautiful and radiant. Transform into the mostgoodbeautician in the world and win fortune getting that all womenofthe town come to your site. With this game you have funguaranteedembellishing the models, you will play at no cost as manytimes asyou want and you'll have no time for boredom.We offer the ideal application to achieve this workwithoutproblem, you think you can satisfy the clients withoutcausing anypain? In this pastime you will become the owner of yourown storein the center of the capital, your mission is to changetheappearance of the girls, which will come without fixingandunsightly: hairs all over the body, without showering and badbodyodor, do you dare with this challenge? Go ahead, start byheatingthe wax to melt and mold it to your liking, inspectcarefully theareas of their bodies, be careful as there are verysensitiveparts, if you see that there are difficult hairs to get,usetweezers and pull hard the hair . Put some rubbing alcoholbeforestretching and then apply aloe vera to not leave pimplesandredness on the skin. There are all the necessary tools toachievethe objective: depilatory machines, hot and cold wax,smalltweezers, creams ... etc. Start now your dream and show you'rethebest.Achieve shaving without pain, start with the lowerextremities,upper and then the entire face. To end the hair removalprocessoffer a good warm bath so you can remove all the traces thatmayremain, clean with mild soap to avoid damaging the layers oftheepidermis and your task will be completed. Good luck!
Shoot and Kill Zombies 1.0
If your thing is related to the danger,terror,death and you are not afraid of anything, enter in this fungame ofzombies! In it you'll have terrifying moments and you willfightagainst inhuman beings that will make things very difficult.Showthat you are a brave guy and that you're stronger than them,thereis no better weapon than the courage of a man to end the evilthatis stalking the city, if you don't do something to helpmankindeventually extinguished and the monsters will be themasters of theworld.These horrifying creatures will merciless attackagainsteverything that is put forward, for three days thesemonsters willgo through the capital in search of humans and killthem as soon asthey see them, will you be able to appear at theright time andkill them completely? The crowd will be in your handsto take themout of the terrifying assault and will trust yourgladiator skillsto save them. To fulfill your mission you will haveto destroy theevil completely without leaving any piece becausethey can get toreproduce themselves and it will be more difficultto fight againstthem. Win the battle in this application of horror,don't have fearfrom the blood and the severed heads. Defend yourland, peoplehoped that you will bring them peace back, so lookcarefully andget the necessary weapons to fight, get out there andstartshooting non-stop until bring them back to the cemetery.You'll have the best weapons and tools you need to succeed inthechallenge: pistols, grenades, bombs, shotguns ... etc. Everytimeyou go out victorious you will earn coins and you'll have thechanceto buy more shields and weapons. Look carefully and do notbereached, otherwise you will be removed and you'll start again.Havea great time with your friends destroying the wicked, do notmissthis opportunity and become the most famous fighter, goodluck!
Doctor Dentist Games 1.0
If your dream has always been to be a renowned dentist with thisfun application you will get it! Patients will come to your dentalclinic with different types of pain and situations, whether molarswith caries, gum infections, painful boils ... etc and you musttreat them with care and professionalism so they don't suffer anypain and they can return to eat and laugh again! You have thesuitable doctor utensils to alleviate the pain of the mouth:syringes, sterile forceps, pasta lathing mouth mirrors, explorers,sutures, saliva ejector ... Your query will be the most visited andrecommended by your customers!In this fantastic game of dentistsdoctors you can select the patient you want to treat: children thatwill require braces to place in perfect condition all his teeth,the elderly who will come to get dentures and so they can be ableto chew properly, young people who will need implants and crowns toreturn to smile, so you have to implement your knowledge inmedicine to be one of the best doctors in the town! You'll have tobrush the dirt that causes dental tartar and plaque, kill bacteriaand germs, remove the molars, make cleanings throughout the wholearea ... trying that patients do not suffer and making that theydon't catch any fear of the automatic chair from the query!In thisexciting challenge of dentists you must ensure that all patientsleave happy your consultation and eager to return to a visitroutine each year, prescribe pastes and mouthwashes for furthertreatment and maintain a good hygiene and become best, try it nowand enter in this amazing adventure of surgeons, Luck!
Handball Games Pro 1.1Pro
bitTales Games
Now you have available the actual handballgamethat you can play to shoot on goal and scores the highestgoalspossible.NO ADVERTISING Version.There are different levels of difficulty in the game, have30seconds to score goals, You can find a brace that will giveyouextra points or extra seconds, several factors that hinderyoulaunch the goal.It's Special handball games, finally playing a real one youwillspend time fun and addictive.
Magical Jewels Mania 1.3
Welcome to Jewels Mania, a game in which the jewels will be yourpassion.Jewelry is magical and out of the interior of the earth foryou the pick in groups of 3 or more.This watch for magical jewelswith powers to collect more jewels.Unlimited levels to play foreverand be the greatest catcher magical jewels of the planet.
Truck Parking 1.2
You like truck parking games? Here's ahighquality game to play to park heavier vehicles.- You can choose from 3 types of trucks, Parking a truck, afiretruck and park a garbage truck.- To drive the trucks, you will have a pedal to accelerate andapedal to brake and drive backwards. To turn the truck to left ortoright you should turn your phone giving you one real controloveryour vehicle and great accuracy.- You have to be driving your car through the city to get totheplace to park your truck.- There are over 20 levels of difficulty to play.The best game to play among all truck games and car parking.
Jungle Animals Game 1.0
Entertaining game animal in the jungle for interactive childrenplaying in the jungle to find the animals and their partners.JungleGame with real animal sounds for children to learn to recognize thedifferent animals and the sounds they make in thejungle.Educational games for kids.
Car Parking Games 1.2
You know parking cars? Do you like todrive?Well here you can prove your driving skills in this game, thebestgame of parking cars.This isn't a car racing game but in this game you have to showyourdriving skills also.- The game has more than 20 levels to show that you're good atthewheel.- Set driving skills- Choose from several car models to play- Parking cars with progressive difficultyIt is one of the best games of parking cars. Learn how to parkcarsand drive them.Play now and be the best at the wheel.
Puppies Dress Up Games 1.1
Do you like playing with puppies? here's afungame of dressing dogs. Your puppy will be the envy of all thepupsbecause he will be the most handsome of all with all theseclothesyou're going to put every day to be the center of attentionwhenyou take it out for a walk.You can put different puppy dressed as the time of day orcolddepending on how hot it is that day.The puppies are animals that need care with lots of cuddling.Ideal game for girls and the family so they are wellentertainedwith these animals in need of their care to be goodlooking.Dressing, games and a mix puppies very nice for a great game.You have full of clothes and accessories to dress upyourpuppy.
Kittens cats dress up games 1.0
You like to have a fun with this greatfashiongame pet? the time has come for the fun, we present acollection ofgames where you have to dress and embellish these funpets. Findthe perfect look for these cats so nice and funny.You need a mobile device to play, find the best combination toletthese cats very handsome and elegant. With these games youcanspend a fun-filled afternoon.You know that cats communicate with grunts and groans?alsocommunicate through body language. Is a pet and can find dozensofraces. They are predators by nature.Games for boys and girls for all ages, the image changes tothesefun pet, put the clothes and accessories you like best andpresumedwith these cats as great. Grab your mobile or tablet andwith thesegames and beautify dress you can find the perfect look.Put mostappropriate accessories, press play and enjoy a big, crankup yourimagination and discover the world of cats with this onlinegameanimals.Fashion games for cats are ideal for family play, do nothesitateand play with your siblings or your parents, surely you aregoingto have a great time together!
Dress up games and shopping 1.2
Sure the dress up games are your favorite, right? Thanks to thesegames you can discover the world of fashion and beauty, you willlearn to combine the clothes, to match colors, and use the fittingsand accessories as you like!Games for Girls to play all the time,play with your friends and start to discover this fashion gameonline, and you can play for free as many times as you want withoutspending a euro!Choose dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, shoes andother garments, you can also change the hair color, hairstyle, eyecolor and other fashion choices. You have everything you need tocomplete this game in the best way possible!Combine and discoverthis dress up game. See shopping with your friends with this game,you just need a mobile phone or tablet and start playing.Learn alot about fashion, choose the most fashionable clothes and letthese girls be true tale princesses.You have many accessories andaccessories to choose, look for the best hats, necklaces, earrings,bracelets, handbags, scarves, shoes and match as you like, if youmake a change you can do it smoothly. Get your wrist is the mostbeautiful, do not hesitate and start playing. Thanks to this gameof dress shopping and you can spend an ideal time! Games moresnooty girls in the house!
Baby Dress Up Games 1.3
Fun game for girls who like babies games, in this game you candress babies with different elegant clothes.There are manyaccessories to dress it up and make it very handsome babies.Youwill have different costumes to dress newborn.You can combinedifferent accessories such as rattles and other toys for the babyto play with.You can also put different backgrounds to createdifferent environments that the baby is comfortable as whenplaying, sleeping or walking.Game designed for girls to play withthis game for babies.Make the baby feels and looks like a lot ofit.
Arm Surgery Doctor Operation 1.0
You've had a car accident and you brokeyourarm. The ambulance came to take you with your wife to go tothehospital.At the hospital the doctor will operate the arm. Enter theoperatingroom for the surgery as quickly as possible.You have to disinfect the arm and remove all bacteria andgermsbefore they can sew the arm.You have to heal injuries to applying bandages and plasterbandages.You get to be the best orthopedic doctor.Fun game of surgery for arms and injuries. Learn how to useX-raysand to save lives.
Brides Dress Up Games 1.2
It is one of the best games Brides dress is ideal to leave themvery interesting for her wedding day, and make the groom fall tosee how beautiful and elegant that you left.Game options:- You canchange the wallpaper atmosphere for the wedding according to theplace you want to do it.- Unique and exclusive dresses for bridedress for the day to marry.- Change the color and hair dye.-Various hair and collected like you're in a hair salon.- A goodcollection of shoes.- Several wedding bouquets to carry.- Veryelegant and expensive jewelry- Velos very modern and stylish.-Contact lenses to change eye color.With this game you can make thebride as you like, games for girls with imagination and taste ofdesigner events or parties and weddings.
Dress up Games 1.1
Game for girls who like dress up games, isagame in which there are many accessories to match withyourmodel.You have a myriad of dresses of all styles of beauty youcanimagine.You have a large number of shirts and blouses, skirts, dresspantsif you want to put clothes.A large number of accessories like bags of high quality,veryFashion and stylish shoes to play with all the clothes. Forwhenyou view it in many environments in changing the background ofthescreen.In addition to even more elegant you will have manydifferenthairstyles, loose, collected, short, braids ... and typesof haircolor to be the color that you like.You can make up as you like combining the colors of theireyes,skin, lips..And an amazing thing there is the option of the surprise button,ifyou squeeze your dresses and arranges random models to have abaseso you can then dress for the occasion you want.Do not hesitate to play the most beautiful game for girls andgamesfor girls dress.
Nails Feet Games 1.0
Would you like to become a doctor and care for people with footproblems? With this wonderful application you can fulfill yourdream, you will become a podiatrist and you'll learn everythingrelated with foot diseases. You'll have to prevent, diagnose andtreat foot problems, take care of comprehensive care and the wholerelationship with the rest of the body.The structure and operationof the lower limbs are very complex and you'll have to pushyourself all the knowledge to cure different patients who will cometo your query. People will come to the hospital with broken fingersbones and you should do X-rays to determine the treatment theyneed, others will come with infections and will require medicationfor the pain. You will face with fungi, calluses and corns on thetemplates, which are very uncomfortable and don't leave the crowdwalk properly. The crowd will be in your hands so you'll have togive them a solution, which your main goal is to heal theirinfected nails and rare problems, wash properly the whole area,give injections to relieve the pain and finish with covering wellthe whole injury so they don't contaminate again and come again toyour consultation with a worse disease requiring an operation.Youhave the necessary instruments in your health briefcase tosuccessfully your goal: X-ray machine, tweezers, nail files,disinfectant soap, nail clippers, bandages ... etc and thus be themost prestigious surgeon. Do not hesitate and enter in the world ofmedicine, you will spend incredible moments with your friends andfamily and you'll be educated on the importance of hygiene,practice a lot and be the best, good luck!
BitBox 1.1
Bit Box is an entertaining and addictive Arcade game. Drive withone click your box through the different levels dodging otherboxes. Infinite 8 Bit style levels make you want to play more eachtime. Very good for developing your mental ability, skill andprecision. Play bit box levels to infinity. How to play: - Dodgeother boxes by jumping with your box. - Moving Boxes. - If youcollect the + box, you get more speed and have a protective shieldfor a few seconds. - Infinite Levels Play Free and have fun in thearcade world.
Princess Coloring Game 1.0
Beautiful and elegant princesses are waiting in this coloring gameprincesses. Enter a world full of fantasy with plenty of availabledesigns, a wide palette of crayons to choose from and manypossibilities to create a beautiful drawing princesses !.PrincessColoring Game is a tool created for children and adults! Aneducational application that will increase the concentration, motorskills and imagination of the younger members of the house. Theoperation is very easy: Choose the drawing princesses for coloring,selecting the right colors and paint without leaving the outline ofthe image.A game for children to learn playing it because thanks tohim develop the mental capacity, muscle coordination and betterknown objects. The functions are incalculable, sure to find onethat suits the needs of your children or your own to createbeautiful drawings.
Dress Up Princess Games 1.1
Dress Up Princess, dress them in thelatestfashions in this fun game! Play dress up with thesebeautifulprincesses tales. Beautiful places, with yourprincess.You can dress the most famous princesses, the one you likedthedress can now be a great stylist playing.You will have different accessories to make theprincessbeautiful.- jewelry games and beautiful accessories.- Hairstyles, you can change the hairstyles you want,collected,braids, headbands.- Dresses, beautiful prom dresses, the most stylish for thisgirlprincess.- Shirts, shirts and all kinds of fancy blouses- Also like make up games, you make her up so they looktheirbeautiful faces.- Trousers, skirts, miniskirts many styles- Many bags so you can carry all your stuff- Shoes, you have shoes with heels and shiny shoes many colorstochoose from.In these games for girls princesses, will be like dress upgamesfor girls who dream of being the queen of the house.This game falls into categories of dress up games, princessgames,hairdresser games, jewelry, handbags beauty.
Jungle Animals Game Pro 1.0pro
bitTales Games
Entertaining game animal in the jungleforinteractive children playing in the jungle to find wild animalsandtheir partners.Play FREE ADVERTISINGJungle Game with real sounds and animals for children to learntorecognize different animals and different sounds that areemittedinto the jungle.Educational games for kids.
Princess Nail Salon 1.0
With this fun application you will achieve get the best manicurescitywide. You will possess your own beauty salon and you have toshow your talent to all local girls. You have to get amazingmanicures and make your hands are perfect. You'll find wonderfulshining for everyone to be impressed colors.With this game you getto activate your imagination and talent. You should choose colorsthat you like and add all kinds of unique designs. Enjoy a numberof options to decorate and arrange the most damaged nails. Thereare an infinite number of shades, shapes and designs to choosefrom, make your customers feel happy and beautiful.You are ready topaint, spruce, fix and leave as new Manicures of the mostperfectionists girls? Have as many opportunities as you want topractice and learn to achieve your goal, it is easy and simple, youjust need to choose the tool that you like and get it to work!
Tennis Games 1.0
With this exciting application you can participate in tournamentsof this amazing sport where the best players in the world faceeachother! The goal is to throw the ball with the racket to bouncethe opposite court trying to not return back into your playground!You will have to become the king of the track and win thechampionship cup!You should practice your game strategies andmeasure accurately the force of launching and the network distanceto earn points for each part! The first to overcome a partialseries will be the champion! Practice all striking techniques asthe serve, volley, balloon, the kick the left and the top to defeatyour opponents comfortably!Features:- High-Quality Graphics-Intuitive interface and easy to handle- Swipe your finger acrossthe screen to control the game- Set goals to achieve points-Different levels with incredible images- A real-discipline sportssimulatorWill you become the greatest tennis player of all time?Defeat all opponents and be the top player!
Dressing and Make Up 1.2
Enjoy this new tool for girls that you can dress and make up themost beautiful models in the world! You will learn the latesttrends in fashion and can create your own clothing collection fornext season. You have to choose the most beautiful sets the cabinetto make your virtual model is the smartest!Dress Game Features:-Full wardrobe of exclusive garments- Create the most beautiful setsfor models- Make the girl is the most beautiful gateways- Fashionitems to create new trends: glamorous dresses, pants, elegantskirts, shirts, great designer handbags, large firms ...- Exclusiveaccessories to complement the outfit: very expensive jewelry,sunglasses, hats ...You can also make up with the best cosmetics!You'll have to choose the skin color model and apply the perfectmakeup! In your salon'll find lipstick, eye shadow, blush, eyeliner... An application for beauticians future veryaddictive!Hairdressing session arrives! In your business you canchoose the most fabulous hairstyles for very demanding models! Youwill have to have the account skin tone and facial features of thegirls to achieve the ideal cutting each hair.All women want to lookcarefully skin and shiny! So in your SPA will enjoy a nice beautysession. You will apply steam to remove pimples and blackheads, youuse moisturizing masks to restore smoothness to your skin, youdepilarás his eyebrows so that your eyes stand out ...Get a radicalchange to the celebrities most conceited! Combine different itemsof clothing and the best makeup to make them beautiful at parties,charity events, parades on the red carpet, awards, walkways ...Make your beauty business is an icon of fashion with style andclass. Try your clients are the smartest!If you've always dreamedof being a professional stylist, makeup artist or designer clothesto dress up this tool is the best you'll find! Unleash yourimagination to create your own clothing! With a simple interface tomanage because only have to slide your finger across the screen forskin care, shampoo, standardize and apply cosmetics to girls. Luck!
Pizza cooking game 1.3
You work in an Italian pizzeria, you have to cook the mostdelicious pizzas citywide.Cook pizzas of all kids for yourcustomers without forgetting any ingredients. Prevents clients fromleaving angry the pizzeria.Prepare the pizza dough to put in theoven and cook delicious pizza for your customers.Great restaurantcooking pizzas in many flavors.
Bit Box Pro 1.0pro
bitTales Games
Bit Box Pro is the ad-free version oftheaddictive Arcade game.Move with one click your box through the different levels ofplaydodging other boxes.Bit game has infinite levels will make every play you want toplaymore.Great for practicing your mental ability, skill andprecision.Browse all game worlds bit box.Play as:- In your case you have to go jumping and dodging other boxeswithdifferent sizes.- There are moving boxes.- If you touch the + boxes to get more speed and get aprotectiveshield for a moment.- Infinite Levels
Dress up games zombies 1.0
If you like games of mystery, horror,fashion,halloween, etc. can not miss this great game of dress upthesezombies!These undead are willing to play with you, for this you havetosearch through all the clothes available and you change the lookofterror these characters!But do not worry, do not be afraid because they are so fun!lookingfor the best combination available, you can change thehairstyle,clothes, shoes, eye color, hair color and otheraccessories andaccessories you have and start playing with thisdress upgame!Fashion Games full of surprises and you can play with yourfriendsand family and are ideal for play at all times, do not panicandput up your imagination and dress complete this gamesoentertaining, you just need a mobile phone or tablet and eagertospend time full of surprises.Learn how to combine the clothes in the best way, thanks tothesefree online games you will discover the world of fashionandbeauty. Combine all the clothes and if you dont likestartagain!Help these zombies to change your image, do not hesitate andstartsto dress up these dead so funny, you dare?Dress these zombies as you like, combine as best you knowallgarments, fashion games for ghosts, undead, spirits!Choose skirts, pants, shirts, shoes, hairstyles andotheraccessories and discover the terrifying image, goodluck!
Dress Up Games Models 1.0
If you like to play dress up games, here'savery entertaining game to dress models.With this game you will dress the world's most beautiful pinupinall colors.You have the option to change the skin color, brown,mulatto,albino, white as you like.You can also do the same to put eye color as the dress that youputinto the model.Look at the combination that you like if you put a nice partydressor you make a combination of skirt or pants with blouses orshirtsvery pretty.Some beautiful bags as we complete it will most elegant andshoesthe girl came out of the best shops.To complete this great fashion game and dress up you can make itasyou like with the most modern hairstyles in the world.
Run and Jump 1.0
Enjoy a real racing simulator with whichyouwill live an amazing experience full of action and excitinglevels!You will have to achieve the goal of this game running andcrossthe first position of the finish line avoiding all theobstaclesthat you will encounter along the way. An applicationwithexcellent graphics that give realism to the travel and anintuitiveinterface and easy game to use: you only have to slideyour fingeracross the screen to control the corridor.You will have to help this athlete to be the winner ofthisvirtual tour! You'll have to be the fastest and jump obstaclestoescape successfully from your opponents and get there first!Showyour skills and ability in this fun race which also providesalimited time to cross a circuit full of amazing challenges!Trainhard as a good athlete and move forward through thedifferentlevels!Realize the most impressive jumps to avoid colliding withanyobject hops, because if you fall you will have to start again!Puton your sneakers and start this fun competition! Share thisappwith your friends and family to discover the best gymnast ofallthe time. Luck!
Cleaning Games 1.0
Having a daily housework will become adefiantchallenge! After a great party at home you'll have to trythat yourhome remains clean and disinfected to reduce the risk ofdevelopinginfections and prevent diseases risk! With this game forgirls youwill compete against the clock so that your parentsdoesn't getangry when they return at home! You can put things intoplace, passthe cloth to remove dust, sweep and mop the floor sothat each roomlooks sparkling! With so little time you'll have toprove yourcleaning skills to be very quickly cleansing. But keepcalm,because you have five opportunities to see how you must leavetheroom to meet this goal successfully!Features:- Locate the disordered objects- Put things on the shelves- Collect and throw trash- Dusting- Sweep and mop the floorYou will learn to be an organized and responsible girl!Yourmother will be proud of you when you do the cleaning of everyroomin the house! Cleanliness is very important to maintain agoodhygiene. Enjoy this incredible graphics and a simple interfaceandeasy game to play! You only have to move your finger acrossthescreen to complete your mission successfully.
Dress up Dolls 1.1
Fun game for girls, one of the best dressupdoll games and do not need an Internet connection to play.Choose the monster doll, blonde, brunette, crowned, high......wrist and wears it as you like.You have a lot of accessories to dress them._ You can comb them with different hairstyles and differenthaircolors like you're in the salon.- Wonderful dress clothes so they can be most beautiful dressesofthe closet.- T-shirts, tops, blouses top of the wrists, and aremoreinteresting.- You have to make up them too if you want the mostelegantpaintings of the market as the best makeover games.- There are skirts, shorts, pants for the legs of the doll,dressaccording to where to take her for a walk- The shoe also very varied with all types of shoes, stylesandcolors, high heels ...... Ideal for girls.In this game for girls who like dolls can be grouped as gamesforgirls, dress, makeup, hair, shoes.
Puzzle for Kids 1.0
Puzzle for kids with lots of colorfulpicturesthat will appeal to your children! This educational gamewill helpthem learn to solve problems using logic! It inspirescreativityand imagination of children !.The gameplay Kid Puzzle is simple and intuitive, únicamentahaveto put the pieces in the right place to discover thehiddenpicture! A game that helps develop memory, concentration,skills ofassociation and movement. It is very easy to use forpreschoolers,they will spend hours playing each puzzle solving. Itis a greatgame to play during free time puzzle, since theirchildren learn toplay and improve their observation.With this children's game may forget to buy traditionalpuzzleand lose the pieces. Your children will feel proud andsatisfiedevery time they discover the hidden images. Contains highqualityimages which are passed hours playing.
Cocinar en un Restaurante 1.0
Estas deseando aprender nuevos alimentos de la gastronomía ydescubrir guisos secretos y no sabes como hacerlo? Pues entonces note puedes perder esta fantástica aplicación de cocina, en la que lopasarás genial realizando tu pasión sin siquiera salir de casa ysin coste alguno. No desistas, colócate tu mejor delantal, entra enlos fogones y ponte manos a la obra!Con este alucinante juegopodrás pasar horas jugando sin ningún instante para elaburrimiento, un pasatiempo cargado con gráficos de excelentecalidad y con los menús culinarios más creativos de las pantallas,no te lo pierdas! Has sido elegido para ser el ayudante particulardel chef más prestigioso de la ciudad en un restaurante muy lujosoy tu tarea será ayudar a preparar, guisar, organizar y servir entodo lo que él precise con el fin de convertirte en un buencocinero y llegar a tomar su puesto en un futuro cercano, teatreves? Si es así ponte a inventar recetas con fórmulasinnovadoras para dejar a los clientes boquiabiertos y sirve todoslos platos en un tiempo récord, pues sino se marcharándecepcionados sin querer volver y tu perderías tu empleo deinmediato. Tienes los ingredientes y materiales necesarios a tudisposición para crear nuevas comidas: desde jarabes de sabores,vegetales, carnes, caldos, pasta y arroz a tostadoras, sartenes,licuadoras y hornos.Una vez terminen de comer pregunta si deseanpostre, café o té y sé muy respetuoso en cada momento, pues lobuenos modales son imprescindibles en la restauración y de estamanera dejarás al gentío contento y satisfecho. Recuerda que habráun período límite para realizar la labor, sino perderás la partiday tendrás que empezar de nuevo. Suerte!You're eager to learn newfood cuisine and discover secrets stews and do not know how? Forthen you can not miss this fantastic kitchen appliance, whichyou'll have a great performing your passion without even leavinghome without charge. Do not give up, stand your best apron, comesinto the kitchen and get to work!With this amazing game you canspend hours playing without any time for boredom, a hobby loadedwith high quality graphics and the most creative culinary menuscreens, do not miss it! You have been chosen to be the specialassistant to the most prestigious of the city chef in a fancyrestaurant and your task will be to help prepare, cook, organizeand serve in everything he required in order to become a good cookand get to take his place in the near future, dare you? If soplease invent recipes with innovative ways to let the shockedcustomers and serves all the dishes in record time, as they marchdisappointed but not wanting to go back and you lose your jobimmediately. You have the ingredients and materials are availableto create new foods, from flavored syrups, vegetables, meats,soups, pasta and rice roasters, pans, blenders and ovens.Oncefinished eating asked if they want dessert, coffee or tea and veryrespectful at all times, because what good manners are essential inrestoring and in this way you will leave happy and satisfied thecrowd. Remember there will be a time limit for the work, but losethe game and have to start again. Luck!