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Steno Bano 1.2
ABOUT STENO IMPORTANT LINES 1 PRACTICE ANYWHERE ANY TIME 2TIMESAVING 3 OFFLINE FEATURES ADDED 4 SPEED TO APP INCREASEDANDDECREASED 5 3 days free trial 6 500 per year charges 7 Helpandsupport function available 24 hours [email protected],. Shorthand lovers….. Good News foryou….. Now no need to payheavy money on shorthand speed classes.Here is the new concept forspeeding up your shorthand writingespecially for those who eitherdon’t have money to pay for classesor don’t have time to attendclasses…here is the new applicationonly made for you people whoreally want to practice shorthand butare unable to do either dueto lack of money or time This app willprovide you to do shorthandpractice at speeds of as per yourchoice..