creaDOit Apps

Gravity Pig 2.2
Guide the little pig through a world full of flames and obstacles.Change the gravity level by tapping on the screen to let the pigjump up and down. Train your skills, earn achievements and reachthe top of the leaderboard!# Endless Run: The further you progressin the game, the faster the pig runs - it gets harder continuously!How far can you make it?# Levels: Master 12 different Levels! Usepower-ups to speed up and turn around. Collect apples to unlock newpigs.# 1vs1 Realtime Multiplayer: Challenge your friends and familyin online realtime multiplayer matches!Features:- realtimemultiplayer- endless runner game- easy tap to jump control-leaderboard- lots of achievements to unlock- share your score withyour friendsEasy to learn, hard to master!
NeuroFun 1.0
Neurofun is a mini game that uses NeuroSky MindWave headset to giveyou the power to accelerate a tractor pulling a tree trunkcontrolled with your thoughts. Train your Concentration andMeditation. Pull the tree trunk as far as you can - withouttouching your phone, fully mind controlled!Game Modes:-Concentration (focus/attention): Be focused on the game to speedup.- Meditation: Relaxe and clear your head to get a newhighscore.Features:- Highscore- Analysis: Saving attention leveland meditation level for each game. Drawing plots of attentionlevel and meditation level change in time. Get feedback about fortraining progress.NOTE: A MindWave Mobile headset is required touse this app.Used pictures designed by Freepik.
Men's Toolbox 1.2
Everyone (especially men) need this perfect collection of drinkingtools: Beer Counter, Blood Alcohol Calculator, Still-Sober?-Testand 22 Funny Sounds.+ Beer Counter: Number and total price of drunkbeers at a glance! There are several drink types to choose from.Size, price and alcohol content of each beverage can beindividually adjusted.+ Blood Alcohol Calculator: What is yourAlcohol Level? Your current permille value is calculated based ondrunk beers and other drinks. Your weight and gender is needed toensure a more accurate calculation of your blood alcoholconcentration. In addition, reducing the permille value per hour istaken into account.+ Still-Sober?-Test: Test if you're still ableto follow a line with your finger.+ 22 funny sounds: The rightsound for every situation.Used pictures:Beer vector designed byFreepik.comVintage vector designed byFreepik.comDrink-elements-icons by Alvaro_cabrera/Freepik.comUsedsounds:Audience Applause - by Matthiew11Cha Ching Register - byMuska666Dun Dun Dun Sound - by DelsymEvil Laugh Male 6 - byHimanGodzilla Roar Sound - by MarcHorn Honk Sound - by MikeKoenigIncoming Suspense - by MaximilienShotgun Blast - by JimRogersSlap - by SoundMaster13Toilet Flushing Sound - byKevanGCTornado Siren II - by DelilahWinchester 1873 Single Shots -by Grant EvansPew Pew - by DKnight556Ta Da Sound - by MikeKoenigOpening_can_pouring.mp3 - by Taira KomoriBeer Fridge - byproducerdanSFX_BEER-Bottle-Cap-Open-POUR.wav - by HDM2013
Textr - Voice Message to Text 1.7
Convert your voice messages (e.g. WhatsApp) into text (Speech toText). Simply select a voice message in your messenger app and tapon the share button (take a look at our screenshots). Choose "VoiceMessage To Text" and that's it. Your voice message will show up astext!You are at a concert and can't listen to WhatsApp voicemessages of your friends? Let them display as text with "VoiceMessage To Text". It's so easy!Currently supported languages-Afrikaans- Albanian- Arabic- Azerbaijani- Bengali- Bosnian-Bulgarian- Burmese- Catalan- Central Khmer- Chinese- Croatian-Czech- Danish- Dutch- English- Estonian- Finnish- French- Georgian-German- Greek- Hausa- Hebrew- Hindi- Hungarian- Icelandic- Igbo-Indonesian- Inuktitut- Italian- Japanese- Kannada- Kinyarwanda-Korean- Latin- Latvian- Lithuanian- Macedonian- Malay- Mongolian-Norwegian- Persian- Polish- Portuguese- Romanian- Russian- Serbian-Slovak- Slovenian- Somali- Southern Ndebele- Southern Sotho-Spanish- Swahili- Swati- Swedish- Tagalog- Tamil- Thai- Tsonga-Tswana- Turkish- Ukrainian- Urdu- Uzbek- Venda- Vietnamese- Xhosa-Yoruba- ZuluFeatures- Speech to text (STT)- Transcribe/Convertvoice messages to text- Transcription of audio files