Daily Sheep Farm 2.0
Welcome to Daily Sheep Farm game.Be a good farmer to take care ofthe sheep on the farm, cut grass, making milk and create wool andthen textures.Everday you have to work to take care the sheeps suchas let them to drink water, eat grass, injections, milked, fleeceshaved.You can increase the number of sheep to have more milk, sellthem to have more profits.Wool is a very valuable commodity socreate as much as possible.Complete daily mission to pass level andreceive a lot of funny gifts.
Hammer Man 1.0
Play with the hammer man, move in a jar to overcome theobstacles.Use the hammer sticking to the object, pushing peopleoverobstacles. The game is not simple and requires skill, hardwork.Many surprises are waiting for you ahead, the road on adifficult.Be patient and trust your ability. Do not give up, acceptthechallenge, the reward will come to you.Characteristics ofthegame:- Full of obstacles and crags.- Try climbing skills.-Applyflexible strategies and skills.- Simple gameplay.- Nicegraphics,smooth.Have fun playing the game and do not forget to votefor us!
Mermaid Fashion Makeup Salon V1.23
There will be one excellent mermaid dressing party. Everyoneshoulddress up with mermaid dress. This is really attractive. Cometohelp this nice girl make up beautifully for the party and tryyourbest to pick one wonderful mermaid dress for her. Show usherhandsome mermaid boyfriend and let them have fun together intheparty. Features:+Dress up beautifully for the girl +Design onesetof nice mermaid dress +Dress up beautifully for girl and herboyfriend+Make up for mermaid+Let the girl and her boy friend playinthe party