copy2sim Apps

Copy to SIM Card 1.51
This free application enables you copy and export your phonecontact(s) to a GSM SIM card. Good for contacts backup. It doesn'tsupport dual sim card phones.You can also use the app to manageyour SIM contacts, e.g. erase/reset sim card in one click.It is forphones with Android v2.x or higher. When copying to a SIM card, notall characters might be copied due to limitation of your SIM card.It doesn't support dual SIM card.Q: Why does it need INTERNETpermission?A: This is a free app, we need ads to support our work.You may choose our paid version which is ads free and doesn't needINTERNET permission.Email [email protected] if any suggestions.
Copy to SIM Card(Ads Free) 1.53
***Please try the free version first to see if it works on yourphone or not, we won't be able to refund you otherwise. ***Thisapplication enables you to copy your phone contact(s) to a GSM SIMcard. Good for contacts backup.It is for phones with Android v2.xor higher. When copying to a SIM card, not all characters might becopied due to limitation of your SIM card. Email [email protected] any suggestions.
i-Shanghai Free Wifi 1.6.0
This app allows you to connect to i-Shanghai wifi hotspots inShanghai using a mobile phone.The Shanghai government provides freei-Shanghai wifi services in a number of public places. Usually youwill have to open a web browser on your phone to input phone numberand password, which will be sent to you via SMS message. This appwill search for hot spots automatically and enables you connect toi-Shanghai as easy as a button click.Q: Why does the app need thepermission to read my SMS messages?A: Just for purpose of gettingthe password the mobile operators sent over via SMS. The appdoesn't store, forward any of your SMS messages.Q: Why did I failto connect to i-Shanghai hot spots?A: Common reasons for failing toconnect to i-Shanghai: 1. Too many devices connecting to an AP. 2.Wifi signal too weak. 3. You have spent more than 2 hours freesurfing using i-Shanghai in a single day. 4. Unable to receive theSMS message from operator.Q: How can I report bug or suggestfeatures?A: Please write email to [email protected]: Where canyou find i-Shanghai hot spots?A: Parks, public hospitals, airports,railway stations, government office buildings, etc.