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Bela 3.02
Bela (or Belot), a simulation of popular card game. Game is playedwith 32 hungary styled cards. This card game is mostly played onBalkans, and maybe some other parts of the world. You are playing afour player game, where your team plays against team of (so called)artificial intelligence players. Play this game against otherplayers online. Enjoj!
Sedmice 1.1
Do you remember that old retro card game that we all played askids?Well here it is, somewhere it is called Sedmice, or in HungaryZsírozás, in Poland as Hola, in Czech as Sedma, or if you want sayits name in English, just say Sevens.There are many ways how thisgame can be played, and here the rules that this game follows:-Game is played with 32 deck cards (you can choose between threedeck types).- It is played with two teams against each other, eachteam with two players and each player has four cards in hand at thesame time.- Ace and ten are counted as points, last trick iscounted as +1, total of 9 points per round- 10 points is awarded ifyou and your partner take all aces, tens and of course, lasttrick.- First team that reaches 41 three times is a winner!- and... almost forgot, Seven is the card that can take any card...Youcan play against computes opponents (2 vs 2) or you can inviteyourfriends and play together online. Feel free to checkhttp://www.100kas.com, we prepared online version of this game,sograb your desktop or laptop, load your browser and try it there!
APokerLite 1.0
APokerLite is a poker card game. Try to cash as much as possible bywinning poker combinations and betting. Game is played with 52 deckwith joker card which can replace any card.
Alien Tennis 1.30
Alien Tennis, game is tennis, location is unknown, somewhere inuniverse, in Alien Tennis realm. Those evil aliens are youropponents, and they claim that they are best tennis players. Beatall of them and be first in pyramid. Prove them wrong! This simpletennis 3D game has fluid physics and gameplay with fast and simpleplay controls.
ThePrimes2 1.11
This game is all about Prime numbers and the use of little greycells whilst creating Prime number formulas from numbers andoperations on a 5x8 grid. You should select numbers and operationsin alternate order to form prime number expressions (for example4*1+7 is 11 = prime number). As your score increases, game speed isfaster. You can also play the game on three different game levels.
LudoCovjeceLite 1.02
Game LudoCovjeceLite is conversion ofsorryboard game. Game is played against computer aided player.Moves aredrawn simultaneously every six seconds. Each player hasits owndice which is rolled by computer. Goal of the game is tomovefigures from start to end before opponent does.