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Ball 0.98
The spherical sensation that is sweeping the nation! The reviewsare in, and Ball is a smash hit! Here is what people are sayingabout Ball. "Complex, yet simple, the pinnacle of gaming""TheQuintessential gaming experience""Never have I had as much fun aswhen I first experienced Ball""The gyroscope moves the ball, butthis game moves my very soul" Real people are talking!So what's thebuzz all about? Well, Ball features only the most amazing featuresof any game on the market. Features like:*State of the artgyroscopic precision controls:*Magnificently Minimalist ArtDesign:"With Minimalism hot in the art world, the style of Balltakes the concept of minimalism to the max!"See what everybody istalking about and download Ball right now!
Catapult 1.01
In the style of early electronic hand-held games. esotericGames-Catapult is a fun game to pick up and play just like back intheday.Siege the castle with boulders and then sword fight themightyknight! As you advance your score climbs and so doesthegameplay!Fun, Challenging, and Suitable for all ages.