evbadroid Apps

Wi-Li. Optical modem 1.3.3
Optical wireless modem (digital and Morse code) for droids.Upgrade your droid another wireless link!The modem supports point-to-multipoint message transfers at up to 8bps on link and uses device's flashlight or display as a signaltransmitter and its back camera as a receiver.
Photocell 1.5.1
Mobile cellular coverage painter.--WARNING!https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/134336?hl=auto
Sniffer Proxymon [ROOT] 1.8.0
Proxymon allows you to debug communication on open and secure TCPconnections over IPv4. Proxymon works on the content level and isable to unpack the data. To decrypt SSL/TLS, special CA certificatemust be installed to the debugged system.
Ceromon SSL/TLS 1.6.1
Certificate monitor allows you to view information about hostcertificates and track changes. The host certificate may bere-issued officially or re-signed by a third party and you will benotified. -- https://youtu.be/YV_f2i4DYWY
Netwometer [ROOT] 1.4.2
Netwometer allows you to obtain advanced trafficstatistics(protocols, retransmits, errors, delays) for all networkinterfacesof debug platform (ROOT required). Recomended forprofessionalsoftware developers.