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The Games map mini-games for MCPE 1.0
If you are tired of searching and downloading mini-games Minecraftone by one, you want to press the "DOWNLOAD" button once and forgetabout the necessity of looking for new cool games forever, thenstop thinking, start downloading this map and get your favoritegames in one application. Which ones?Disclaimer: The MinecraftPocket Edition and MCPE trademarks belong to the Mojang AB company.Our team - third-party developers, and we do not apply forregistered trademarks. We observe requirements of Mojanng AB: ("Terms"), ("BrandGuidelines").First of all, here you will be tested by blocks,namely, you will have to show your parkour skills to all 100 %.Except parkour, you can go to another room, behind the doors ofwhich you are waiting for air adventures. Open the chest, get thewings and try to fly through all the rings, but do not touch any ofthem. But it’s not the end of your adventures! Open other doors,behind which you will find other exciting games, in particular: youhave to find a way out of the mazes, solve puzzles and not fallinto the trap. Just do not let yourself be tricked intomulti-colored illusions!Download the multiplayer map The Games: andget a bunch of funny mini-games!
World angeles city map adventure for MCPE! 1.0
Before you is an amazing MCPE map, whereyouwill face with exciting adventure in a magical megalopolis,inwhich organically combined and modern buildings, and greentreesand grass and sandy coastline.Disclaimer: The Minecraft Pocket Edition and MCPE trademarksbelongto the Mojang AB company. Our team - third-party developers,and wedo not apply for registered trademarks. We observerequirements ofMojanng AB:"Terms"),"BrandGuidelines").You will find yourself in front of a beautiful building, inthespirit of the American megalopolis of Los Angeles,somethingbetween the castle and the building of the government, andat thesame time the blue sea, or rather, even to say the ocean, ison theright hand. On the shores of this ocean, there are beacheswithumbrellas and sunbeds, on which you can lie down and enjoypastcruising ships. And if it seems to you that your adventures onthismap of MCPE have ended, you are wrong completely. Just you needtoturn around and go in the opposite direction from the coast,andyou will open the metropolis of Los Angeles in all its beautyanddiversity. A lot of streets with many different buildingsofcompletely different design: both modern design andclassics.Everything is in the spirit of the city. Do you want tofeel theatmosphere of this city? Download this MCPE map RIGHTNOW!
Tank blitz mod for MCPE WOT! 1.0
Are you looking for army tank games for free similar to yourfavorite online tanks games blitz? Then you found what you needbattle tank!With this MCPE you can for free go to adventure in yourfavorite sandbox not on foot, but using real battle tanks. Clickthe download button for free - choose one of 5 cool army battletank and the tank blitz and war of tanks begin with Minecraft PEmultipleer addon Tank blitz mod for Minecraft WOT! Disclaimer: TheMinecraft Pocket Edition and MCPE trademarks belong to the MojangAB company. Our team - third-party developers, and we do not applyfor registered trademarks. We observe requirements of Mojanng AB: ("Terms"), ("Brand Guidelines").Hereyou will find: German Leopard (50 hearts of health), American M1A2(60 hearts of health), Israeli Merkava MK 4M (65 hearts), RussianT90 (43 hearts), Chinese Type99 (40-45 hearts). They replace theskeleton, stray, wither skeleton, zombies. All of them, like in theonline game, in case of danger for their survival are ready toshoot fireballs at the enemy. As in the Blitz edition of the onlinegame, in this multipleer mod mass command war of tanks takeplace.If you are ready for online war of battle tanks, thendownload this multipleer mod, choose one of the army tankspresented and your adventures begin!
New Prison Life roblox map for MCPE road block 2! 1.0
If you are bored with wandering the same roblocks of Minecraftsandbox and the game doesn’t give pleasure anymore. Do you want toexperience unforgettable adventures on roblocks? Are you ready toescape prison on road blocks? Download mini-game Prison Life robloxand get adrenaline right now. What is it?Disclaimer: The MinecraftPocket Edition and MCPE trademarks belong to the Mojang AB company.Our team - third-party developers, and we do not apply forregistered trademarks. We observe requirements of Mojanng AB: ("Terms"), ("BrandGuidelines").MULTIPLAYER TEAM GAMEHave you always dreamed aboutescaping Minecraft prison in team with other prisoners?Congratulations! Now you have such opportunity! Invite yourfriends: in this MCPE map from 2 to 6 players can play at the sametime. Group them into two teams: decide whom you want to be a guardor a prisoner. And your adventure on survival where you must by allmeans to escape prison starts right now.RULESAny game is rules.Before adventures on this MCPE map starts, you should in MCPEsettings choose:survival mode blocks breaking during escaping theprison is forbiddencheating is also forbidden Risk, don’t be afraidto kill and to be killed, play with friends in multiplayermini-game Prison Life!
School Days Neighborhood Map for MCPE redstone ed. 1.0
Do you want to find the megalopolis, redstone city or the smallvillage in planet minecraft redstone neighborhood?The redstoneSchool Days Neighborhood maps– the cool city for adventures, forsurvival and to hide and seek in a sandbox a planet minecraft forgirls.In the small city of redstone, an impression is made that youhouses: small streets, low beautiful houses with lawns. Moreover,on this maps it is possible to find school and theater, it ispossible to study and go to theater, playing the game School DaysNeighborhood Maps for MCPE redstone edition! If you don't want tostudy, then can build or be the designer, turning MCPE buildingsinto the city of MCPE!Disclaimer: We don't cooperate with MojangAB. We use the registered brands MCPE, Minecraft Pocket Editionwith public permission of the author: ("BrandGuidelines") ("Terms")
Xmas Find The Button Map for MCPE New Year! 1.0
On this MCPE maps, like on any otherPlanetminecraft puzzle on logic of the Xmas Find The Button series,theplayer will have to find a button. But on this map ofPlanetminecraft all the buttons are magic, one click on it - andyou willbe showered with a mountain of gifts for the New YearandChristmas. But this mcpe maps on logic is not just a bunchofgifts, it's also a complicated puzzle game, andunforgettableadventures! Finding a button in Planet minecraft is areal puzzle,especially in the bustle of such holidays as the NewYear andChristmas. It's hard to believe, but on the MCPE map XmasFind TheButton: The Adventures of Rudolph Mini-game there is snow.Do notmiss the moment, download this mini-game, catch snowflakes,lookfor a button and receive gifts at mine maps!Are you looking forward to New Year and Xmas? And are youawaitinggifts for these holidays? Do you want the New Year andChristmas tocome right now and that gifts are pouring down like thesnow fromthe mountains? Then download this map Mini-game and,Rudolph'sChristmas adventures begin!Disclaimer: We don't cooperate with Mojang AB. We use theregisteredbrands MCPE, Minecraft Pocket Edition with publicpermission of theauthor: ("BrandGuidelines") ("Terms")
Strange Dreams – new horror map for MCPE! 1.0
Before you is MCPE Map, which plunges you into a dream, into a deepand terrible dream, and it is very difficult to wake up from it.But you must wake up, otherwise your whole life will turn intohorror.Disclaimer: The Minecraft Pocket Edition and MCPE trademarksbelong to the Mojang AB company. Our team - third-party developers,and we do not apply for registered trademarks. We observerequirements of Mojanng AB:"Terms"), ("BrandGuidelines").At the beginning of this map, you will find yourselfin the corridor, which creates a very eerie atmosphere. The lightflashes, behind - a blank wall, in front of you - the door, behindwhich is a black-black small room, some closet. Just do not startcrying and screaming, when you realize that you have nowhere to goand that there is no way out of this dark room. And mostimportantly, you have shackles on your feet. A spooky, eerie dream!But do not worry, there is a way out, you just need not to beafraid of anything and keep looking for way out. But even when youfind a loophole, horror and a nightmare wil not end, but you mustcontinue these terrible adventures to wake up. Follow all theinstructions, find the Iphone 6S in the pantry, it will help yousolve many puzzles of this map of MCPE.Download Strange Dreams, tryto wake up from this horror of Minecraft!
Stylish Modern HD mod blox for MСPE adventure! 1.0
With this MCPE mod your home and your game world will becomestylish and modern. Fans of high technology and modern design -this is what you need.Disclaimer: The Minecraft Pocket Edition andMCPE trademarks belong to the Mojang AB company. Our team -third-party developers, and we do not apply for registeredtrademarks. We observe requirements of Mojanng AB: ("Terms"), ("Brand Guidelines").Haveyou ever seen how ordinary books change into tablets, and insteadof an enchanted book, some unusual magic tablet that resembles themagic ball of a sorceress. Among other things, you will have newclothes and even glasses in your wardrobe, which will immediatelygive your intelligence to your appearance. But the most importantthing is that now you can enjoy modern design of your home with atablet in hands and in new clothes. Your home will become trulytrendy and stylish. As in the best traditions of megacities, glassand stone are everywhere.You want to keep up with the the latesttechnologies and trends, download Mod ModernHD PE!
Soldier strike multiplayer map for Minecraft PE 1.1
This map is made on the basis of a computer multiplayershootinggame. Do you like This games? Then you, definitely, needtodownload it!Disclaimer: The Minecraft Pocket Edition andMCPEtrademarks belong to the Mojang AB company. Our team -third-partydevelopers, and we do not apply for registeredtrademarks. Weobserve requirements of Mojanng AB:"Terms"), ("BrandGuidelines").Thismap is multiplayer one. The game involves twoteams, mercenaries oftwo opposing companies. If you want toprologue your survival asmuch as possible and win, then you justneed to collect all theweapons that you can only find on theplayground.There will be agreat choice before you, you will notknow which door you need to gofirst. It does not matter, go intoany, but remember that you needto get to the playground, whichreminds some Egyptian motifs (sandand several wooden buildings).This is where your competition forsurvival begins. Collect weaponsand ammunition, try to win over theenemy.Download the Map Soldierstrike right now, and the adventurebegins!How to install!?1) Todownload map2) To open the applicationMCPE3) To choose maps in agame