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LIC Policy Tracker 9.7
LIC premium calculator cum LIC policy tracker. LIC policy trackeris meant only for Agents/ CLIAs. Not for LIC policy holders. Helpsyou track all your policies offline and filter/ sort them accordingto your requirements. LIC Policy Tracker comes with a powerful setof filters that you can customize to suit your needs. Plot graphsto analyze your past/ present performance.LIC Premium Calculator• Calculate premium from sum assured OR maturity value ORapproximate premium that a client is willing to pay. • Includeloan/ surrender value projection along with the premium quote.• Generate beautiful PDF reports. • Printable plan brochures.• Save premium quotes for future use. • Broadcast premium quoteswith selfie on Facebook. Offline Portal • Offline access (nointernet needed) to all your policies. • Filter/ Sort policiesbased on various parameters. • Search policies using policy holdername or policy number. • Voice-driven policy lookup (watch videoabove). • View updated policies (new + premium paid) after eachsync. Premium Due • List policies whose premiums are due. • Showsthe total number of dues, premium to be paid as well as the totaloutstanding commission. • Share premium due quote via SMS, Email,WhatsApp etc. • Search policies using policy holder name or policynumber. Offline Premium Due/ Maturity Reminder • Automatic PremiumDue/ Maturity Reminder. No manual interaction needed to setreminders. • Reminds you before a configurable number of days.• Daily alerts. • Automatically send reminder SMS to policyholders. • Automatically categorizes reminders to 'Upcoming','Today' and 'Overdue/ Matured'. • Ability to forward premium due/maturity alerts to clients via SMS, Email, WhatsApp etc. BirthdayReminder • Automatic birthday reminder of policy holders. No needto manually set reminders. • Categorizes reminders to 'Today' and'Upcoming'. • Daily alerts - Never miss the special day! LapsedPolicies • Track all lapsed policies. • Calculate total lostcommission. Business Insight • Month wise breakup of new policies,sa, number of renewals and renewal premium. • Total of all businessparameters for the specified date range. NB Plotter • Plot graphsdetailing new business information between a specified date range.• Plot parameters include sum assured, premium and commission.Online Utils • Premium paid statement - View/ Print/ Share premiumcertificate of any of your policy. • Policy status view - View/Save/ Share status of any of your policy instantly. • Revival quote- View/ Save/ Share revival quote of lapsed policy. • Loan - View/Save/ Share paid up value, accrued bonus, surrender value and loan.• Ask LIC (SMS enquiry service). Date Filters • DOC. • FUP.• Maturity Date. Policy Parameter Filters • Sum Assured. • Premium.• Commission. Payment Mode Filters • YLY. • HLY. • QLY. • MLY.• SGL (Single). • LTD (Limited PPT). Sort Options • Policy holdername (A-Z). • FUP Date (Old to New). • Policy (New to Old).• Commission (High to Low). • Premium (High to Low). • Sum Assured(High to Low). • Maturity Date (Old to New).
LIC Premium Calculator (Trial) 5.9
Calculate premium, maturity, loan andsurrender values of LIC policies. Use the plan mixer to create,save and share custom plan combinations suiting the needs of yourclients.Premium Calculator• Loan projection.• Surrender value projection.• Total premium to be paid till maturity.• Estimated returns on maturity.• Save quotes to be restored later.• Export premium quotes to PDF.• Broadcast premium quotes on Facebook with Selfie.• Intelligent age sensing. Automatically rounds off age to last/nearest birthday depending on the plan.• Compare premiums and details of all plans. Intuitive color-codedcomparison.• Automatic detection and suggestion of minimum and maximum limitsof age, S.A, term, P.P.T etc. for each plan.• Automatic detection of various riders and waiver benefits.• Separate Accident and Disability Benefit Rider calculation forpolice personnel.• Age extra premium.• Calculate commission based on premium payment mode (yearly,half-yearly etc.).• Quick, tabbed access to plan details.• Calculations inclusive of service tax.• Subsequent year premium.• Quick access to recently used plans.• Medical reports requirement.Plan Mixer• Automatic suggestion of plans based on age and premium paymentmode.• Single screen mixer.• Create a combination and save it for later (re)use.• Includes risk cover (normal and/ or accident).• Export combination report to PDF.• Share combination result using SMS, Email, WhatsApp etc.Utilities• Date back interest.• Late fee.• Revival calculator.• Age calculator.Plan Finder• Quickly list plans that satisfy the requirements of aclient.• Jump to premium calculation of a listed plan.• Plans are listed not only using the completed age of a client butalso the age nearest birthday.Online Utils• Agent login.• Customer login.• Pay premium.• My transactions.• New user.• E-portal.This is a 13 day trial version that uses Google sign-infor unlocking.
Retire Enjoy Magic (Trial) 2.7
instaRetire transforms your phone into afull-fledged retirement-cum-investment planner. Create plancombinations based on retirement income or premium-budget. Generatecomprehensive reports and share them using e-mail, blue tooth orsocial media. Take into account inflation and tax benefits onpremium paid. In spite of all the features that instaRetire offers,we have kept the user interface simple so that you can right awayget started on creating tailor-made investment solutions for yourclients.Features:• Uses popular LIC plans.• Create and save plan combinations for age ranges.• Generate, save & share reports in PDF.• Maturity income & premium wise calculation.• Illustrations inclusive of service tax.• Include FAB, interim bonus.• Include surrender value and loan in the illustration.• Take into account inflation and tax benefits.• Date back interest calculator• Late fee calculator• Revival calculator• Online utils• Plan mixing.• Calculate commission.• Generate comprehensive 4-5 page reports in seconds.• No tablet, laptop or internet needed.• Highly optimized to run on phones.• New plan combinations coming soon!This is a 13 day trial version that uses Google sign-infor unlocking.
Kerala Lottery Result 1.2
• Automatically fetches latest Kerala lottery result everyday fromthe official website of Kerala state lotteries. • Quickly searchusing your ticket number. • Search thousands of tickets in one go.Useful for lottery agents, retailers, distributors etc. • Searcholder results using draw date. • Export results to PDF.• Automatically notifies when new Kerala lottery result becomesavailable.
LIC Customer Portal App 1.5
App for LIC customers: • Connects to LIC customer portal. • Offlineaccess to all your LIC policies. • Automatically reminds you ofimpending premium dues and maturity of policies. No need tomanually set reminders. • Highlights updated parameters ofpolicies. • Revival quotes for lapsed policies. • Loan status ofpolicies. • Policy status reports. • Online premium paymentreceipts. • Premium paid certificates. LIC Customer Portal accesssimplified.
Insurance Policy Tracker 9.9
Premium calculator cum Insurance policy tracker. Insurancepolicytracker is meant only for Agents/ CLIAs. Not for policyholders.Helps you track all your policies offline and filter/ sortthemaccording to your requirements. Insurance Policy Tracker comeswitha powerful set of filters that you can customize to suityourneeds. Plot graphs to analyze your past/presentperformance.Premium Calculator • Calculate premium from sumassuredOR maturity value OR approximate premium that a client iswillingto pay. • Include loan/ surrender value projection alongwith thepremium quote. • Generate beautiful PDF reports.• Printable planbrochures. • Save premium quotes for future use.• Broadcastpremium quotes with selfie on Facebook. Offline Portal• Offlineaccess (no internet needed) to all your policies.• Filter/ Sortpolicies based on various parameters. • Searchpolicies usingpolicy holder name or policy number. • Voice-drivenpolicy lookup(watch video above). • View updated policies (new +premium paid)after each sync. Premium Due • List policies whosepremiums aredue. • Shows the total number of dues, premium to bepaid as wellas the total outstanding commission. • Share premiumdue quote viaSMS, Email, WhatsApp etc. • Search policies usingpolicy holdername or policy number. Offline Premium Due/ MaturityReminder• Automatic Premium Due/ Maturity Reminder. No manualinteractionneeded to set reminders. • Reminds you before aconfigurable numberof days. • Daily alerts. • Automatically sendreminder SMS topolicy holders. • Automatically categorizesreminders to'Upcoming', 'Today' and 'Overdue/ Matured'. • Abilityto forwardpremium due/ maturity alerts to clients via SMS, Email,WhatsAppetc. Birthday Reminder • Automatic birthday reminder ofpolicyholders. No need to manually set reminders. • Categorizesremindersto 'Today' and 'Upcoming'. • Daily alerts - Never miss thespecialday! Lapsed Policies • Track all lapsed policies.• Calculate totallost commission. Online Utils • Premium paidstatement - View/Print/ Share premium certificate of any of yourpolicy. • Policystatus view - View/ Save/ Share status of any ofyour policyinstantly. • Revival quote - View/ Save/ Share revivalquote oflapsed policy. • Loan - View/ Save/ Share paid up value,accruedbonus, surrender value and loan. Date Filters • DOC.• FUP.• Maturity Date. Policy Parameter Filters • Sum Assured.• Premium.• Commission. Payment Mode Filters • YLY. • HLY. • QLY.• MLY.• SGL (Single). • LTD (Limited PPT). Sort Options • Policyholdername (A-Z). • FUP Date (Old to New). • Policy (New toOld).• Commission (High to Low). • Premium (High to Low). • SumAssured(High to Low). • Maturity Date (Old to New).