difer Apps

Apps Reader 0.1
Simple task manager for root-ed devices.
Simple weather & clock widget (no ads) 0.9.45
Simple, pure weather & clock widget. Without ads. You canchange your widgets background color and transparency. Additionalwidgets - soon. Would you like to add a translation in your ownlanguage? No problem, contact me :) Clock on the widget does notupdate automatically? This may be related to battery saving (somesystems or battery saving apps turns off background tasks of 3rdparty widgets). Please try to check settings (for example in Xiaomiphones it is called "Security>Autostart", in Samsung"Maintence>Battery") --- Weather data: OpenWeatherMap:https://openweathermap.org The Norwegian Meteorological Institute:https://www.met.no
Take your pills! 0.5.4
Private reminder (without ads). - Multiple meds & alarmssupport - Pictures - History - Automatic backup and restore withAndroid Backup Service
Notifications archive / history 0.5.4
If you want to remember recent notifications. Read those that havealready disappeared from your status bar. This app remembers themfor a bit longer. The archive remembers notifications, grouped byapplication (including system applications). You can filter /ignore applications (longer press).