cmdr2 Apps

Trooper 2 (VR) 2017.01.07.0c
(Please help guide the programming and other users by rating theapp)14 levels of non-stop Shoot 'em Up action! You are Trooper, anaverage soldier in the middle of a place you'd rather not be.They're green and they're pissed, and you have no idea why.Sourcecode at 4 awe-inspiring bosses, andfast-paced action happening all around you in 360 degrees. Put onyour headphones and Google Cardboard headset, and stand up to thefight (quite literally, see below).Trooper 2 uses the magnetictrigger available on most Google Cardboard headsets, or optionallythe "Fire1" button on external controllers.Programmer's note: Usethe first 5 levels as warm-up for tougher levels. Tactical adviceis to prioritize the closest green things first, and disperse mobs.Enjoy!Stand up! I highly recommend standing up and physicallyturning around to shoot. That'll also give you a significant skilladvantage due to instinctive peripheral reflexes. Please be carefulnot to hit real-world things around you. 3D sound throughheadphones will add to the instinctive awareness.Reviews:1. VRFocus- -
Photos² 2015.11.23.0
View photos from your phone in a Virtual Reality room on a largecanvas. Requires Google Cardboard.Please rate the app based on yourexperience, to help guide the development and otherusers.Disclaimer: This is beta software and can crash. Please ratebased on your user experience and if there are crashes please tellme since I'm actively fixing them.Controls:1. Use your gaze toscroll through the gallery thumbnails.2. Click on the desiredthumbnail to view on a larger canvas.3. Click on the large image toview the next image.4. Click on the Gallery icon under the largeimage to return to gallery.
Panoramas from Flickr VR 2015.12.29.0
Visit panoramas of over 14,000 places and view 31,000 stereoscopicphotos from Flickr in virtual reality. This is an unofficial VRviewer for Flickr, and lets you browse the work of hundreds ofpanorama and 3d photo artists. Code at Pleaserate the app to help guide the programming and other users.Steps tostart viewing photos:1. Press the "Install" button.2. After theinstallation is complete, start the "Panoramas from Flickr"application on your phone.3. Insert your phone into a GoogleCardboard (or similar) viewer. Get your viewer at (decent viewers cost between US $20 - $30).4.Enjoy the view of a panoramic photo from Flickr!5. To view adifferent photo, push down and leave the trigger on your CardboardTWICE (like a double click). Or you can also press "Fire1" TWICE onyour bluetooth controller.6. Please visit the authors of the photosto show your support for their work!7. (Experimental) Tilt phone by90 degrees (like the Cardboard demo app) to view endless 3d images(31,254 photos indexed).8. (Experimental) Tilt phone by 90 degreesAGAIN to view 3d panoramas (15 photos indexed). Finally, tilt phoneby 90 degrees AGAIN to return to normal endless panoramas.Tip:Increase your screen brightness for best results.Disclaimers:1.This is a beta test version to seek feedback, so if you encounterproblems please let me know your problem and phone model in thecomments. This will help me fix the problem.2. The photos are ownedby their respective credited authors. 'Virtual Places' is only aviewing tool for such photos, and does not own or profit fromthem.3. This application is not affiliated with Flickr.4. 'VirtualPlaces' does not filter or censor photos from Flickr. Someuser-supplied content from Flickr may be unsuitable for minors,parental guidance is advised.Controls:1. To view a different photo,push down and leave the trigger TWICE (like a double click). Orpress "Fire1" on your controller TWICE.2. To look behind you, pushdown and leave the trigger ONCE and wait for a second. Or press"Fire1" on your controller ONCE, and wait for a second.3. Switchingmodes:3a. Tilt phone by 90 degrees ONCE to view 3d images.3b. Tiltphone by 90 degrees AGAIN to view 3d panoramas.3c. Tilt phone by 90degrees AGAIN to return to regular panoramas.
Racing Prototype (Krabi) 2017.06.30.0
Open "Krabi" after installation. Requires a Google Daydreamheadset. This is a prototype, and lacks a lot of basic graphics andfeatures. I welcome your feedback and suggestions!Daydream RacingPrototype #4: Chase and overtake other cars in first-person VR!Apologies again for the simple graphics and sound, I'm stillworking on those.More enhancements and better graphics are planned,based on your feedback.