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Atomic Command 0.1
Carpet bombing, rain of lazers, city under nuclear fire. One minutein game is one wave of enemies. The difficulty curve is somethinglike this : Wave 1 : "hmm, this game is for babies" Wave 5 : "thisgame is not so easy" Wave 10 : "I WILL NOT MAKE IT, HEELP" Theworld record is actually 22 waves by : 🏆★★★EccentricRhombus398 ★★★🏆Second place is Vylexia🥈 with 17 waves. Third place is SirQuboid🥉with 16 waves. How to play : Shoot on every thing in the sky. Useyour finger and tap on the screen to use your loaded weapon.Weapons with full auto can be used by holding finger on screen.when you shoot an enemy, a bonus can appear. It can be a weapon,shield or life, don't shoot it if you need it. If you reach 999gold points, you unlock a special weapon. You can do checkpoints atend of waves with your gold points. Ads are not intrusive.
Long Range Black Cat 0.1
Take control of the flying black cat only by rotating thescreen,and let's see how far you can go. The world record isactually : 🏆★★★ShoutingLion2789★★★🏆 with 2231m. Second place isOrdealius🥈 with1200m. Third place is LazzerSharkk🥉 with 1102m. Youhave to dogdeobstacles, and pick up lifes (just bump into birds) tocontinue tofly. This game is deliberately designed in a childishway, tocreate a beautiful and ridiculous contrast with itssenselessdifficulty.