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Masha and the Horse Adventures 1.0.0
Masha and the Horse Adventures is anamazingadventure. We all know that the animals like cakes.The animals like Panda, Mencky, Rosie, the wolves and the beararehungry,and are waiting for Masha’s cakes.But Masha cannot cook to all the animals. Therefore, Masha onthehorse along with the kids will go to collect cakes.Mascha and the horse will jump and run with a great speed,therebytranscending barriers so as to collect candies as possibleas shecan. To help Masha and the horse to collect more and morecandies,you should obtain the top score.To enjoy your time, it would be better to download this freegamedue to the fact that it is so exciting and splendid freegame.Macha can make your little child occupied when you are busy.Whatyou should do is just to hand the iPad to the child and Maschawilldo the rest.How do you play?First of all, download the free game.Log in to the game by clicking on the play game.There are three levels: easy, medium and hard. You have thechoiceto choose.Macha on the horse will have to jump and sprint.Features:- Making-Fun, funny, and smooth graphics- Easy and unique one-tape control gameplay.- Very small APk file size to download in short time