Glycemic Index & Load : low-carb diet & fiber 3.0.1
This app lets you easily browse, search for, and display theGlycemic Index for different foods. Additionaly you can accessGlycemic Load and carbohydrates + fiber contents in foods. There'salso a calculator of the Glycemic Load in a given serving. Knowingthese values and following a low-carb diet like Montignac, Paleo,Atkins, low-GI and similar, helps avoid weight gain or obesity andlower the risk of diabetes, coronary heart and age-related healthdiseases.Do you want to eat smart?+ know good food+ eat smart+follow low-carb diets+ control your weight+ prevent diseases+ fightweight gain, overweight and obesity+ benefit from modernmultilingual app UI+ have the Glycemic Load, Index and carbs dataalways at hand+ backup or sync with other devicesThe free part ofthe app is the Glycemic Index feature + Weight tracker. If you wantto utilize the other exciting features like below, you can havethem for a small fee. + Glycemic Load list+ Carbohydrates contentlist+ Fiber content in foods and net carbs calculator+ Calculatorof the GL and carbs+ Meal content calculator+ Food diary to keeptrack of your food, glycemic load and carbs consumption+ Statisticswith averages for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods+Beautiful charts of the GL and carbs consumption over time+ Weighttracking with statistics and beautiful charts+ Future additions tothe food tracker, charting and stats+ Import/export all your datato/from cloud storage+ No more ads!So, why wait?! Try the app forFREE and simply take control of your health!
Cholesterol Table: diet aid 2.0.0
Cholesterol Table and Calculator is an app that lets you easilybrowse, search for, calculate and display the cholesterol contentof different foods and meals. There is no need to register or loginanywhere to use it. All user data are saved in the device. I wishyou health! With My Cholesterol Table you can:* care about health*know good food* follow low cholesterol diets* prevent diseases*find cholesterol content in food* fight overweight* have it alwaysat handKnow the content of cholesterol in foods, follow lowcholesterol diets and lower risk of diseases.
SWIRLY: Color Wheel Mind Training Game 1.8.0
Swirly is the addictive arcade game where you match color of thedropping ball with the rotating color wheel. There are a lot ofbeautiful colors, shapes, music and geometry backgrounds that willhelp you to relax your mind from a stressful day. How to playSwirly? Just tap on the screen and play - timing is everything! Useyour power of observation! Main features: ✔ Easy to play, simplerules - challenge your reflexes! ✔ No violence - Addictive arcadegameplay without any violence. ✔ Long hours of entertainment - Killboredom! ✔ Get relaxed and do mind training at the same time. Leavethe stress behind you! ✔ Stay focused and fill the zen moment! ✔Beautiful colors, shapes, geometry backgrounds and relaxing music.✔ Unlock the new shapes of the color wheel (lollipop, square,triangle, pizza, hearts, animals, Halloween, Christmas, etc) ✔Compare your skills with other players on our leaderboard and sharethem with your friends. ✔ Available in 16 languages (English,Polish, Chinese, Japan, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese,Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, Croatian, Italian, Korean and Finish) ✔FREE game to play! Tap your screen, start playing and have fun withSwirly! Dive into the color infinity! More about us: Website:
Business Bro! Convert tax, currency and track fuel 2.0.1
Running a small business is a challenge like no other. There are somany things to deal with. This app is designed to help you at leastin some of them. Why wait? Install now for free! Some of thecoolest features: * Find out how to price your product or serviceto earn money on them* Convert net / gross amounts and taxes *Quickly calculate fuel costs. Keep records of its consumption *Comfortably check current exchange rates and convert currencies *Do you invest in cryptocurrencies? You will quickly calculate howmuch your Bitcoin is currently worth * Do you know how much you areleft after paying all the taxes? * Keep records of calculations andfuel consumption * Quickly share calculations, currencies and fuelconsumption with your associates * Just try and take advantage ofthe application to feel a little relieved when running yourprecious business! Thanks to the Business Bro! you can quickly findout perfect prices for your products or services by knowing howmuch income taxes and VAT you need to pay and what you will getafter all these extortions. In addition, you can check and trackfuel consumption of your vehicles. There is also a convenient multicurrency converter, also for Bitcoin. Why wait? Install now forfree!
Burn Calories! Fitness activity, weight loss, fat
Take care of yourself, do basic things to lose weight, makeyourself healthier and feel better physically and mentally.Activity is health! The best thing you can do for your health is tobe active. Download this app for free and take care of yourselfnow! Burn calories and lose weight doing simple things like walkingor cleaning your house. The app is amazingly simple to use: justselect an activity, tap the "Record" button and watch how manycalories you are burning! You don't need any additional equipment,such as a pulsometer, pedometer or even GPS services on yourdevice. What's more, it's free app now! There is no need toregister or login anywhere to use it. Why wait? Install now forfree! We created this app to make this task easier for you. The appwill help your burn calories and lose weight and fat easier, and isespecially helpful in assisting you to develop the good habit ofsystematic physical activity. Being active keeps your body in goodcondition and healthier. However, not everyone likes, or is able,to run, swim or do other endurance sports which are generallyuseful in burning calories and fat. Also, not everyone owns apulsometer or other special device. Therefore, this app does notrequire any additional equipment, such as a pulsometer, pedometeror even using the GPS localization services on your device. The appis amazingly simple to use: just select an activity, tap the"Record" button and watch how many calories you are burning! 🔥 Getto know your body! 🔥 Achieve health and fitness goals. Trackprogress. 🔥 Weight tracker for controling your weight. 🔥 Nopulsometer or GPS needed!", 🔥 Smart training in the HR Zones 🔥 Easyto use and always at hand 🔥 Over 800 different activities 🔥 Fightweight gain & obesity Here, you will also find severalcalculator tools that may be helpful in maintaining your correctweight, checking your body condition or charting your training.They are all free! So good luck and burn'em all unwanted fat down!Fitness calculators available: 🔥 Basal metabolic rate 🔥 Caloricneeds 🔥 BMI calculator 🔥 WHR (waist/hip) calculator 🔥 Ideal weight(8 methods) 🔥 Body fat percentage 🔥 Resting Heart Rate calculator 🔥Maximum Heart Rate (8 methods) calculator 🔥 Heart Rate Reservecalculator 🔥 Training Heart Rate Zones (3 methods) 🔥 VO2max -maximal Oxygen Consumption (8 methods) 🔥 Calculate calories burnedbased on average heart rate or VO2max 🔥 Pin/Unpin values like BMI,body fat, Cooper test or training zones to the dashboard Do youwant to burn down some calories? Find out now how! Install the appand use it for free to take control of your calorie burning plans.Burn'em Down! Easier weight loss with a calories and fat burningAdvisor. Healthier and fitter living. Fitness calculators. Takecare of your weight, know your training zones, set up goals andtrack your progress. Install now! The app also allows to use: 🔥Convenient, beautiful and customizable user interface 🔥Import/export data from Google Drive or Dropbox 🔥 Export weight logor activities log to CSV documents on a cloud drive 🔥 More than 800different activities you can track or calculate their caloriesconsumption Supported languages: ✔ English ✔ Spanish ✔ French ✔Japanese ✔ Italian ✔ Polish Depending on the types of activity andthe user's body parameters, the app uses several formulas, methodsand equations to calculate the number of calories burned duringdifferent activities. Also, the app is equipped with a number ofuseful calculators: body fat level, bmi, heart rate, trainingzones, vo2max and many more. Download the best fitness app forfree!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More about us: E-mail:
Money Manager: Spending Tracker, Budget Planner
Money Manager which will help you to track expenses easily, andsave money for your home budget! It is not easy to manage personalfinance, but with helpful expense report and budget planner, itbecomes much easier! Did you ask yourself how to save money? Useour spending tracker app to plan your personal finance. Do you getthat feeling that your money somehow magically disappears, but youdon't spend so much at all? How this happens? Now you can finallyfind out where your money goes. This budget planner will help youto discover what absorbs your money. What expenses cause the mostdamage to your home budget and which costs should you limit to savemoney for the things you really need. What's more, this spendingtracker is free! There is no need to register or login anywhere touse it. Expense report and all user data are saved in the device.Track expenses and manage your wallet! Track spending, cash, bills,fees, and payment EASILY! Main features of Money Manager: 💸 Keeptrack of all your expenses. Spending tracker is important if youwant to improve your personal finance and wallet condition. 💸Quickly review your recent costs. Fast access to all of yourspending. 💸 Manage money easily by categorizing expenses. Createyour own categories as you need - rename, choose color and icon foryour budget planner. 💸 Filter expenses by types: cash, card,transfer 💸 Browse daily costs, weekly expenses, and monthlyexpenses, and check your expense report. 💸 Assign spending to oftenused categories and filter by them 💸 Find the highest costssources, manage them and save money for your home budget. 💸Comfortable money manager - easy to use! 💸 Convenient, beautifuland customizable user interface 💸 Import/export expense report andother documents from Google Drive or Dropbox. 💸 Export files to CSVdocuments 💸 More than 120 currencies available (USD, EUR, GBP, BTC,JPY, AUD, CAD, INR, TRY, RUB, PLN...) This budget planner issupported in 19 languages: ✔ English ✔ Russian ✔ Chinese(Traditional) ✔ Chinese (Simplified) ✔ German ✔ Spanish ✔ French ✔Arabic ✔ Ukrainian ✔ Japanese ✔ Portuguese ✔ Turkish ✔ Italian ✔Croatian ✔ Polish ✔ Greek ✔ Indonesian ✔ Dutch ✔ Czech Thispowerful spending tracker will allow you to plan your daily, weeklyand monthly. You don`t have to be a professional to plan personalfinance, save money and enhance your home budget. You just need toown a smartphone or tablet! Manage money effectively with our moneymanager! Download the best budget planner for free! ---------------More about us: E-mail: