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Catstronaut - Space Cat 1.26
Do you like cute games?Do you like cat games?Then you will lovethis game. It's a great game for kids.This is a lot of action gamethat will test your reflexes and strategy using a powerful physicsengine.It's a game of very short games with great difficulty level.With the diamonds that you collect each game you can buy differentcats that will give you other gaming experiences.Download it nowand see how far you can go. We really do not think you can gobeyond the seventh level. Show us that you can defend Max theCatstronaut's spaceship from the galactic asteroid attack.CuteSpace Cat: Catstronaut Max the Catstronaut and his group ofastronaut kittens are alone and lost in the space.Their spaceshipis stranded in the vast and empty space surrounded by dangerousasteroids. Only you can help them to protect their spaceship fromdestruction.- Guide astronaut cats using your fingers to hitasteroids off the screen.- Avoid electric, rotator and otherdangerous asteroids that can harm astronaut cats. - Collectpower-ups and magic potions to help cats with his mission to savehis spaceship!. Enjoy a challenging innovative gameplay withphysics! Ton of explosions and a-MEOW-zing special effects!The kidswill sure love this game and grown-ups will find itchallenging.Offline game, you don't need Internet connection orWifi.Enjoy this great game for kids.The best of cute games.Download it now and enjoy it!
Hexa Blast 2.18
HEXA BLAST Hexa Blast is a game of strategy and spatial ability.The game consists in avoiding that the hexagonal bricks that appearat the top of the screen and go down reach the bottom line. Eachturn you have to throw a ball that bounces and makes contact withas many hexagonal bricks as possible. Each hexagon has a numberthat indicates how many times it must be hit to destroy it. Thehexagons go down one row each turn, if you do not destroy them theywill come down and you will have lost. Although the mechanics ofthe game are very simple, this is very difficult to master, becausein each turn you should look for more than three or four reboundsagainst the hexagons. You have to make similar bounces to 8pool orbilliards pool. When playing without a strategy you get scoresbetween 8 and 10 points, there is no fun. But if you play itthoroughly you can get scores of more than 100 points. The Classic/ Normal mode record is at 664 points. It was obtained by a man wholives in Houston Texas. Accept the challenge. Could it be that youcan beat it? Invite your friends to play it and they can sharetheir scores by google play games. HOW TO PLAY IT * Hexes willappear, each with a number that indicates how many hits It needs tobe destroyed. * Hexagons with a mark indicate that they have achain reaction and hit their adjacent hexagons. * Throw the ball sothat it bounces as much as possible to destroy as many hexes in ashot. * If any hex reaches the bottom line, you lose. * But do notconfess! A bad throw can mean your downfall and the end of thegame. * Without time limits. * Free game without internet or wificonnection * It is one of the games that do not need much spaceFeatures * The game has three different game modes: The Classic,Magical and Gravity * In classic mode you can only use the bouncingball and chain reaction hexagon. * In magic mode hexes with powerswill appear. Ghost can go through and place the ball in ghost modewithout bouncing with the neighbors. Hexagon rocket, frees threerockets that destroy other hexagons, dimensional portal hexagoncauses the ball to exit through the other hexagon that is alsoportal. * In gravity mode in addition to the magic hexagons thegame will have a slight gravity that will make everything moredifficult. * The game has connection with google games to be ableto challenge your friends * Collect coins during the game that youcan spend in the store * In the store you can buy models ofhexagons, backgrounds, color palettes and ball stelae to customizeyour game. Tips to get good scores * Look for the ball to bouncebetween the upper hexagons and the top of the screen. * Takeadvantage of the angles of the hexagons to hit the hex twice,hitting the hex below, then the wall and then up. * Enter the ballbetween the joints of the hexagons or between a hexagon and thewall. For its minimalist style, HEXA BLAST is one of the games thatdo not need much space on your device so you do not have touninstall a thousand applications to play it. It is also easy toplay, fast, has colorful graphics, eye-catching sound effects andan interesting challenge to your intelligence so you kill time inan entertaining and challenging way. The game is perfect to play inshort leisure times: when you wait for the entrance to a meeting,when you are on the bus or the subway, between class and class. Youcan also minimize and pause and continue playing when you have freetime again. We are the same creators of Rope Pirate Escape andCatstronaut.
Beauty and the Beast - Animated Interactive Book 1.2
Do you know the original classical tale Beauty and the Beast ?Letyourself get charmed with the wonderful story of the beautifulBelle, who has to leave his father to live with a horrible andfierce Beast.Prepare to read a funny adaptation of the mostromantic tale of all time.Kids will enjoy the beautifulillustrations and funny animations of this wonderful interactivebookBeauty and the BeastDiscover each of the hidden interactions ineach page of the book.★Includes versions in english, spanish andfrench★Beautiful and original illustrations.★Funny version of theoriginal tale.★Each page includes funny interactions and hiddenanimations.★Great animated and interactive book
Cooratiendas - Catálogo Móvil 1.0.9
Mobile catalog for the products of the 'Cooratiendas' conveniencestore chain.The products are filtered by category or maker.Productscount with a full detailed photo and relevant information. Thatway, customers will have full knowledge of the offered products.
Rope Pirate Escape 1.7
The Captain Greenbeard is an old pirate who sails the seven seasalong with his crew: Chip, Blas and Tom. For him the most importantare beautiful women, so that everytime they sack a town or find atreasure, this filthy pirate uses his part of the loot for his ownends.After the captain had left their pirate lifestyle forgottenfor too long, the bored crew organized a mutiny and threw theircaptain off the ship for fun, vengeance and the sake of piratetraditions. Help Greenbeard survive the dangers of the sea! Defeatthe horrible and strange monsters that will try to eat him!RopePirate Escape is a fun game that will make you feel like sailingthe seas, thanks to its beautiful hand made illustrations,incredible music that submerge you in the pirate environment and aninnovative gameplay that will give you hours of fun.Become the heroof the seven seas. Just swing the rope, dodge and shot dangerousand funny monsters and other enemies, such as: crocodiles,piranhas, swordfish etc.Each enemy is different and you should lookfor a strategy to dodge or kill him.Each level has bosses and minibosses quite difficult.Collect the most coins to spend at theweapons store. There are short (melee) and long range weapons.Howto play Rope EscapeThe pirate captain hangs and swing on arope.Make tap where you want it to go. The pirate will propelhimself to where you pointed.Conserve your energy You will need itto dodge enemies.The pirate can move from one side to another as ina swing.Recover energy by collecting bottles of grog.Enjoy the mostfunny, addictive and challenging rope swing game. You will need alot of skill to play. The dumbest way to die is when the ropethrows you against the enemy.Please, don't forget to share it withyour friends. Support us! We are indie game developers like thecuphead guys, but we do not have a house to mortgage.This gameisn't recommended for small children. It contains humor and scenessimilar to happy tree friends or south park.
Toma Pedidos y Control GPS de Vendedores 3.1.11
¡CRIE SUA CONTA AGORA! Ingrese a ysiga las instrucciones del enlace CREAR CUENTA. Toma Pedidos yControl de Vendedores La aplicación móvil "Comtor TomaPedidos" parael canal de ventas Tienda a Tienda (TAT) facilitará y optimizará lalabor de su fuerza de ventas y el control de vendedores. Susvendedores ya no necesitarán planillas y tomar los pedidos en papely lápiz para luego digitarlos en su sistema. Nuestra aplicación lepermite tomar pedidos con su dispositivo móvil de manera más rápiday sencilla. Sus vendedores ya no tendrán que sincronizar datos alfinal de la jordana en la central de su empresa. Nuestra aplicaciónle permite enviar pedidos y sincronizar datos de inmediato medianteInternet o datos móviles. Controle a sus vendedores e incrementedrásticamente sus ventas. ¿Quiere saber dónde están sus vendedores?¿Quiere saber si sus vendedores realmente están visitando a susclientes? Puedes monitorear en tiempo real la posicion de tusvendedores utilizando nuestro sistema de rastreo satelital por GPS.Gracias al monitoreo satelital por GPS usted podrá ver a susvendedores en un mapa de Google Maps y ver que ruta siguieron.Comtor Toma Pedidos es una aplicación especialmente diseñada paraempresas de distribución mayorista y fabricantes o productores quetengan su propia fuerza de ventas. Cree su cuenta de demostraciónGRATIS AHORA y obtenga más información en CRIE SUA CONTA AGORA! Go to and follow the instructions on theCREATE ACCOUNT link. Take Orders and Control of Sellers The mobileapplication "Comtor TomaPedidos" for the sales channel Tienda aTienda (TAT) will facilitate and optimize the work of its salesforce and sales control. Your salespeople will no longer need formsand take orders in paper and pencil and then type them into yoursystem. Our application allows you to take orders with your mobiledevice faster and easier. Your salespeople will no longer have tosynchronize data at the end of the Jordanian company headquarters.Our application allows you to send orders and synchronize dataimmediately through the Internet or mobile data. Control yoursalespeople and dramatically increase your sales . Do you want toknow where your vendors are? Do you want to know if yoursalespeople are really visiting their customers? You can monitorthe position of your salespeople in real time using our GPSsatellite tracking system . Thanks to GPS satellite monitoring, youcan see your salespeople on a Google Maps map and see which routethey followed. Comtor Toma Pedidos is an application speciallydesigned for wholesale distribution companies and manufacturers orproducers that have their own sales force. Create your demo accountFREE NOW and get more information at
Claro - Teléfono Virtual 1.2.4
Esta aplicación permite a los usuarios Claro Soluciones Fijas quetengan el servicio de telefonía utilizar su línea de telefónicafija desde cualquier dispositivo android. Las llamadas serealizazan utilizando VoIP (Voice over IP).Para utilizar elservicio necesitas tener una cuenta activa en Claro.Thisapplication allows users to Clear Fixed Solutions that havetelephone service using your fixed telephone line from any androiddevice.Calls are realizazan using VoIP ( Voice over IP ).To use theservice you need to have an active account in Claro.
Knuckles Knows da wae 1.39
The Ugandan Knuckles have escaped from Virtual Chat, we do not knowwhat they say, what they want, but they know the way. Now you mustfind your home in this epic platform game. Jumping and dodgingdangerous enemies this fun meme will have to find a way to Uganda.We do not know why, but they want to go there. Because knucklesmust dodge somic (the blue knuckles) we do not know. Why somicflies, no idea. You can solve the difficult physics puzzles. Canyou avoid the flying somic? Russian Knuckles added at latestlevels.
M4F - Catálogo Móvil 1.0.9
Mobile catalog for 'Madre For Fashion', a 'Adornos yAccesoriosS.A.' brand. It can be used even with no internetconnection,allowing to view the latest products synchronized to thedevice.The products are filtered by category/subcategory ormaker.Products count with a full detailed photo and relevantinformation.That way, customers will have full knowledge of theofferedproducts. For more about 'Made For Fashion', goto:
Juggle Muddle
The circus came to town and presents its most recent andfascinatingchallenge. Bobo the clown and his Madness Juggling,which guaranteesentertaining kids and adults of all ages. To dothis, Bobo will nothesitate to accept new challenges in order toachieve his goal ofbeing the greatest juggler clown of all time.Nothing is impossiblefor this cheerful character. Can you help himmeet his goal? It willnot be easy, but each level will bring newchallenges and prizesthat you can use to dress Bobo your way. Playit now! And inviteyour friends.