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CPU Booster : Charge-Battery Temperature & Cleaner 1.4.0
CPU Booster : Charge – Battery Temperature& Cleaner can boost your phone to make phone faster, optimizeyour phone storage from running processes and ram usage, cleancache and junk file, save your battery by changing time remaining,making it the best cache cleaner, memory booster, CPU Booster :Charge – Battery Temperature & Cleaner will safe your phone andkeeps your Android device new.CPU Booster : Charge – Battery Temperature & Cleaner is a bestapplication of speed booster, trash cleaner and battery saver app,optimizes your storage phone, with different mode of optimization,junk cleaner system from and junk file.CPU Booster : Charge – Battery Temperature & Cleanercategory:►Charge Booster:It will provide a Smart Charge for your device, with a displaycharge status in real time, optimize storage from a runningprocesses and ram usage found in storage, accurately estimatingremaining charge time.►Battery SaverSimple click in battery saver, battery Optimizer or battery saver,and battery saver will start to save power, with a different modeof optimization, look for a normal mode and fix battery powerconsumption problems, ultra-power saving effectively clean up thepower consuming application to help you optimize the batteryhealth. Extreme power saving optimize maximum battery power.►CPU Cooler:It’s a Smart Cooler or a Phone Cooler, CPU Temperature Control CPUtemperature detection app. It will check all the operations of yourapplication that contain the CPU, to minimize CPU utilization andcool down your device. An original technology to found which appscontain the background and the user of your CPU.►Junk cleaner:Junk cleaner is designed to delete junks, reclaiming and optimizingthe performance on your Android phone. With this app user can speedRAM, remove and clean system junk, residual files a temporary filesand cache memory, Clean up the storage by deleting junk files tofree your memory space and be sure it will this feature will helpalso for saving battery.If you are looking for a cleaner for your phone, CPU Booster :Charge – Battery Temperature & Cleaner is the bestchoose.
Caller Name & SMS Talker alert 16.5.66
Caller Name & SMS Talker alert is facilities developed for youto make everything easy to use, it will read out incoming callername, SMS sender name without touching the phone Caller nameannouncer and SMS name announcer will inform you who’s the calleror sender when You are driving or doing something important, CallerName & SMS Talker easy to use and available in more manylanguages. Arabic, Catalan, Czech, French, German, Hindi,Italian….etc. Caller Name & SMS Talker uses the built-inAndroid text-to-speech engine to speak the incoming caller name orSMS sender name and contents of the SMS. The caller name speakerwill use the phone speakers to announce the name fast and withclear voice. We inform you from now that Caller Name & SMSTalker will never work with you if don’t have text-to-speechlibrary in your sell phone, but this is not a problem anymore youcan download it from Google play. With Caller Name & SMS Talkeryou will identify caller and text message sender fast easy in asimple way, Easy to handle all setting, announce caller or announceSMS sender with just a simple choose on or off status for active ordeactivate Caller Name & SMS Talker, You can also choose yourmode normal, vibrate or silent, and an extra setting we added foryou to modify and test your own text before announce caller name orannounce SMS sender And of course the language you choose, Talkerwill announce caller or SMS sender name by our own language-Features for Caller Name & SMS: Customize your Caller NameAnnouncer and SMS sender * Switch On/Off speaking caller name. *Switch On/Off incoming SMS sender name only. * Change repeat modeannouncements * Test text before announce caller name or announceSMS sender * Choose you own mode * Caller Name Announcer iscompletely "FREE DOWNLOAD".
Call Blocker - SMS Blocker Second 1.0
Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker : Calls Blacker is amazingapplication provides a call blocker and an SMS blocker for theundesirablePeople . In a simple way call blocker remove and forgetthe parasite and block calls and messages from unwanted orundesirable, private (hidden, anonymous) or unknown numbers andfree your life from blocker If you are bored, tired ofbothersome calls or messages: publicity, friends of benefit, androbocalls, so Calls Blacker is your best solution. It is verysimple and small, strong call blocker.Features ; ✔️ Blacklist, addnumbers to blacklist to block✔️ Block unknown numbers.✔️ Whitelist,add numbers that don't need to block to whitelist✔️ Block a rangeof numbers using the "Begins with" option.✔️ Block SMS fromalphanumeric numbers.✔️ Block all numbers.✔️ Block all calls✔️ Getnotifications of blocking or turn them off.✔️ "Log" of blocking.✔️Save/load blacklist.✔️ Turn on/off blacklist.✔️ Robust call blockerand SMS blocker.Advantages:- powerful call blocker- very easy andstable- a user-friendly interface- a variety of settingsIf you haveany questions about the application, contact us :developerappsmprog@gmail.comThank you
Call recorder - New Version - 1.2
Did you even say after you finish a phone call, it was an importantphone call I should keep it in my phone record With our newdeveloped application « record call new version », youwill never lost any phone call received in your phone, you canrecord any phone call you choose which calls you like to save, ofcourse you can set which calls are recorded and with are not, gavesome reviews and test the sound with possibility to share it if youwant, and the important new features is the integration with googledrive and dropbox allows calls to be saved and synchronized to thecloud as wellGoogle Drive integration works on Android versions 3.0and above. certain handsets does not work for call recording thatwhy you should note that point, it can result in inferior qualityrecordings,You can set a phone call conversation is important, saveit and it will be stored in the important tab. If not, oldrecordings will automatically be deleted when new calls fill up theinbox.Characteristics:The recording will record in your selectedformatYou can enable / disable notification to startrecordingChoose audio format for phone call You can also save theselected call recordEnable / Disable password lock and changepasswordShare recording to Bluetooth, Message etc.Play, save anddelete, call recordingsIgnore recording for specific contact orphone number call recording Add caller phone number to contactsSeecaller history phone callRecord your call or calls in WAV, MP4, AMRor 3GPP encoding / format.You can play back, or save your files onyour SD card im mp3, wav, mp4, amr or 3gpp format.Audio Sourceoptions for both incoming calls and outgoing calls are alsoavailable. Try to change audio source only when default audiosource does not work or does not records calls.Different options ofaudio quality are available. You can choose 44.1kHz (It might notwork on some devices) for high quality or select lower sample ratefor low quality audio recording. 8kHz is recommended for callrecording.Notification with caller image.Vibrate device on start ofcall recording.Call Recording ON / OFFIntegrated audio player toplay your recordingDelete the recorded item for callrecordingAutomatic call recordingGoogle Traduction pour lesentreprises :Google Kit du traducteurGadget Traduction
Caller name & SMS sender talker 1.4
Caller name & SMS sender talker, an announce caller in yourphone with a name pronouncer, announce caller or announce SMSsender name in your phone if you have a text message voice alert,so say caller name why???Caller name Because People around theworld use the phone everywhere and almost every second or minutethey receive a call SMS or tru ecaller, for caller name announcerthere is some special moment people can’t touch the phone for acaller name because they was far of their phone or they was workingin some special work by hand (sport, driving, in the kitchen…etc.)and need tru ecaller or caller name announcer to know who are youcaller id android That why we develop that application for youfriends a caller name and SMS sender talker to check who are youcaller id android and a tru ecaller for a caller name announcer tomake it easy for you friends.Announce caller or announce SMS senderor caller name and caller name announcer, you will hear from yourphone who is the caller or sender tru ecaller means who are youcaller id android, without looking or touching your phone, you willhear for example a caller name and caller name announcer like, youhave a text message from a tru ecaller voice alert a namepronouncer, say caller name or caller name announcer is your friendor father or your boss by caller’s name So it is easy Caller NameSpeaker announces the name or the number of incoming call or SMS.Caller Name Speaker can also read the content of SMS and a truecaller. Also you will receive a Smart SMS which reads out incomingmessage and show message on the screen.-Features for Caller name& SMS sender talker : Customize your Caller Name Announcer andSMS sender * Switch On/Off speaking caller name.* Switch On/Offincoming SMS sender name only.* Change repeat mode announcementsfor caller name* Test text before announce caller name or announceSMS sender for tru ecaller and caller name * Choose your own modeof caller name announcer * Caller Name Announcer is completely"FREE DOWNLOAD".