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Decision Maker 1.10
Can't decide where to go for dinner orwhichmovie to see? Don't argue, just take it to the wheel! WithDecisionMaker, you create a category that needs an arbitrarydecision madecalled a list (i.e. restaurants, movies, etc.), thenyou add itemsto the list, and leave your decision making up to thewheel! Givethe wheel a good spin and see what comes up.Note, another fun use of this application is as a fortuneteller.To do this, create a list with a title such as "futurehusband/wife"or "future job", and put in some good items (and somebad ones),then give the wheel a spin and have fun.
Slingshot - Stats 1.0.1
Version 1.0.1 Features Need to know who the top players are inyourstate? No problem! With Slingshot - Stats, you can: -Sort bypointsor by name -Order ascending or descending -Filter onlyactiveplayers -Filter only women -Search by name -Search bylocation Wantto know more about another player's tournament historyor see yourown progress in a specific event? Now you can easilyvisualize thisdata at a glance with Slingshot - Stats! -Scrollthrough yourentire tournament history and see your finishes andfield size-Take well deserved pride in color coded backgrounds forfinishingin the top three -Select specific events to plot out your"finishstrengths" over time -Finish strengths show how trulyimpressivethe results were by being calculated based on finalplacing andoverall bracket size Future releases planned with evenmoreexciting, fun and helpful charts and data! Please give thestaff atSlingshot your feedback!