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Battle of Saiyan Origin 2.0.0
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Do you know who is the strongest of 7th universe ? It's not namek,it's also not plant, scared world of kai.Kakalot, goku, vegeta,feeza, beerus, jiren, gogeta, zamasu are normal. After battle ofgod and Resurrection F,all warriors from 12 universe known ultrainstict and limit breaker of saiyan. But now, when everyoneknowsYamoshi is the strongest saiyan warrior in 12 universe and whohe is.Let join the adventure to find the saiyan origin with gokuand his friend, battle with many enemy like android 19,cell,freeza, black goku ...You can try many skill like ki blast, kameha,kaio-ken, spirit shot, spritit bomb, destruction, solar flare,attack ...Let's join.