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My Food Intolerance List 1.0.8
Do you suffer from lactose, fructose, histamine, gluten, sorbitolor salicylic acid intolerance? Or do you even have several of them?No problem! With ALL i CAN EAT you have all your food intolerancesunder control.ALL i CAN EAT adjusts to your individual intolerancesand calculates your compatibility for each food. Thecompatibilities are displayed in a simple traffic light system,ranging from green (very well tolerated) to yellow and orange up tored (bad idea to eat). If a recommendation does not apply to you,you can easily save your individual tolerance for the foodconcerned.Search quickly for a specific food, browse certaincategories such as beverages, fruits, dairy products, etc. orfilter compatibilites by color. In addition, ALL i CAN EAT doesalso provide many details such as the amounts of lactose, fructose,glucose, histamine, sorbitol, salicylic acid, amines, amino acids,etc. And in case you should miss a food, you can add it easily.Youwill never have to search various lists again or learn any numbersby heart! With ALL i CAN EAT you manage all your food intolerancesin one place.
PUMPR - Training Journal 1.0.5
Pumpr is your perfect workout companion. Create your own workoutsand add exercises to them. Keep track of your exercises’ sets, repsand weights. The exercises of a workout can easily be rearranged oredited. Display your progress in a graph. Additionally, you caneasily create custom statistics and keep track of your body weight,upper-arm circumference or whatever you like. You'll never want topump without Pumpr again.
Mr. Guess - the quiz to guess facts and figures 1.0.2
Are you ready to become the new Mr. Guess?Mr. Guess is a quizwhereyou won't probably know the answers exactly so you will ratherhaveto guess. The better you do, the more questions you will beable toanswer. Try to complete as many rounds as possible andbecome thenew Mr. Guess.