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Snake Master 2.0
Snake game made with convenience for the touch screen. The mainadvantages of this game: - Control the snake by sliding your finger- The button allows you to accelerate the snake to save time -Multiple game modes - Ability to adjust the sensitivity of theswipe - Low game weight and minimum device requirements
Fishing forecast 5.9
"Fishing forecast" is a program that will keep you informed aboutweather forecast and optimal weather conditions for fishing.Functionality and features of the program: - Detailed weather andfishing forecast for 5 days - Forecast biting for more than 50species of fish - Ability to select one of the three weatherservices - Map with the ability to label and record the route -Graphs of changes in weather characteristics - Geomagnetic activitydata - RSS feed with news about fishing and hunting - Lunarcalendar with the ability to take notes - Useful literature aboutfishing
Познаватель 2.0
Познаватель - это игра-викторина в которой вам будет предложенопроверить свои знания. В игре множество тем и областей науки. Помере продвижения Вам будут предложены новые темы, а уже пройденныебудут усложняться. На каждый вопрос отводится определенноеколичество времени и на все вопросы есть три варианта ответа.Проведи время с пользой для ума.Cognitive - a game-quiz in whichyou will be invited to test their knowledge. In the game a varietyof topics and fields of science. As you progress you will beoffered new themes, and already completed will be complicated. Eachquestion is given a certain amount of time, and all the questionshave three possible answers. Spend time with benefits for the mind.
Snake Activity 1.1
This program takes into account the temperature, time of day,weather, precipitation, month and builds a forecast based onscientific data about snakes.
Natural Alarm Clock 1.5
What is the difference of this alarm from the rest? - The mainfocus of the alarm clock is made on the gentle awakening of theperson. For this purpose, the increasing sounds of nature are used.Each time they alternate in random order, so as not to form ahabit. It may be the singing of birds or the sound of the sea, andnot some sharp jingle. Thus, the program is trying to create asituation outside the window. Or if you were on vacation. - Ifsuddenly a person is not awakened by one sound, it changes toanother. Sounds have differences in high and low frequencies inorder to prevent awakening for too long. - The shutdown window hasa black tint with minimal control lines so as not to strain theeyes immediately after sleep. - Quick and convenient opportunity toput the trigger a few minutes later, without changing the time ofthe alarm.