Contra Pirate 1.0.7
Rambo Pirate — together with Peter protectyour country from attack of pirates. You will become the last hopeof rescue of the whole country, but as soon as you rescue the peacepopulation from awful pirates there will be a new danger: Cyclopsand dragons decided to burn the cities and to destroy people. Petershould take up arms again. Throughout 50 levels of variousdifficulties destroy enemy forces. Simple gameplay, various weaponand a lot of adrenaline are guaranteed to you.
Hungry Mouse Line 1.1
Fun and addictive Match-5 game!Hungry Mouse Line is a simple and interesting match game(match 5 ,match five or above). It is easy to learn but difficult to master.Hungry Mouse Line has cute cartoon and lovely sound. Your childrenwould love it also. Hungry Mouse Line provide three differentthemes.How to play:1: Match 5 or more of the same color beans together(horizontal,vertical or diagonal ).2: Try to get the highest score.3: More combos to be achieved, more props to be got.4: Game over when no move can be performed.Features:-Match 5 or more beans can be eliminated.-Match 6 or more beans can win extra props.-Get 2 or more combos can win extra props.
Highland Panda 1.0
In the game, players just need tap thescreento make a fireball and then launch it to destroy theenemies!Players can use new fire magic by using various powerfulveins ofrunes, such as draw firewall in any shapes, make a wave offire,and so on. Of course, every skill can be upgraded, includingmakefireball burn more violently and bounce off more timesFeatures:- Call fire elves within the limits of your phone’s screen withyourfingers to make fireball to shoot- Well-designed game scenes and various monsters will not makeyoutired.- 5 special worlds, 50 stages: different scene special effectsandmore fantastic magic experience- No annoying virtual icons; complete Assistive Touch- FREEHow to Play:Simple touch control by your fingers is quick and convenient!Fireball Attack: Slide with fingertip in a certain direction andata certain speedFirewall Attack: Slide with 2 fingersFirewave Attack: Double tap
Messi Journey,Fun Football 1.5
Your enjoying the journey adventures ofMessiby the World Cup 2014, dodging all the obstacles it facesanddodging opponents.You touch the screen anywhere to jump to the objects, andimprovesyour reflexes to overcome difficult levels that awaityou.
Ocean Zombie Fish 1.1
An arcade game involving complete thenextlevels by eating fish and defeat the bosses. Level ofdifficultyincrease with the progress of the game. There aresomesimplifications - you can buy special abilities within the gamebyspending points, which are collected at each level.You're alone in a big sea. Get into the underwater world andshowwho is boss! Do conquest in next rounds, discover new types offishand mysteries of nearby levels.Features:- 58 unique fish- 7 levels- 56 rounds- Unique Skills- Bosses and mini-bosses
Crazy Chicken Hunting 2.2.0
Czary Chicken Hunting! is an arcadeshootinggame. If you are lover of firing or shooting games, youwilldefinitely love this game. Just go for it.Story:This world has been slaughtering and eating chickensrecklesslysince centuries but forgot these birds can have feelingsas well.Some of the zealous Chicken birds flew away from earth tosomeplanet in space, brought up a robust army their and nowhavefinally declared an open war against this earth in revenge.Thesefervent birds mission is to invade this earth and rule overthat.You are the scientist and have made an awesome fighting planeafterextensive research which can be used to to put up a goodfight. Nowyou are the only hope of this humanity and this wholeearth islooking forward to you. Time has come to become their superheroand have to show you have more anger then these invadingangrychickens and keep this world in safe hands. Just pick up theplaneand go at these angry birds.Over to you now, Best of luck CAPTAIN !!!Features:# Cool plane with awesome fire power.# Tides of angry chickens and Gigantic asteroids waves.# Monstrous End Bosses.# Touch controls for plane.# Delighted battlefield space.# Rockets, Megabombs, shields and can go for many more upgradesfromstore.# Game's addiction increases with time just like angrybirdsgo.