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Demon Invasion 2.0.0
The story takes place in ancient times, Terran, Orcs, Maronite, notharmony.Orcs and Maronite invasion in order to compete forresources, human to guard their homes, has launched a protractedwar with dragons and Orcs.Each grid is a compete forpositions.Build Barracks,produce soldiers.You need to use somestrategy, or the human physique is not with dragons and orcconfrontation.1, Arms Description:Humans have militia, archers,mages, catapults. The militia is the basic branches of themilitary, do not need any building to produce. The remaining threebranches of the military need to build the building.For example,you want to production archers, you need to built the archery fieldfirst.Orcs have goblins, demons, banshee, and the souls oflocomotive. The orcs is the basic branches of the military. Theother three need building support.For example, you want a banshee,you need to build "Banshee nests.Dragons has Dwarfs, Gargoyle thegrenadier and Dragon. Dwarfs do not need building support. Theremaining three need the appropriate building.Such as the dragon,need to build the Lair.2, Building Description:In addition to eachrace of the basic branches of the military does not need building,the remaining arms need to have the appropriate building.Humanconstruction: archery range produce archers, the "magic tree canproduce Master, the smithy" produce catapult.Orc buildings:"dungeon" can produce demon, produces banshee need "banshee lair","the Orc blacksmith" can produce the chariot.The Maronite building:"The Dark Tower" production Gargoyle, "Alchemy Lab" productiongrenadier and the "Fire Dragon Lair "production dragon.In additionto the specific construction of all races, there are some specialconstruction.The watchtower: has a small defense force,construction can increase a little defense value.Defense Tower:increase overall defense value is slightly higher than thewatchtower.Magic Tower: applied magic, it has a more powerfuldefense force.Mana Shield: give some extra defense force to all thesoldiers in the area.The source of life: for all the soldiers inthe area to provide additional value of HP.Transporter: specifiedgrid can improve production efficiency and production capacity,increase in income of 25%.3, magic props:Now we have followingprops:Conscription: When a band of soldiers fought the troops ofthe individual soldier units may be reduced, this time using theprops will be able to immediately add strength to fill up the unitof troops of the individual soldier.Space-time conversion: You canswapped soldiers between two cells.Chicken blood injections: gamesin each of the soldiers in an operation inside only fighting ortroop movements once. Must wait until the next round to continueits activities. In this case, the use of chicken blood injectionswill the soldiers be able to re-activities in the current round.4,Instructions:Only operating your own camp, click in the grid on thescreen, switch to the selected status.Then construction, productionsoldiers.Clicking or dragging the available soldiers in the cell.To start fighting or move.You need click "Next Month" button whichon the top-right corner of the screen to skip this round ofoperation, wait for the next turn.
Defence The Beach 2.2.0
This is the first person shooter games with modern war and WorldWar II style. Players act as heavy machine gunner in the game toprotect the beach and prevent from the enemy assault from sealanding.1、Use gravity/joystick to control gun sight.2、Use greencannon, missiles and aviation to attack the enemy.3、The enemy'sability each has its own characteristics.4、Can be upgraded tostrengthen own strengthYou can be placed it in the way the enemythrough, blown up them.In the game, if the mines are exhausted, youcan go to the warehouse to buy 10 mines.
Xmas Tree 1.0.2
I dress up a beautiful Christmas tree, download it!
Defence Zombies 2.0.0
This is a first person shooter. You want to protect your peoplefree of zombie threat. There are three different places need todefend. Hospitals, streets, wilderness. You can use severaldifferent weapons against the zombies.Fighting!