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Handwritten PDF e-signatures 2.1.3
Sign handwritten digital signatures on PDF documents from yourtablet. FREE. No ads. No subscriptions. No limits. From anywhere.Without internet connection. SIMPLE and COMPLETE Sign and send anydocument in three steps. It's simple! 1. Select the document fromyour Mailbox, from Drop-box, device storage, Evernote, GoogleDrive... 2. Sign with SIGNply: you can sign with your finger orwith a pencil. 3. Save it and send to whoever you wish. With theconfiguration options, you can discover the most completee-Signature signing App. LEGAL SECURITY Advanced electronicsignature, complying with all guarantees required by the EuropeanLegislation and the Law on Electronic Signatures: Authenticity andintegrity guarantees. - SINGply collects biometric data on eachline (pressure, speed...) which guarantees the authenticity of thebiometric signature. - The document is electronically signed toguarantee its integrity. The conventional digital signatureprotects the handwritten signature. SHA256 - PAdES-LTV Lastingsignature: SIGNply permits activating TSP time stamps and the statevalidation of certificate revocation at the time of the OCSPsigning, with which a long-duration PAdES-XL signature is obtained.These elements constitute the evidence that guarantee success inany expert process. NOTE: You need an internet connection to accessyour TSP and OCSP. FROM YOUR DEVICE The electronic signature isdone on your tablet: you don't need to connect to a server. Don'tlose control of the document. You don't have to send the documentto a third party to sign it. Only send your document to who youwant! FREE. IT'S FREE. Without any limitation on the number ofsignatures. You can sign all the documents you need. Save time andmoney. Become a paperless office! SIGNply digital signatures canreplace paper. PERSONALIZE THE SIGNATURE Drag and drop: bydragging, you can place the signature in any location and with sizeyou want. The configuration lets you define the the Author, reasonfor signature, contact information and location. FROM WHERE YOUWANT AND TO WHERE YOU WANT: MOBILITY You can sign and senddocuments from any place. To sign, you don't need an internetconnection. STANDARD The signature is embedded within the PDFdocument. You can verify the signature with Adobe Reader or withany other standard solution. Biometric data is encrypted inaccordance with international interoperability standards. SIGNply:sign simply! It's easy, simple, safe! For more information, visitour website at www.edatalia.com