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Digger Machine: dig and find minerals 2.7.1
Digger Machine is an arcade game where you dig for precious andrare minerals like diamonds, gold.. Before achieving your goal, youcan build bases, use items and improve your machine which will makeyour game easier! *** Over 3 million downloads Worldwide! ***Beware though, as the path in minings is filled with traps! Whenyou finally make it to the bottom, the "Boss" will wait for youthere! Be the best miner and drill the most rare items! Downloadnow and find the most valuable - Awesomite. ❖ Features ❖ ➤ 50precious types of minerals which you can sell to improve Diggy, ➤ 9levels of improvements, ➤ 4 awesome Diggers ➤ 3 large undergroundmines - cloudy, green and ice! ➤ 6 actions which you can use duringyour journey ➤ relaxing but demanding gameplay ➤ navigation foreasy searching of new or existing bases ➤ a lot of missions Thegame is Free to play! Visit our official webpage - Like us on Facebook - Find out more about thegames we make on our blog - Thegame uses micro-transaction and have an ads.
Digger 2: dig and find minerals 1.4.1
Digger 2 is the new version of the famous arcade game, in which youdig for precious minerals, diamonds and gold. Build bases, improveyour diggers with plenty of different upgrades. You can collectdinosaurs bones - and unlock all ancient bone sets! In this versionyou will be able to choose even more digger, dig more minerals anddiscover new worlds. New traps, monsters, treasures awaits for you- just dig it! Each world have a different levels of hardness and asurprise at the end. Do you like first Digger? Then don't wait,this is the perfect game for you! Be the best miner and drill themost rare items in awesome different worlds! Download now and findthe most valuable of them all - Azurite. ❖ What you can find: ❖ ➤60 new minerals and treasures that can be used for sale and forimproving your Diggers, ➤ 12 levels in which you can customise yourdiggers, ➤ 7 types of different Diggers! ➤ a huge underground worldwhere the more you dig, the more traps you find ➤ 14 items thatwill be useful for you journey ➤ new clear and beautiful interface➤ improved navigation, map and even GPS! ➤ automatic and onlinesaves! ➤ puzzles of an animals - become a bones collector! ➤ minedisarming mini game Download the game for free and dig it all!Visit our official website - Like us onFacebook - Learn more about ourgames on the blog - This gameincludes micro-payments and ads.