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Super World of Mario 1.8
classic team
This is really good if you were a fan ofSuperWorld of Mario!!! You will find your self playing over andoveragain. The last level is definitely a hard one. In heatjungle,Jungle must pass so much threats to run to target world. Onhisroad, You are the first person gaming experience emotionalandexciting. You will enjoy adventures full of danger with Jungle.Thegame has a lot of traps, monsters, and unexpectedsituationsthrough each level that we have built.In heat jungle, Jungle must pass so much threats to run totargetworld. The boy Jungle can jump, run and Mario can use weapontokill monster but weapon is hidden in somewhere on the jungletokill all enemies on the way.Retro style run and jump platform Super World of Mario game!- Simple controls! Lots of fun!- Support phone and table
Brick Classic 1.8
classic team
Brick Classic is classical game and very interesting with very nicegraphics design. It’ll take you back to the childhood.are classicgame pieces shaped like brick game, geometric shapes composed offour square blocksEasy to play and pleasurable game for all age.From now on, let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle game! Onceyou start, you'll be hooked.You can play games for FREE!Functionkeys:Up arrow key: rotate the block.Left arrow keys: moveleft.Right arrow: move to the right.Down arrow : speed fall.