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High-Speed Camera (GIF,Burst) 5.7.1
bruce lee
High-Speed camera on your hand! Do you want to take pictures ofsleeping baby? Do you want to take pictures of a cute running pet?Make your smart phone as a silent camera! Make your smart phone asa high-speed camera! Do not miss the chance! ▣ Taking high-speedpictures(Up to 40 shots per second) ▣ Various camera shutters(High-Speed, High-Definition, Silent) ▣ Creating animated GIF ▣Easy to use 1. Supports high-speed shots(Up to 40 FPS). - Fasterthan normal DSLR camera. - Supports preview or auto save for burstshots. 2. Supports silent shutter. - Supports Burst shooting,Freeze screen, Taking a picture without shutter sound. 3. Supportsimage effects. - Supports H/W based image effects. 4. Takinghigh-definition pictures - Don't open the other camera app to takehigh-definition pictures. - You can take a HD picture by pressingthe volume up(or down) button. 5. Built-in Photo Gallery - Pinchingto zoom in and out. - Various image effects. - Supports viewinganimated GIF. 6. Supports Animated GIF    - CreatingAnimated GIF with ease. * Touch the screen to get a focus. * Somephones are making a shutter sound when get HD pictures. * FPS isdepend on your smart phone's ability. * ex) Galaxy NX - 40FPS,Galaxy S3 - 30FPS [feedback]